Friday, October 31, 2008

Glimpse into Casey Anthony

The other night while I was contemplating Casey, with my inner hearing [clairaudience] I heard "She will break." That was it, it was very simple, clear, yet I got no other input about this.

A few posts back on this case I said she may break possibly, but I wasn't sure how likely a scenario this would be; thus far she appears unmoved and detached.

Using logic and intuition I wondered why now, what's new that will possibly cause Casey to break? I stated earlier that if she does it will have more to do with herself than Caylee, and I believe this is the case still.

Casey is a user, one who relies and needs others to provide for her and meet her needs. When they don't freely give to her she just takes what she needs from them, as she has done with family and friends. People like this feel empty, thus they are very needy and controlling. This has been proven to be the case with Anthony. Even though this personality type appears to be in control when they are exploiting others, they tend to fall apart when they have no one to lean on or suck energy from, literally.

This type of person is usually an 'energy vampire' and sooner or later they need a fix, and when they can't get it via, sex, drugs, money, shopping, or manipulating others they start to come apart at the seams. The outer addictive tendencies are mainly to manage or mask the ongoing anxiety they experience from their own high levels of fear,terror, and basic emptiness.

I think being in jail longer than she has been thus far, not getting her way, and mounting evidence...with more to come I feel; she is probably heading towards some type of 'break down.'

I think the collective circumstantial evidence will be enough to convict her, but I also feel that something bigger may present itself as well. During this breaking point it 'feels' like she will be more willing to talk, but I'm not clear which event occurs first-----I think everything piling up against her will limit her defense options and her lawyer will have to layout the choices for her. The culmination of feeling trapped in a corner may be the emotional release trigger. I still feel she will only cooperate to the degree that it benefits her; verses having a guilt breakdown which leads to a purging confession.

As I've said before Caylee is in peace with the angels, but it feels that Casey's healing will begin when she breaks,feels and recognizes within herself what she has done. At this point; this recognition is more important to her spiritual well being more than anything else.The notion of cooperating with police for the sake of being a helpful person, well this time frame has passed, the police don't absolutely need her, but she needs to have an honest moment with her self. This will be the beginning of some dialog with her own soul,if she is even capable of this.

Previously her energy felt more 'will full' now it feels confused, and diminished. I have a suggestion to all the good caring people out there searching the web and sites like mine to find info. on this case: Take a deep breath, and know that on the spiritual level things are more resolved than they appear, not completely but I can say that little Caylee is fine, and it is Casey [The perpetrator, and now a victim of her own soul illness.] who needs healing, and divine assistance. This no doubt will be a tough pill to swallow for most.

Turn this over to God, ask for his help and guidance for Casey and yourselves; and then let it go into his hands. This will bring more peace and healing than anything I or anyone else can say concerning this case. I understand that we are all concerned, worried, and feeling helpless, but please know Caylee is OK now. This is the case and we need not wait for closure, conviction or anything else that helps our minds feel this matter has been resolved. It is more complex than that, and on the level that really counts the process is underway. I hope this brings even the tiniest spec of comfort to those who read these words.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jewish Vote for Obama

I had a dream last night and I was talking with a Jewish woman I worked for a long time ago. In the dream the election came up, and for some reason I was surprised when she told me she was voting for Obama. {Her and her husband were very successful and owned a few businesses each.} For that reason, [or some reason] in the dream I guess I assumed she was a Republican. When I implied that to her she responded in the affirmative that she was a Democrat and was voting for Obama [she re-iterated.]

When I awoke I thought about this woman, who I haven't seen in years. I felt the dream was a message about Obama getting the Jewish vote, which until recently has been in question. This dream may be referring to Florida??? Not sure. As of tonight McCain is slightly ahead, but I think it was calculated by the early voters. {Not sure as I didn't catch the whole news cast.]


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anthony Trial Date, Profile of Marie's insights

Casey Anthony trial has been set for Jan. 5, 2009, in my last Anthony update I predicted her trial would be just after the new year.

In the horrible tragedies of Jennifer Hudson's family, I was told that her nephew was dead, I didn't want to post this insight. [sometimes I hope I'm wrong, particularly when it comes to children and human life.]

Likewise I didn't post that I knew that little Cole was still alive a couple of weeks ago for similar reasons. So much can change from the time I have a vision/or insight, that I am extremely careful about bearing bad news, or delivering good news that could change. I don't want to be a prophet of doom or false hope.

Back to the suspect in the Hudson's murders---A couple of times in the past 10 days the name 'Balfour' had come to me. This had no particular meaning other than Balfour is a big company not far from where I live, they make the high school and college graduation rings. I'm not sure if they're even still in operation; my high school ring was made by them over 30 yrs ago.

The suspect in the Hudson case , the sisters ex-husband's last name is Balfour, when I heard this I understood why that name came to me. Since no other information came to me on this it appears to be fairly useless, unless it could be useful at a later date, I doubt it but I have no idea. I've learned not to read into every minor connection as a major psychic insight, BUT; I've also learned not to edit or dismiss seemingly silly or insignificant details as not pertinent. In other words evaluation and discernment is constantly applied on my part.

An example to 'profile my insights' is this: Generally I won't bother to post here every thought that passes through my mind, even though after the fact some may prove to be clues of some sort. I only posts those insights that have more obvious relevance and that I often continue to get additional guidance on, that which confirms and builds on previous insights on a particular topic. Quite often I get insights that become public knowledge before I even get to post them. I wouldn't make a good journalist, because I probably wouldn't publish the news on time.

I am usually not good with 'getting' names, I'm not usually accurate about the sex of an unborn baby. For some reason I am better with things that are more obscure, hidden, unconscious, and other things that may take a while to develop. Another example of this is medical diagnosis---I tend to 'see' things in early stages when medical tests may not be able to detect. I tend to see things that haven't yet occurred, slightly better than reading things that have occurred. Even with my regular vision I tend to read things that are further away better than up close objects.

Sometimes my clairvoyance is so clear, other times it involves interpreting the visions. I will always be clear on the method used, and if something is my personal belief or feeling verses higher wisdom, I will most certainly include that in my posts, as I do in private readings with clients.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Political Soul Reading/Election Special/Ascension Message

We are in a phase of rapid ascension and evolution; individually, collectively, and planetarily. {and yes, politically.] Nothing can stop this, nor should it. Actually, people can choose to stay stagnant or stuck but the current energies make this a really painful and difficult thing to do.[For an individual, or a group like a political party.] Ascending can be hard enough, but going against the flow of consciousness is a disaster.

For those who have completed their soul's task, or those who are unable to do so in this life; they will be provided with options to exit the planet, and go to a place more comfortable and compatible with their vibration. Those that are here and struggling yet truly desire to fulfill their soul task will be provided with the help, guidance, and methods that they will need to do so; however they will have to rely on surrendering and letting go of their personality agendas. "To thine own self be true", "know thyself" seem to be important themes for one's growth. This is not to imply that we become selfish and forget about others, BUT by knowing yourself you will be better off, and those around you will benefit from this. Often this will be as simple as being a power example to those around you. Many of us have choose a full plate this time around, so we need to balance self/others or we can suffer from burn out.

In the area of Politics; George Washington warned against political parties which tend to divide people rather than unite. Earlier in one of my insight news letters I spoke about the Republican Party; I predict this party will go through a major over-haul this decade. Outmoded thinking, status quo, fear based ideas, won't work in this new era that we are all in. I intuitively feel that once they {R} have weeded out ideas that don't work, they can then focus on some of the conservative ideas and values that will be more inclusive, and better serve the whole.[The country is moving toward wholeness, not separation.] This I feel will come via a new group of younger conservatives [a Tim Pawlenty type, sort of comes to mind], but even a younger more progressive type is what I'm getting.

Currently when Republicans try to fix their problem [they know they have a dilemma], they keep coming up with the wrong approach......they are stuck in the mindset of 'less government' that worked in a different era. And some other narrow minded ideas [I am being literal...not judgemental] that may have worked in the past.

