Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weiner was guilty of lewd pics

OK Anthoney Weiner is guilty of sending lewd pics! Sorry count this as a "miss." I was 100% wrong thinking and posting that his account was hacked. I deleted the post with my wrong assumption after he came clean because I don't want misinformation re: "his innocence" out on the web. [As blog posts make up a large amount of links from web searches.} I was waaaay off for the record though.

Friday, June 3, 2011

"Early 2012 Presidential Campaign thoughts and flash vision!"

It was about 6 months ago when I "saw" a brief fleeting flash of a futuristic vision. It was a bumper sticker or something indicating the Republican ticket: I "saw" Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin's pic... just a head shot of the two of them on some type of political literature, sign or slogan like a bumpersticker.

How odd I thought at first, and then my intuition explained how this pair could end up together, then it actually made sense...Each one has what the other lacks and needs. Think about it....outwardly polar opposites. She has the charisma, the following and popularity. He is supposedly respected for his brain and business savy, but a magnetic force he's not! Only time will tell. Another thought is the woman in vision could be Michelle Bachmen who looks a lot like Palin.....but my sense was Palin.

In 2008 my intuitive voice told me Obama would be a 1 term president.....this was what his soul signed up for, and his task was to rebuild the nations foundation, and to stabilize. Predictions are futuristic in nature, based on probable reality, but things can change and shift with time, and free will can change outcomes. President Obama has decided to stay on to continue his efforts of stabiliation,in order to reinforce growth and rebuilding . In earlier posts I stated Bush was the destroyer (as he needed to be metaphysicaly speaking,) that was his role. His role was like that of a wrecking ball breaking down the old...that which is out dated and no longer benificial in order to clear the way for the new. He played his role to the hilt!

I can't "see" who the next Democrat nominee will be, it still feels undecided, but Obama is lining up and may well be a second term president.Earlier in my 2008predictions my guidance said that we would not have a Republican president till 2016. "He" would be like a Tim Pawlenty type, but NOT Pawlenty (Who since has gone more tea partyish) The person would be younger, brighter, with mass appeal and enthusiasm; Marco Rubio from Fla. comes to mind.

On another note in 2008 I "saw" in a vision a number line like in Math. The number line showed me where various politicians were on the number line in terms of degrees of how left or right they really were. Some were where I expected but others surprised me. I saw Obama not nearly as left as he was accussed of from the right, and many liberals will now agree with this.Hect the guy saved Capitalism! He was actually pretty centered on the line when compared to say Ted kennedy who was as far Left on the number line as Dick Cheney was on the Right. I also 'saw' Romney on number line and he is more progressive than his rhetoric. I live in Ma and current Gov Patrick has made more cuts in entitlement programs than many know. On the other hand Romney legalized same sex marriage, was pro choice, and created mandatory health care to name a few. Some political pundint recently said that Romney was closer to Obama on issues and policies than he is to Sarah Palin. His main problem is inauthenticity which people see....he may be a capable candidate but needs to be honest and not cower to his base. Look at actions NOT words, who would think Obama would kill Bin Laden, Patrick would cut Food Stamps, and Romney pass Mandatory health care. Also Ryan Care will not be passed even Bohner knows this!

"Palin 2012 presidental campaign dress rehersal or vacation?"

She gets to have her pre campaign tour without the stress of tough questions, she can get a feel of the land, put her feelers out without having to reveal her plans or agenda! It is a win-win for her. I think now she may run for 2012, she laid low for a while. Either way by going on her "vacation tour" she builds her brand and bank account or decides to run. Ugh Femme Fatal politics anyone? She sure grabbed the attention from Romney's special announcement day yesterday in N.H.

Read my next post on thoughts about 2012 campaign....bear in mind the last sentence in above paragraph for some fun irony!!!

"Casey Anthony my insights/predictions still same as earlier ones"

Sorry that this is my first update in 2 yrs! I have to be inspired and feel that im receiving worthwhile insights otherwise I don't update for the sake of it. I've been channeling my insights to individuals rather than current events. OK, for starters my intuition is exactly the same on this case as my earlier postings nothing has changed. Long before I had any knowledge that Casey's defense would be an accidental pool drowning, I wrote about that NOT being the case.

I stand by accidental death by cloroform ,which was used to put Caylee to sleep as a babysitter and the child died while "out of it" and left in a hot car. This method had been used sucessfully by tot mom a couple of times before. I can"t explain the purpose of the duct tape over Caylee's mouth, as I don't feel she was violently gagged and suffocated. Maybe it was put on after Caylee passed to make it look like something a kid napper would have done.

For the record I'm not implying that her death was compassionate at all; but it was accidental and caused from a terrible choice that her young self absorbed mom made thinking she had the anesthesia babysitting method down pat.

As I watch the trial on TRU TV I see the full video tapes between Casey and her parents vs the media soundbites that were played when the case first broke in 2008. I see her entire family as smart, articulate, concerned and loving, and much more balanced than initially thought. I feel they were so distraught and beside themselves over their missing grand-daughter and the gut fear that their daughter Casey was at fault. I think their emotional outbursts were in line with this traumatic event vs any guilt or crazy dysfunction on their part.

One never knows what occurs within complicated family dynamics but I don't sense anything sinister incl sexual abuse on the part of the family. As i watch Casey's composer i assume she is medicated but I also feel she knows how to compartmentalize, and detatch... not so much from past trauma but from her own nuerobiology. She doesn't seem Histrionic to me at all as some suggested, and while she does display Narcissistic traits, overall she seems more removed and unfeeling like a Sociopath......not in the typical evil way but literaly in the nuerobiological way....under stimulated,no empathy, unmoved, flat affect, not embarrished by lies or contradictions and knows no shame. I think of Narcissists as being more dramatic, showy and over the top she just appears to not have any range or depth of emotions which is typical in the brain make up of those with Anti Social Personality Disorder aka Sociopath. Just compare her to the distraught texas mom who killed and fully confessed to the death of her 6 yr old son camdon whose body was found in maine woods. She wanted to die and was obviously in total regret, guilt and anguish.When found she hadn't eaten in a week. This woman was known as a very good mom who most likely lost it in a temporary fit of rage. Casey isnt this emotional, but more organized and methodical on a mental level, hence being devoid on emotional level. On jailhouse video Casey talked about catching up on sleep, eating, reading, no indication of suicidal thoughts. If anything I expected her defense to go more with D.I.D. as she cleary displays disassociation, I do not feel that she actually has multiple personality disorder aka D.I.D.. I feel her dissasociation stems from her brain, and then her mind's way of processing. I do think she is sane......otherwise why the coverup???

If anything I feel her family is the opposite as they seem to overcompensate for her lack; at times appearring to be assisting her and playing detective to almost coach her to come clean re Caylee. I suspect they often doted on her and walked on eggshells a lot. This is a very sad case and unfortunately I stand by my original predictions on cause of death and outcome of trial. Please see archives for these earlier prediction posts.