My insight: this has been a problem for them since the eighties [not my opinion, guidance is telling me this.] George Bush simply amplified some bad ideas already in effect, he played the role of 'Magnifier.' He took this country to the far right [this was his soul's task.] President Bush in his own way was like a demolisher [to tear down the old.] If he had been 'more moderate' he wouldn't have been able to to his part. His extremes were needed. In evolution there is always a death before I rebirth.

Now Obama's role is: 'The Stabilizer' he will level the ground and remove the wreckage from the demolisher [Bush]. This is Obama's soul task, to clear the way if you will, I feel this will take up a good part of his first 2 years. The last two years he will get to accomplish some new things. He has quite a balancing act to do, thus his balanced demeanor is well suited to his task.

Then, in 2012 I feel H.Clinton will take over [possibly for 8 yrs.] I see 1 term for Obama, [I think that is the amount of time his role will take.] Contrary to what some may feel or think; I do not see Sarah Palin even being in this conversation. This doesn't mean she won't try to run, I just don't feel the role of 'President' is in her soul's record's as I read them now. {soul records also called Akashic Records.] I do see Clinton continuing an upward spiral for the country thanks to President Bush, and then Obama clearing away the old and laying the foundation for the new.

Then, in 12 yrs I see this new type of Republican.....I see a young, bright, attractive, inspiring younger male a new type of conservative, forward thinking, progressive, weaving old values with new fresh ideas. [He seems to have the appeal/persona of John Kennedy Jr.] Very likable and trustworthy. When I said a Tim Pawlenty type, I don't think it's Tim per say, but he himself may be moving towards this new direction. Overall in the bigger 10 yr. picture I don't see the progress being reversed by returning to bad ideas don't work, right now many conservatives are in shock and can't fully comprehend what has hit them. [generally speaking, of course there are many who 'know', these knowing types will help bridge the gap, as they will be more willing to let go of the old and assist in this rebirth process.]]

Republicans can sit around blaming Democrats and they are and will, BUT---that won't work! This is where the "new conservative movement" comes in. The new will teach an old dog new tricks, old dog's that don't catch on won't hold positions of leadership, or as law makers. Notice in this election 08, how many Republicans are being flushed out. The reason the country can't have another Bush type [there are many reasons, but I'm sticking to a soul reading here.] is because his job is done, he completed his role as destroyer, and we can only re-build from here, so we need builders now, and leaders that have the vision to move America forward. 'Change' is a global challenge now, it's not an original Barack Obama idea, but he is plugged in to higher consiousness. Anyone who goes within can hear this same message.

John McCain as I stated in other readings was never meant to be President [I do not see this in his soul records.] Another telling thing, if we want to analyze for a moment is that if McCain was a builder this would be more evident in his campaign, he would not grasp at random concepts, he would have a clear message, a blueprint as a builder would. I think his soul role is in the Senate, and the more he takes that role to a higher level and possible new direction he will be very instrumental to others and his own spiritual task. I'd even go as far as to say he could achieve true greatness and be the Maverick he is and can be when he trusts his gut. I see this as a possibility if he understands what's occurred, and acts on his understanding, and I feel hopeful that he will.

I am not being biased when I state the fact that at this time in history, and this period in evolution more Democrats seem to have a grasp on what needs to be done. They seem to be braver when it comes to change. I'd have to tune in more and do a soul reading on this party as I did on the Republican side. I can say that I have a general feeling that their time {D} has come....and in my mind I'm hearing the words to the song 'The Age of Aquarius' particularly---this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, age of Aquarius.....Aquarius. I think that Liberal thought may lend itself more towards this era, whereas conservative thought may have at another time. Sorry for being vague here...I'm tired and will have to tune into this in more detail another time. [When I type or speak a message it's like I'm taking dictation, usually this flows easily, but when I feel a drain I need to stop.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Bradely Effect

I just got a visual regarding the 'Bradley Effect', the phenomena that some white folks may say to a pollster that they will vote for a black candidate, but once in the voting booth they are unable to do so.

This concept was named after a popular black candidate Tom Bradley who was ahead in the polls and more qualified than his white opponent but surprising lost the election.

I've heard this concept discussed earlier in this election but I never felt much energy around it, and I still don't. The Media is discussing this as one last possible chance for John McCain.

Due to racial discrimination some White's wont vote for an Afro-American, this group will even admit this themselves. This is not the same as the 'Bradley Effect'where those individuals want to be politically correct when answering a pollster.

1.} My vision: I saw a round meter, like a barometer with a needle. In my mind I asked about the Bradley Effect specifically in this election, [this is when I got the visual; intuition often uses symbolism] The meter arrow only move a tiny bit--indicating that this won't be a big factor. The needle barely registered only moving about 3 marker lines.

2.] Then I asked how many won't vote for a black candidate period--the needle jumped to a halfway mark indicating a larger group. However, this group also includes those likely to vote Republican anyhow regardless of race. [The needle jumping halfway did NOT mean that 50% of voters won't vote for a black.]

3.] Then I asked how many will vote for a black this time when normally they may not: the needle jumped again almost to the halfway mark, just a tad below. This demonstrated that perhaps some who otherwise wouldn't vote for a black this time will. They are probably Democratic who either stick with their party, or those who prefer Obama despite his color.

The above intuitive insight only pertained to the the specific question RE: 'Bradley Effect' and was not a generally polling on the 2 candidates.

The visual of the meter pretty much matched my earlier feeling that the 'Bradley Effect' only [not race in general] won't be a big influence.

I think the McCain campaign would've been better off if they focused on a solid message from the beginning verses the new message of the week [or sometimes day.] They have focused too much on what Obama has or hasn't done, or what he is or isn't doing now, or what he may or may not do when he [Obama] becomes President. I'm being generous here by not getting into all the crazy specifics.

It's suffice to say that they have lost a lot of energy by pointing the finger, loosing focus every time a new wind blows. I hope they are not expecting the 'Bradley Effect' to be their ace in the whole...I think they will be sorely disappointed.


Saturday, October 25, 2008


McCain-Palin and "The Lucifer Effect"

The below article is a summary of what I have been attempting to explain through my intuitive insights, energy analysis, and psycho-spiritual evaluation of the McCain Campaign. When you read this article in conjunction with my intuitions [many of which came quite a while ago before these events unfolded.] You will see the exploitation of negative physcology and it's effects on those being harmed..."The American People" [particularly those in fear, unable to discern higher truths.]

I feel that Only the "Christ Effect" [my own words] can counter this problem and I believe it will. Look how far Obama has come with all the attacks and difficulties that have beset him, only a Jesus, Archangel Michael, and other higher beings along with Barack's soul could overcome such darkness. He has remained peaceful and unwavering as Jesus did, when his enemies tried to make him "a different outsider", see the similarities in this campaign. The Lucifer Effect is a real phenomena!

ARTICLE: McCain-Palin and "The Lucifer Effect": The Dangerous, Violent Rhetoric Against Barak Obama, by Dawn Teo, Huffington Post:

In recent weeks, as the McCain-Palin campaign has increasingly been called out for leveraging --- at rallies and in its notorious robocalls --- words of division, suspicion, and contempt, the emotions and tempers of McCain-Palin supporters have been heated beyond the boiling point. The language of the McCain-Palin campaign now goes far beyond the divisive language typical of modern American political campaigns. John McCain and Sarah Palin are actively promoting a perception of Barack Obama as an enemy, not as an opponent.

Civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) said that John McCain and Sarah Palin are "sowing the seeds of hatred and division" through hostile rhetoric. Indeed scientific research by psychologists has shown that the type of framing used by McCain, Palin, and their surrogates can create and foster disunity, hostility, and even violence. The resulting societal tensions may be more lasting and severe than John McCain and Sarah Palin realize.

In The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil, famous psychologist and researcher Philip Zimbardo discusses his lifelong research into the psyche of good people who engage in evil acts. He warns first about the dangers of psychological constructions that imbue people with "otherness" and then issues even stronger warnings about the dangers of psychological constructions that transform "others" into "the enemy."

The process begins with creating stereotyped conceptions of the other, dehumanized perceptions of the other, the other as worthless, the other as all-powerful, the other as demonic, the other as an abstract monster, the other as a fundamental threat to our cherished values and beliefs. With public fear notched up and the enemy threat imminent, reasonable people act irrationally, independent people act in mindless conformity, and peaceful people act as warriors.

When Sarah Palin says, in her stump speech, "Obama does not see America the way you see America," she is separating Obama from what social psychologists call the "ingroup." Both Palin and McCain suggest that Obama does not share the goals of ordinary Americans, that he and his associates are somehow anti-American, that he is a socialist, and that he pals around with terrorists.

Through this rhetoric they aim to separate Obama from patriotic Americans --- to make Obama the other, to make him one of them, to characterize him with the property of otherness. Then, Sarah Palin escalates the rhetoric by adding, "He sees America as so imperfect that he pals around with terrorists," effectively transforming the other into the enemy.

Psychologists Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks point out that the McCain-Palin campaign is doing all they can to heighten fears about Obama. Specifically, they say,

McCain/Palin want us to be scared that Obama is "the other," not like us, not a real American. They want us to be scared that Obama might worship another god. They want us to be scared that Obama pals around with terrorists and gets his spiritual counsel from an America-hating minister.

John McCain and Sarah Palin are attempting to imbue Obama with the characteristics of a traitor by disassociating him from "real America" and associating him with those who are commonly accepted in our society as public enemies. They are using rhetoric that has traditionally been reserved for propaganda against traitors and foreign enemies.

In fact, the McCain-Palin campaign is systematically invoking the image of an accepted enemy for each currently living generation, systematically creating an "us versus them" framework:

Communist and Socialist --- for the older generation, those who were reared with fears of Stalinism and Marxism and Maoism

Terrorist and Muslim --- for the younger generation, those whose fears center around the religious extremism, guerrilla warfare, or suicide bombers

McCain, Palin, and their surrogates have chosen to use words that are associated with the accepted enemies of each generation and each targeted social group, and they have applied those words to Barack Obama.

The McCain-Palin campaign is using what social psychologists call images of the enemy to create a hostile imagination. With words like "dangerous" and "terrorist" and "socialist," the McCain-Palin campaign relegates Obama to an "outgroup"; they imbue him with the characteristics of otherness (he is not a "real American"); and they characterize him as an accepted enemy of the state (he is a "socialist" who "pals around with terrorists"). This language makes it seem acceptable to regard Obama as less than ingroup members and as the enemy.

McCain, Palin, and their surrogates are effectively engaging in psyops traditionally used during times of war (or cold war). It is not the mere characterization, though, of Obama as the other and as the enemy that is so potentially destructive. Rather, it is when people feel that their core values or way of life are/is threatened that passive fear and hostility transform into hostile action.

The attacks against Obama's patriotism and faith combined with claims that Obama has socialist tendencies are the trifecta. Those who believe that Obama is an America-hating Muslim socialist perceive an Obama presidency as an imminent threat to the American way of life and to the American values system. The fear is transformed.

Remember, Zimbardo found through psychological research,

With public fear notched up and the enemy threat imminent, reasonable people act irrationally, independent people act in mindless conformity, and peaceful people act as warriors.

In The Lucificer Effect, Zimbardo also illustrated through scientific research that:

It is fear of vulnerability among citizens who can imagine what it would be like to be dominated by the enemy. That fear becomes morphed into hatred and a willingness to take hostile action to reduce its threat.

John McCain said during a debate that ACORN

may be perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history in this country, maybe destroying the fabric of democracy

McCain has repeatedly attempted to tie Obama to ACORN. Claims have been made that Obama worked for ACORN, that ACORN worked for Obama, that ACORN was involved in Project Vote, which gave Obama his start in politics. Although and other uninterested third parties say that there is little truth to these claims, John McCain has used ACORN to create the illusion of a threat by Obama to the American way of life -- explicitly, a threat to the "fabric of democracy." ACORN and Obama have been inundated with threats, an ACORN office has been vandalized, and an Obama canvasser was beaten by a man who mistakenly assumed she worked for ACORN.

The charge that Obama does not share the values and goals of "real Americans" may be the most serious charge in the McCain-Palin arsenal of propaganda. The way humans react to outgroup members is highly dependent on whether the outgroup is seen as cooperative or competitive and whether or not the outgroup helps or hinders the goals of the ingroup. This competitive atmosphere of this race is heightened because it is not just a race for an honorary head of state, this is the race for the role of Commander in Chief, the head of the executive branch and the commander of the military. When the goals of a "scapegoat outgroup" (socialists, Muslims, communists, terrorists) conflict with those of "real America," it is serious. When a member of that outgroup could potentially take command of the country, it is dire.

In his book, Zimbardo also notes,

Archetypes of the enemy are created by ... propaganda that most nations use against those judged to be dangerous "them," "outsiders," "enemies. [This] creates a consensual societal paranoia that is focused on the enemy who would do harm to ... that nation's way of life, destroying its fundamental beliefs and values.

The creation of an "ingroup versus outgroup" situation (us versus them) along with the subsequent derogation of that outgroup is dangerous. It is the perpetuation of this type of intergroup prejudice and hostility that creates cults, conflicts, religious wars, and in the most extraordinarily extreme cases, even genocide.

Although John McCain has plausible deniability regarding some of the more outlandish and frightening smears (some smears began long before the primaries were even in full swing), the McCain-Palin campaign has done little to dispel the smears and myths even when shouted or spoken from the lectern at their rallies. Cultural Anthropologist Jeffrey Feldman says

The McCain campaign has staked its future on rhetoric that skirts the boundary between character assassination and incitements of actual violence against their opponent

At a rally last week, a McCain supporter said, with microphone in hand, that she is scared of an Obama presidency because he is an Arab. In his strongest rebuke yet, McCain provided a weak and vague reply, "No, he is a decent man," never really correcting the falsity by saying explicitly that Obama is not an Arab and never really acknowledging that an Arab can also be a decent man. Nevertheless, the crowd booed McCain for his meek rebuke.

Feldman notes the "complete repackaging of the McCain campaign" in "violent populism." He notes a Time report about McCain staff in Virginia training volunteers to tie Obama to Pentagon bombings and says that the McCain campaign has "a ground operation actually training its volunteers to elicit violent responses in voters--specifically by making false claims about Barack Obama." This raises questions, he says, of whether "John McCain is using campaign rhetoric that not only depart from recognized moral boundaries, but risk igniting actual violence."

Some pundits have been reluctant to believe that John McCain would want to launch these baseless and wrongheaded attacks. They lament, where has the real John McCain gone? Many in the media alternate between mourning the myth they believed and resenting that they'd been had.

According to Hendricks, McCain's body language belies contempt and hatred and an anger boiling just below the surface. McCain seems to see himself as a warrior attacking his enemy rather than an opponent engaged in competition. My own observation is that when McCain uses vile words to attack Obama (terrorist, socialist, and so on), he grins widely, smugly, teeth glittering, shoulders held high, head tilted upward in satisfaction and pride. He is not rueful, he is haughty.

The McCain-Palin campaign continues to make the assertion that the American people need to know the full extent of the Ayers and Rezko associations for one reason only: It is impossible to prove a negative. This is the very reason that our founding fathers included "innocent until proven guilty" in our Constitution, putting the burden of proof on the accuser. Obama can provide every last detail of his relationships, but he can never prove that he has no further information to give. Nevermind that thousands of people have investigated these relationships and found nothing. Obama cannot prove that there was not some other detail. This allows the McCain campaign to ask, "Who is the real Barack Obama?" and to use suggestion, innuendo, and insinuation to answer that question.

During the last week, the McCain-Palin campaign has engaged in an onslaught of pro-America versus anti-America rhetoric. They doubled down on the "us versus them" sentiment. At a rally in North Carolina, Palin told the crowd how happy she was to be in a pro-America part of the country.

In a well coordinated attack on the Obama movement, Sarah Palin escalated the rhetoric by dividing the electorate into pro-America and anti-America geographical swaths. Rep. McCain advisor Nancy Pfotenhauer told Hardball host Chris Matthews that only conservative Southern Virginia is "real Virginia" - those who live in Northern Virginia don't count. Michele Bachman upped the ante again by calling for investigations into the patriotism of every member of Congress. Rep. Robin Hayes (R-NC) told a crowd of rally goers,

liberals hate real Americans that work and accomplish and achieve and believe in God

"Anti-American" became a GOP mantra over the last week, leading Feldman to call it the "smear du jour" and to ask,

Has the entire political wing of Republicanism officially collapsed into cries 'anti-Americanism' like some endless robocall recording of O'Reilly-Coulter-Hannity-Gingrich greatest hits?

As a result, some McCain-Palin supporters are now unleashing raw emotion during political rallies. Neither McCain nor Palin deign to stop and confront those who shout "terrorist" or "kill him" at the mere mention of Obama's name during the McCain and Palin rallies. Palin indulges rally goers at her events, even egging on out of control rally goers as they directed their ire at the media area.

After several reports, most notably a report from Al-Jazeera in Ohio, showed video footage of ordinary citizens across the country voicing real belief that Obama is a terrorist, along with other outlandish myths, New York University professor Jeffrey Feldman, an expert in violent rhetoric in American politics, said,

Suddenly, thousands of people in St. Clairsville, Ohio will be convinced that the country has been taken over by a person with ties to terrorism and who seeks revenge against white people. Can you imagine the fear that is going to rip through towns like St. Clairsville?

These small towns in the Midwest who are most persuaded by the McCain-Palin violent rhetoric about Obama--these towns will devolve into a political arena rooted in fear of their own country. These are not a few disparate folks living in the woods with bottled water, cans of milk, and boxes of shotgun shells. These are the populations of entire towns, dotted across the country, in dozens of states. And they are set to become--lost.

There has been an onslaught of incidents escalating over the last week, from verbal attacks to vandalism, from spitting to full blown violence.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

St Germain Healing America

Ascended Master St. Germain oversees the United States Of America. At this time he plays a role in overseeing the Federal Reserves. In a previous incarnation, according to him he was caught up in mis-use of money, greed, wealth and materialism and these lead to the downfall of his society and brought great pain to himself and others.

Now that he has ascended he is assisting the USA, for he learned through his own errors. He will destroy the evil dark forces of the Illuminati, that has infiltrated our government and politicians. People in high positions of power and money work with the Illuminati due to their own ambitions. They are Globalists behind the scenes while pretending to be Patriotic Americans to the public.

They put there selfish ambitions first, NOT "Country First". At this time many in the USA are seeing the truth. America will prevail with the help of it's good people trusting their guts, and the Masters who have prepared evolved leaders to lead America to it's true purpose. In other words this time is about both "Change we need and Country First" and one person has the Aura and concsiousness to accomplish this goal for America the "Light of the World" at this time. His name is Barack Obama. [even his name carries such a high vibration, that those in the Media who oppose him purposely mis-pronounce his name to disrupt the high frequency of the syllables, [ex. I often hear: Berak, instead of Barack,] the latter is more melodious and accurate to his energy.

America is moving into it's heart chakra [Christed Light and Love] and away from the Solar Plexus Chakra. [Power, Ego]

The above issue is the problem with the Republican Candidates in this election 08. They stayed in the S Plex energy which is: Power, Will, Greed, Control, Attack, Negativity. This approach was not going to work this time for anyone from either party.

NOTE***Click on 'Chakra Picture' link on side menu to reference the Chakra's which are the 7 major energy centers in the human aura/energy field*** {A clairvoyant can read a persons issues, point of evolution, and other things, by observing and reading the energy field and chakras of a person, even from a distance---this is NOT mere speculation!}

Sarah Palin has great difficulty with her 3rd chakra which is typical in people who mis-use or abuse power the way she does. This is also an indicator of one who hasn't released anger, past issues, and integrated spiritual understanding into their life's lessons and task.

I feel that John McCain was on the cusp as to which way he could go this time.[in terms of change, not winning.] He has obvious difficulty with his 3rd chakra as well, but he possibly had [and still will] a chance to move up to the 4th chakra, the heart. He vacillates between the two and can't stabilize. Unfortunately Palin's overstimulated S. Plexus, adversely effected McCain's. She heightened the very negative energies that he needs to transmute.

I do agree with him that she is a soul mate of sorts, but it was for the purpose of a quick lesson, I feel, verses a long lasting connection. This also explains why he was unable to be a "Change" candidate, to do so one has to "become" the change they claim to bring. It's fine that he simply is where he is, and others who haven't "become" that change themselves will naturally cling to the old status qou. Some aren't willing to change, and others haven't recognized the need to do so.

Some of these people will learn how to change fear based beliefs by watching those that are prepared through their own personal soul searching and growth that has given them an opportunity to be the way showers at this time. Those that are extremely fearful and stuck will be particularly resistant, but in time some of them will gain understanding, others will leave the planet as they will be incompatible with the new energies on the planet [not just in America.]

I see her as being spiritually a younger soul than him, and she has a way to go before she will be able to wield power with any degree of spiritual intention. She was an initial burst of energy, but not the good kind of energy. Americans are being drawn toward the heart chakra energy of Obama and Biden, and others [incl. next time 2012 Hillary will be more aligned in the Love Principal.]

Palin doesn't know what she doesn't know yet, which is why she exudes confidence despite the fact that she lacks in many areas. She's more mediocre than she even knows,[not in God's eyes of course] and her "persona" and ego allow her to remain somewhat blind. This is the case for anyone stuck in the S. Plexus chakra.

Back to St Germain: America all will be well, things will be better, trust, rest, be calm. The country is moving away from the politics of lies and fear [S.plex chakra] that have exploited it's own people. Americans Forgive, move forward, trust [heart chakra] all is well.[This paragraph is a channeled message from St. Germain through Marie]


The following excerpts below I've added from another web page on St. Germain, it is a more detailed summary of the above info I've shared, I really like the last paragraph:

"The Divine Plan for the future of North America is a condition of intense activity in the greatest peace, beauty, success, prosperity, spiritual illumination, and dominion. She is to carry the Christ Light and "Be" the Guide for the rest of the earth, because America is to be the heart center of the "Golden Age" that is now dimly touching our horizon. The greater portion of the land of North America will stand for a very long time. This has been known for thousands of years, yes! for over two hundred thousand."

"In your beloved America, in the not so far distant future, will come forth a similar recognition of the Real Inner Self, and this her people will express in high attainment. She is a Land of Light, and Her Light shall blaze forth, brilliant as the sun at noonday, among the nations of the earth. She was a Land of Great Light, ages ago, and will again come into her spiritual heritage, for nothing prevent it. She is strong within her own mind and body —stronger than you think; and that strength she will exert to rise out of, and throw off from border to border, all that weighs heavily upon her at the present time.

"America has a destiny of great import to the other nations of the earth, and Those who have watched over her for centuries still watch. Through Their protection and Love, she shall fulfill that destiny. America! We, the Ascended Host of Light, love and guard you. America! We love you.

"A similar form of perfect government will come at a later period, when you have cast off certain fetters within that hang like fungi, and sap your strength as a vampire. Beloved ones in America, be not discouraged, when the seeming dark clouds hang low. Every one of them shall show you its golden lining. Back of the cloud that seems to threaten, is the "Crystal Pure Light of God and His Messengers, the Ascended Masters of Love and Perfection" watching over America, the government, and her people. Again I say, "America, we love you."

"One by one, great awakened souls are coming forth who will become clearly conscious of their own mighty, inherent God-Power, and such as these will be placed in all official positions of the government. They will be more interested in the welfare of America than in their own personal ambitions and private fortunes. Thus, will another Golden Age reign upon earth, and be maintained for an aeon."

The above info I copied from:

See picture below of St. Germain [he works with individuals cycles of transformation, he is the great alchemist!]

Ascended Master St. Germain, [copy, save, or print]

Latest Caylee Anthony Intuition

This insight is based on what 'came to me' last night Oct./22/08, to read my earlier intuitions and theory on possibily what happened to Caylee please read other posts starting back in early Oct 08 [The insights from various posts do fit together like pieces of a puzzle.]....thanks Marie.

This recent insight came while watching Nancy Grace last night: the guests on the show were discussing the evidence of web searches on how to make chloroform [in an earlier post I stated that Casey had left Caylee alone in the car and possibly used this sedative drug to keep the child sleeping.

Last night it became clearer to me that she was doing this and probably did so a few times before successfully [I feel about 3 times.] The more times one gets away with 'risky behavior' it gets a bit easier to do again.

The chemicals used to make chloroform are not stable, they vary and change, and perhaps these are factors in Caylee's death along with the heat in the car as I stated earlier.

Another idea mentioned on the show matched with some feelings I eluded to in my first vision of what happened to Caylee. [this info was in an email news letter I sent out in July when this case became known, this blog hadn't been created yet.]Last night it was suggested that Caylee possibly stayed in the trunk of the car for 11 days after her death before Casey removed the decomposing body. This rang true to me.

I said in my initial vision/insight that I saw Caylee in a swampy type pond near airport but felt she was put there either towards the end of June or early July. [Caylee went missing after 6/16, so 11 days later would be 6/27] My reasoning for this time frame had to do with the lily pads in the pond not having the flower portion, just the green pad, [I saw this with remote viewing]

I happen to be a fan of these flowers and I've noticed that in early and mid June the flowers are present but by July they are not. I live in the N.E. area and this has always been the case as far as I knew. I shared this when I reported the tip to authorities. Plants, insects, and wildlife are often used in forensic investigations and can be useful markers of time. After that report I did come across 1 pond in my area that actually still had some lily flowers even in August, so I pointed out that possible error in a later newsletter. However; I still feel the initial vision was accurate, and utilized my existing point of reference about these flowers to convey the needed information.

Also discussed on the showed was the charge of Murder I---which Grace felt strongly about, meaning delibrate, intentional due to the web search evidence. Somehow I lean more towards Murder II, or Manslaughter, I do not feel Casey "intended" to cause death to her child, but she was wreckless, cruel, abusive and negligent which resulted in this unthinkable accident.

The concept of sedating children is sadly not a new thing that only derranged people'd be surprised. A few years ago when me and my 2 yr. old son were at a cookout he became cranky, tired, and ready for a nap but when I settled him down he couldn't sleep. After numerous trips back and forth to comfort him a woman at the cookout with her children shared with me that she gives her kids Tylenol to make them sleep when she needs a break [even when they're not sick.] She was suggesting that I try it on my son so I could enjoy myself more. I was extremely disturbed by this.

This woman was married and she looked like a PTO mom, not a stressed out young single mother, and yet she drugs her kids so she can have a break! This is probably the more common scenario of parents/caregivers drugging kids. Some parents with drug problems have been known to put drugs in baby bottles to keep the infants sedated. I think this may be more prevelent than most of us would think, and this issue needs to be brought to light.


P.S. In a previous post here I said "Caylee is in the arms of the angels."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Healing with Mother Mary

I was intuitively led to bring the healing energy of Mother Mary to this blog. [picture below this post] I have invoked her love and energy throughout my life since childhood. I have always been fascinated by pictures, medals, and anything having to do with Mary.

I loved wearing Rosary Beads as necklaces when I was a little girl. I have many personal stories on how she has guided me throughout my life. I went to Catholic school only for 1 yr. fifth grade, I didn't like it. I recall having to sell some religious items for a school fundraiser, including black velvet plaques of Mary. Well I have to say I didn't want to part with them so I kept them all! I wasn't very successful selling the other Catholic items either since I lived in an all Jewish neighborhood.

About 13 yrs. ago I was experiencing a lot of fear around finding a place to live. I had recently been through a divorce, had sold my new house and moved into a rental house; when shortly after the landlord put the rental house on the market and the first person to view it bought it

So, about 14 weeks after a huge stressful move, a car accident, and the loss of my cat [among other things,] Mary led me to an apartment, I was actually driving and had to pull over to call someone for directions to an appointment I was on my way to. It just so happened that the street I choose to pull over on had an apartment building on it. Ironically this place I had previously checked off in the newspaper but forgot about because I wasn't able to find it.

Still unsure, but stressed from running around to no avail I put a deposit down on this small unit I just viewed. As I drove away I thought to myself "Am I going backwards in life? A voice in my head replied "No, you are downsizing and moving forward." That voice was Mother Mary guiding me to let go of UN-needed things in my life: people, places, material things.

I don't live there anymore, but during the 5 yrs. that I did I went deep inside myself and grew and blossomed, that small sunny apartment and the quaint town where I took my daily walks till this day was one of my favorite places to live.

Another interesting thing about this story is the place I had the appointment at for a spiritual energy healing session was somewhere I had been to numerous times before, but always coming from a different direction. That particular day I viewed another apartment that I didn't like and when I left it I had a choice of two ways I could get to my healing appointment. I was guided to take the route I was less familiar with which allowed me to get to the new place when I had to pull over for directions.

Divine Guidance always seems to work through hunches, co-incidences, and surprises, when we are willing to trust and let go!

I choose the Mexican version of Mary below [Guadalupe] because I like the story about how she appeared to a poor man named Juan, I read the story of her appearance and it was so beautiful! She is highly revered by the people of Mexico and around the world. Enjoy!


Guadelupe [print, copy, or save image]

Recent Hits on Earlier Predictions

I am posting some accurate hits from predictions I posted last winter/spring 08, in my email newsletter.

I stated that many Republicans would vote for Obama this time, and we would see many well known Republicans come out in support for him---here are some of the more well known:

Peggy Noonan: Conservative columnist, former speechwriter for Ronald Regan.

Michael Smerconish: Registered Republican for 28 yrs., conservative radio talk show host.

General Colin Powell: Former Bush Admin. now Endorses Obama---in my last Post I predicated He'd be accused of "RACE"--- the following day Rush Limbaugh cried Race on his radio show, [conservatives are trying to play down the significance of the Powell endorsement, in which Powell stated that McCain and Palin are running a negative campaign, and that she is unqualified and McCain is erratic.] Paraphrasing here, Powell actually went into a 6 min. speech stating why he is voting for Obama.

Christopher Buckley: Famous author, columnist for National Review {famous father owns paper.] He is a conservative, he trust Obama's intelligence. Buckley has lost his job due to his endorsement of Obama.

The wife on Senator Chuck Hagell [R] is an Obama supporter, I suspect Hagell himself is as well.

Bill O'Rielly:????????Not sure....but very curious. During his interview with Obama, Bill looked very smitten, my U.S. Government professor has stated that conservative O'Rielly Loves Obama.[surprisingly or not?] BTW the teacher is a conservative, and ex- Marine. O'Rielly is a registered independent, I don't know if he will make any public announcement......this is just a feeling I get, I'd say 70% chance.

Barry Goldwater [R] Arizona--his entire family and all siblings, voting Obama.....they have been friends with McCain and he has looked up to them.

Scott McClellan [R] former Bush press sec. voting Obama, [a while ago he wrote a book about Bush/Cheney lies on the war and 911...[BTW, I intend to write about 911, after this election is's not good.]

Governer Weld {R}---Former Gov. of Ma. Admires Obama's organized management skills and intelligence.

Christopher Hitchens {R}- Trusts Obama's judgement. Says: Palin not ready to lead, and McCain not well, not stable; he said-- Dementia, Senility, early Alzheimer's signs evident in McCain even since last year it's more apparent, he had a family member with this and recognizes symptoms.

I will also post any misses I get from my earlier predictions. Unfortunately I never saved copies of those earlier news letters, because it was just a fun thing I was doing. I will check to see if anyone who received the emails saved any copies, if so I will copy and paste them in the archive portion of this blog [they will date back to around Jan/Feb 08 when I began the insight news letter.] Otherwise the prediction/insight archive will began when I started this Blog in early Oct 08.

NOTE***I just found out I will be able to get those earlier news letters, most or all. When I do I will create a place for them so you can cross reference my earlier predictions, with new ones. This just in 10/28.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Difficulty leaving A comment?

I've noticed that there are no comments on any of the posts, someone just mentioned this issue to me. I am not aware of a problem in this area so please email me if you are unable to write a comment, or if you have and think that I haven't published it, as this is not the case. Thanks. By the way the blog is open for anyone to read, but to comment you do need to sign in with a user name OK. Just below each post you should see the words 'post comment', click on that to writeyour comment on that particular topic. Input welcomed.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Traveling into the future

Lately I've been thinking about the phenomena of pre-cognizance which is the ability to see future events or 'probable realities.' I'm still always in aw of this even though I have been doing it for years with positive confirmation from clients that I've done spiritual intuitive readings on.

This past year this ability has directed itself more towards outside events, news, politics and the like. This has had challenges for me, working with an individual has been easier for me. I feel such a weight of responsibility as I announce likely outcomes, visions I see, and guidance I've been told in regards to current events.

An example of this is when I received a vision of Barack Obama winning the primary and the general election. I barely knew who he was, I had no particular position on any party or candidate. As some of my insights began to unfold, I started to read and research to put some concrete substance and validation to the guidance I was getting. Before I knew it I could barely keep up with the accuracy of my information. On a few occasions before I'd have time to type out my prediction newsletter the exact guidance I received would be common knowledge in the media.

Even now I can barely keep up as the veil between 3rd dimensional reality and higher dimensions seemed to have disappeared for me; clear, honest info. is pouring into me faster than ever before.

This is a wonderful gift and I hope I use it in service to others. That's not always an easy task mainly because I'm frequently going into the future then coming back into real time to deliver what I 'see' 'hear' , 'feel' and often 'know' with certainty. In this more 'exalted' state I am very much pulled into the feeling of those experiences. When I rely what it is that I've experienced it may or may not sit well with others, until later when events unfold that their rational minds can define. I've learned to become detached to the reactions of others regarding the insights I share.

I feel compelled these days to continue this open sharing via this blog. As far as Obama I'm sure some may have thought I was being biased, or that I had 'drank the koolaide; not true. I saw the truth and choose to align myself to that after careful testing and discernment. So far, the events have unfolded just as I have said. In fact I've kept a few things to my self rather than risk looking overly zealous. Early on I said he would win the general election handily [funny Bill Clinton recently used those same words.] The part I left out was the exact degree he'd win by, because I truly didn't want to discourage some, and sometimes when phychics are overly specific I question if they are embellishing.

I also talked about the boom-erang effect=instant karma of what goes around comes around. I knew this was accurate and true, but even I couldn't envision the precision that this would occur. I won't repeat all the examples from prior news letters here, but I can say that much of it has to do with negative politics, and how rapid the boomerang would come back and actually hurt the offender.

So much so that John McCain has gone down in the polls in direct proportion to the negative/dishonest tactics he's employed. EX.--Joe the Plumber, just this morning I told my son that after observing Joe [not even his real name, it's Samuel]I concluded he was a fake, a plant, bought and paid for by you know who.

The boomerang came back in a timely fashion and with precision. The media followed up on this guy, he is not a plumber, not going to buy his bosses business. He is in a lower income bracket and Obama's tax policy would be better for him. Turns out he's been on right wing radio, he is a Republican-not an Independent as he pretended. He also has 2 tax leans against him. So his personal stuff has been exposed on national T.V. and McCain has been exposed for lies, tricks, and unfair politics. Also Samuel W. aka "Joe the Plumber" has a rich father Mr. W. who is and has been a McCain supporter, this has now come out in the media.

***NOTE: ADD ON 10/19/08*** [Since posting the above info there have been tons of web searches to my site under key words and phrases..."Joe the Plumber Republican Plant?", I am adding this piece to this existing post today 10/19/08]

Everyone in Washington and in the media is wondering why the clever tricks, set-ups, lies, and outright negativity isn't working or having any significant damage. This is because the old doesn't work any more, any where, period. Obama sees the illusion in all this and he is able to stay centered and non reactive [a strength, not a weakness.] I always felt he'd hold his own...this calmness is his true nature. I think some thought it was an act and eventually his so called 'true colors' would show, and they have and he's looking good.

Instead each attack or setback has been an opportunity for Barack to demonstrate his evolved leadership and unshakable groundedness even in the face of diversity. I can't imagine how one could maintain such a reasoned even keeled temperament through all the travelling and challenges of campaigning. Finally someone to lead the USA with grace.

I'm very proud at the large numbers of people who are also inspired and seeing the hope, and feeling the need for change. I always knew Barack would deliver, but I wasn't sure that so many voters would get on board. This means that collectively as a nation we are tuned in to where America needs to go to fulfill it's spiritual initiation.

This is the task that he has been chosen for, I'm not saying he's the best thing since the invention of the wheel, I am saying the 'Barack has a specific purpose on a soul level... at this time. I generally am drawn to supporting the soul task/spiritual path of others, I can't think of a greater cause to assist anyone on.

Well the main point I wanted to highlight in this post is that traveling into the future and it's pros and con's, and also to put some context to unfolding events including politics at this time.

***{new info add in on 10/19/08}*******************************
To illustrate the above statements and also to confirm my spring prediction---this morning General Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama, I also stated last spring that many other Republicans have, and will continue to do so. We will see something similar to all the Super Delegates that came out towards the end of the primaries for Obama [although on a smaller scale]

Powell stated that McCain negativity did play a role in his decision quite a bit, but mostly he sees Obama as calm, intelligent, and a "transforming' figure in politics and in the world.

Now wait---my next prediction is some will say Powell "Choose his own." Some will make it about race rather than admit that Obama is the more competent choice at this time. Today I watched the 3 major cable news shows and 1 of them is already putting a spin on the Powell endorsement, and down playing any possible significance it may have. [Now that's not exactly fair and balanced is it?]

*NOTE* See newer post labled 'Recent hits on earlier predictions" for a longer list of Republicans/Conservatives for Obama, since I wrote this earlier post. The link to posts are on the right side menu.

Sorry for any type o's, last time I used spellcheck here I lost entire entry before post got published!

Take care, Marie

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finding Caylee Anthony

A few more thoughts today on Caylee......

The intensity of energy around this case feels stronger than usual today, like it's getting very hot. When I tune in I feel lots of movement, and a feeling of 'getting closer', and that soon the authorities will have enough to make their case---they are closing in and will be wrapping this up soon, I feel that by Halloween they will have charged Casey, and by or around the beginning of the new year this case will to trial.

For the first time today, I "saw" and "felt" the possibility of Casey [mom] breaking down over a period of time as the pressure mounts. I only see her helping or offering info. if it will benefit herself. [I hadn't really felt her participating at all before.]

I "feel" more fear in her aura, and some guilt with this fear, however she is mostly terrified for herself at this point. [As things get worse and she breaks her disassociation she will begin to crumble, again this will be mostly in relation to her own future, she does seem to have D.I.D. as I stated in a previous newsletter.[Sorry no archive here on earlier insights.]

Tonight I turned on the late episode of Nancy Grace and it shows that a child's dress has been found in the woods in an area where there had been cell tower pings. The odd thing about that area in Orlando is that it is near the airport. When I called a law enforcement tip line with my initial vision I mentioned an area near the airport, but I wasn't clear if that was 'intuition' or simply my mind recognizing that specific area from past trips to Florida. [I'm finding more so lately that the combination of intuition and personal reference together have been proving to have merit, as our intuition will use all paths of knowledge to communicate to us, particularly when it's in service to others.]

So it is looking like there will be enough strong evidence to "make a case" but many are asking if little Caylee will be found? I don't know, but I feel that possibly a small piece of her remains may be found to help with some closure, [I always felt a piece of clothing would be found, [in my vision Caylee was dressed though.]

I don't 'feel' that we will experience a sense of closure as this case nears it's end, rather it will be the beginning of more feelings and spiritual processing than one may realize.

The grandparents had a bad vibe from the beginning but didn't know for sure; however they have known now for sometime and have been supporting their daughter Casey's defense, knowing there wasn't much they could do for Caylee at this point anyhow.

The truth seems to be getting revealed in all areas of life now as we collectively move into higher vibrations that support truth and light, and reveal deceit and darkness. This is a difficult time to 'hide.'

Spirituality and Politics.

Hi everyone,

I've been pondering the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of politics, and the intentions of the candidates as well as my own intentions and spiritual resposibility as a voter, an American, and a child of the universe. I recalled a website that discusses these concepts so I went to it and sure enough there was an article on this very topic just in time for election 08!

I am copying and pasting this article here, with the authors name and permission. By the way this organization is bi-partisian and non- denominational [having transecended both] and instead relies on Ageless Wisdom from the East and West, and also incorporates the spiritual and practical. They do not endorse any candidate, nor do they mention any specific Left or Right views, but rather how the application of universal spiritual principles can aid an individual in making their own choice , for the highest good of all, including the entire global community.

Feel free to leave a comment, thanks Marie.

Spiritual Voter's Guide

A Spiritual Voter's Guide
by Corinne McLaughlin

You are welcome to replicate this guide and circulate it widely. The comprehensive questions below are designed to be a guide for deeper reflection, based on regular discussions in the media and political circles.

If you care about your life, if you care about the life of other human beings, if you care about all life on this planet—answer the call of your soul to vote. Our lives literally depend on how we vote. As Americans, we have an important responsibility this Fall to vote in the elections. (If you’re a resident of another democratic country, see if the questions below are helpful in your situation or adapt them to fit.)

As you know, our political leaders and our media pay very close attention not only to who wins, but also to how close is the margin of victory. This is how they evaluate how much popular support there is for policies such as continuing the war, addressing global warming, restricting rights in order to pursue terrorists, regulating unethical corporate behavior, etc.

In a democracy, it is a spiritual responsibility to vote. Over 90% of the American people say they are guided by spiritual values or faith, but less than 50% of the American people vote in any Presidential election and much less in other elections. If we are committed to living by spiritual values, we must bring them into the voting booth, and educate ourselves about the candidates and the issues.

Spirituality can have a major impact on politics and elections, and politics can make our spirituality grounded and practical. If spiritual people don’t become engaged politically, we will be exploited by those whose only concern is self-interest. And we may lose our democracy. The upcoming elections present us with an important opportunity to decide what direction we want our country to go in, and they will have a major impact on our children’s future.

You may want to skip some questions or there may be other questions that are important to you personally that you’d like to include and reflect on:


Please check if applicable:

1. I know where this candidate stands on at least the three major issues of the campaign____

2. I have researched the candidate’s positions on his/her website (or a non-partisan informational site such as and/or read the full text of some of his/her speeches____

3. I have heard a speech of the candidate’s on C-SPAN or seen an in-depth interview____

4. I have watched a debate between this candidate and his/her opponent____

5. I have read alternative sources of information on this candidate____

6. I have relied only on the major media’s perception of this candidate____

7. I have relied only on hearsay from friends about this candidate____


Based on media reports as well as your intuition from watching them in action, please rate on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 representing a very low score, and 10 the highest:

1. Is this candidate motivated by a spirit of service rather than self-interest?____

2. Is s/he generally fair and honest with colleagues and with the public?____

3. Has s/he been courageous in promoting causes that may not be popular, but which are s/he believes are

4. Has s/he followed through on previous campaign promises made?____

5. Does s/he treat his/her staff and colleagues well?____

6. Is his/her personal life reasonably in line with ethical standards of behavior?____

7. Is s/he collaborative and bipartisan in his/her approach when needed, searching for common ground?____

8. Is his/her approach based on a long-term perspective that serves the good of the whole (in contrast to short-
term, political expediency)?____

9. Is s/he open-minded to new ideas and practical solutions?____

10. Does s/he demonstrate compassion for the disadvantaged?____

11. Does s/he demonstrate tolerance for diversity—racial, sexual, religious?____

12. Does s/he have a clear vision about for the future?____


Review the candidate’s stand on as many major issues as you can (e.g. war, taxes, the environment, etc.). Answer these questions for each issue, answering either yes or no—or rate them from 1 to 10, with l meaning “not at all” and 10 meaning “fully”:

1. Does this policy serve the good of the whole?____

2. Will it protect the sacredness of life--human, animal, plant, mineral?____

3. Will it be healthy and sustainable for future generations world-wide?____

4. Is it fair to all parties concerned?____

5. Does it offer equal opportunities and/or access?____

6. Does it promote dignity and respect?____

7. Does it promote the health and well-being of all citizens?____

8. Does it increase political participation of more citizens?____

9. Does it help alleviate poverty or economic injustice?____

10. Does it protect the disadvantaged?____

11. Does it protect diversity or human rights?____

12. Does it encourage responsibility?____

13. Does it protect people’s freedom?____

14. Does it promote tolerance and prevent violence?____

15. Will it help citizens find deeper fulfillment or meaning in life?____

16. Is it practical and effective?_____

Corinne McLaughlin is Executive Director of the Center for Visionary Leadership and co-author of Spiritual Politics, and has taught politics at American University. (

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Intuitive Insights

Intuitive Insights--Obama, Election 08, Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, Caylee Anthony, Economy, Bail Out
Hi everyone, This is my first official blog posting on the most recent updates and insights that I have received. Since the blog is new the archives will start now Oct. 2008, previous insights were via an email newsletter. Soon I will create a post specifically listing some of those older newsletter predictions/insights for newer readers to have a point of reference, since I often add new information to previous guidance.

Oct 08-most of these insights were from a month ago and I never sent them out because I was planning on creating a blog. I won't bother posting the ones that have come to pass or that are now common knowledge. Some of these that I am posting are expanding on previous visions/insights that were in my August news letter.

1]Obama--same as Dec 07 prediction still seeing him as President.

2]Candidates--I sense a scandel or some big upset by or around Oct 15 in one of the nominees campaign.[I don't want to put the name/energy to that person] Also some have concerns about possible assasination of one of the candidates-I feel this will NOT happen. People are sensing the energy/feeling from unconsious thought forms that do exist on this subject, but I see a higher force opposing these thoughts.

3] Gustav--I predicated that it wouldn't be as bad as some feared, it did manage to detour as my guidance suggested. However; due to the prayers and higher awareness of New Orleans, spiritual divine intervention also prevented the levies from being breached. I saw 'Sai Baba' and 'Jesus' along the gulf coast each at a different end holding back the waters, I "saw' jesus with his arms outreached commanding the elements and Sai seemed to be putting a hold on this through the use of will and mental power. Much healing and lessons were learned by the people of N.O. from Katrina.

4]Ike--There was a sense that Texas would not be as fortunate and this too seems to have a spiritual or karmic inference, but I'm not clear and will not speculate.

5]Economy--The info I received before the market crash was that things would not level out for aprox. 15 months, this is still what I get. Bailout--I feel so much confusion on this and nothing seems like the right answer because this problem has many layers. I have a vision of that old game 'pick up sticks' where you dump all the thin sticks in a pile and the object is to slowly and carefully pull out 1 stick at a time without causing the pile to collape [the pile represents the market, the game represents the difficult stratergies involved ]and why there is no easy solution.
I question the 750 billion figure, and feel the house Republicans may have more of a grip on a possible solution. The only positive news I get on the economy is that folks will have to scale down and simplify and find joys in simple things like taking a walk, having a pizza and simplicity in general; which will be benifical to individuals and society.

6] Caylee Anthony--I have a clearer intuitive theory on her death. As mentioned previously I 'saw' her in a pond, she was floating and looked normal no signs of abuse/tramau. BTW I never felt as though she drowned, rather she was placed in pond after death. I was wrong in that I felt she would be found sooner, unfortunately within 2 weeks after of my vision of her there were no more signs of her [remote viewing] as I believe she was eaten by aligators.
She is free now and when I recently tuned in I heard the words to 'Arms of the Angels' by Sarah McGlaughlin, she is safe, protected, and in a higher place, she is not angry with her Mom Casey, rather she wants prayers and forgiveness for her.
My theory---the tot was left in a hot car while the mom shopped, the car was in a parking garage which was dark and Caylee was asleep [naturally or possibly by chloroform as been suspected] The extreme heat caused her to pass away and mom is hiding this error on her part. I don't feel this was a quick accident like the pool drowning theory, that maybe mom looked away for a moment. [This would've been a more plausable accident that would be easier to admit to.] Nor do I feel she was beaten in a cruel manner. It was an accident, but a big mistake on Mom's part. Thus the lies and cover up. Cindy A. has guilt because I think she refused to babysit that day when Casey wanted to go shopping alone, so Casey holds this guilt over her mother's head.
I see another vision in the parking garage that possibly Casey met with another person[young male] and they either went to mall or left the garage together in 1 car and returned to find tot dead. I'm not sure how this all fits together or what will happen next. Many are moved and angered including the protesters but I feel this won't help or intimidate Casey. She may never speak, but I'm told to send prayers and love, to heal this tragedy and just maybe get Casey to reveal something, although this is unlikely. Again the child is in peace.

7] Britney Spears----I feel she is on verge of making a come back, I stopped myself from including this intuition in Aug. news letter because before I posted it her young son was in the news for holding a pack of mom's cigarettes, so logic caused me to sit with this one, nevertheless I feel this prediction is overall accurate regardless of the little picture we may see. I tend to 'see' the bigger picture and 'end' result in most of my predictions verses being influenced by what's happenning in the moment, or present time frame. This is why some may question a prediction when logic may appear to point in another direction at the time the intuition is stated [which transcends knowledge.]

8] O.J. Simpson---Last yr. when he was charged I 'knew' he'd be convicted, and even though it was a seperate case from his earlier murder charge, I saw a connection in the end result. I didn't publish this in earlier newsletters because knowledge , logic, and reason interfered with my intuition which was correct. Ask yourself is it coincidence or Karma, when a person is found guilty on all counts on the EXACT date 13 yrs. after a previous trial?

How knowledge interfered?--I took a criminal evidence class last yr, and of course the focus is on innocence until proven guilty, and there are many rules about what type of evidence is allowed. When I shared my 'intuition/prediction' with my professor, he replied that he couldn't comment on the because he hadn't seen the evidence. Legally this is correct, and the answer he gave me was the correct one---but I intuitively knew better, so I am guilty of not trusting what 'I knew.' This was a good example to me on why people who tend to live in their heads, sometimes struggle with intuition. Clairvoyance can be a murky art at times, and the spiritual intuitive must test and discern all visions, and guidance received before claiming this or that, and also differentiate between their own wishful or biased thinking. Even though the intuitive may have their own opinions on matters that may match with their visions, all spiritual intuitives rely on ethics and integrity. [For this reason I distinguish between my commentaries verses my insights, although at times they go hand and hand.]

9] Tom Brady----OK Patriot/footbal fans don't shoot the messanger here-----For over a yr. I've been 'sensing' that Tom has some inner work to do, he has strayed somewhat from his soul's plans, while still being a great quarter back. BUT the universe needs him and his knee injury will provide him the opportunity to straighten out [to be blunt.]
It's not clear how long this will take but he will be back on track and more visible helping kids, charities after he recovers both his knee and soul lessons.

10] John Edwards----The baby is his! He will be invisible for sometime, he has some similar work to Tom B. but actually much more involved. His wife will become more popular and visible, and it's her turn to have the spotlight. John has a lot to deal with----a big mess, frankly.

11] Negative Campaigning!!!---Remember I mentioned the 'Boomerang effect' several times in the past? Well, hold onto you seats---the more negative the higher the cost. I know it's worked in the past, particularly for one of the parties. It won't work this time bacause the higher energies of the times are vibrating above the fear, anger, deceit levels. [In life in general, not just the election.] Some aren't ready to ascend the higher levels [which is fine] Negativity breeds negativity, some will be swayed by this---those that are fearful. BUT I think the majority to my own surprise, will rise above fear and opt for hope.
Watch for the boomerang and karmic precision this election.

12] John McCain---Again this has taken me a lot to put into words, please again don't shoot the messanger. After watching the RNC which I thought went well and McCain did a good job. After his speech while he was waking off stage I felt a sadness for him come over me, as I again saw him not being our next president. Right at that moment I felt he too knew this, and I felt for him this impending doom of disapointment, not only because of the obvious reasons, ex, hopes, dreams, money, time campaigning and so on. The main thing I felt was that he was never intended past or present to become the US president, this is not in his script [as far as I can see, I could be wrong.]
His service in military was part of his Karma---mainly because it truly wasn't even his own true choice [he didn't have many options, for various reasons] This has always bothered him, so he wrote a different reality on it [like we all do, to cope.] he tried to work this experience in a way that could serve him positively.......and yes, he has even exploited it at times, much to his own regret.

Ironically or not, his main issue to resolve and heal surround the theme of 'honor' and 'integrity' and for that I feel from him. He places high value on the very thing that he wants....but in truth falls short of. My wish for the senator would be to know he is loved an honorable for who is is as a soul. WE tend to "teach that what we ned to learn" and this is what's happenning with him.
I believe he is bipolar [no judgement many are incl. Abe Lincoln] and he may understandably have Post Traumatic Stress Synd. along with other cognitive difficulties. But the most difficult thing I feel and see for him is the painful moment when he is faced with the question of his honor or lack of, [no judgement here.]I am not speculating for any reason, because that would not be honorable, and maybe I should not have posted this?
I have become very curious about him on a soul level becasue he is not unevolved----but he has gone against his own grain. As a person who does spiritual healeing to help others I know all too well how we all suffer and pay a price when we go against our spiritual grain, part of human nature..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Blog

Hi everyone welcome to my new blog 'Intuitive Insights', if you arrive here and see nothing bear with me while I get set up. I will be posting some insights within the next few days. I've been doing this work my whole life behind the scenes and then more visibly the past 20 yrs. as I got more in touch with these abilities.

I thought a blog format might be fun verses the email newsletters, and on line groups I've been doing. This way people can choose to read the info if they wish either through search engines, or by clicking on my blog.

I'll post insights as I 'get them' this may be random, or monthly [the newsletter was on a monthly basis, or when I had sufficient info. to share.]

As a human being I certainly have lots of opinions, so I generally sit with the info. I receive for a bit before posting it to make sure I'm delivering a clear message, in fact I've been guilty of over discerning and 'sitting' on some predictions only to find they come true and make the news before I've announced them .

When I see a future event it is called a 'probable reality' which can of course change due to free will, free choice, and other factors, but for the most part I've been successful with accuracy. My opinions don't effect my predictions, intuitions or visions, but to the contrary these have helped me to form some of the beliefs and opinions that I now have.

I look forward to our spirited discussions and shared interests!

Peace and blessings,