Monday, December 29, 2008

Instant Karma

I miss my blog! Basically I've been going through a personal energy shift for the better, but it's requiring me to combine my reflective inner nature, with another part of my self that is desiring more social integration, after the long inner retreat since having my son Christian [who'll be 8 tomorrow]

This may sound like an odd analogy but I said to a new friend the other day, "it's like I've been incarcerated" and I'm now trying to enter back into society. Obviously I've left my house on a daily basis worked, did errands, and things with my son. But, at times is was like I existed in a cocoon while going through the motions of life.

It initially started when my mind and body had to re-adjust to motherhood after already raising a family and being more carefree, this coupled with exhaustion and other factors put me in a real 'inward' mode. Now, I got use to that, and I'm working on the reverse trying to be outgoing again! Hopefully I'll strike a balance because both frames of mind have something different to offer.

So the above is where I've been at which also ties in with my topic for this post, which is based on insights I've received and observations I've made. OK we all know by now that we're in a "Change year" right? Not only politically but in every way. Even the bad economy is part of a breaking down of an old system to re-build a new one.

We hear talk of Indigo children and crystal children, highly evolved kids with their higher faculty of intuition intact, and hopefully more awakened parents and teachers who know how to interact in a higher more enlightened way. I already see this, the parent/teacher conferences I have today with Christian's [my 8 yr. old]teachers are much different in dialog than they were for my older sons years ago. So times are progressing....yey! "YES WE DID!" I love saying that...from Obama's Yes We Can mantra.

The other thing I'm noticing is the energy is speeding up on the planet and things seem to happen within the "speed of light" {actually that IS what's occurring...more LIGHT...literally!} With this things get shaken up a lot. This past year flew, seems like it was just Christmas 07 6 months ago verses a full 1 year. previous posts mainly pertain to the candidates and election I spoke of "THE BOOMERANG EFFECT" also called 'instant karma'....John Lennon really knew what he was talking about. This has to do with things that are said coming back to the one that said them verses injuring the one they intended to harm. NOT to re-hash the election...BUT, the clearest example of this was when the neo-cons and the McCain camp commented {wished for} rain during the DNC convention for Obama that was held outdoors at Mile High field. WELL...we know what happened later on for the was almost cancelled, many no shows due to Gustav and that series of hurricanes. Even news anchors were using the word KARMA, related to that situation.

OK, the positive side of this is good 'instant karma' is also coming to people quickly, automatically due to their love, positive intentions and actions, and sacrifices made on behalf of others. I truly feel that I am on the verge of this myself...on 3D earth dimension I say "IT'S ABOUT TIME!" but also on the higher spiritual level I sense a feeling of harvest coming...we reap what we sow. I see this for others too, particularly those that have been through pain and suffering.

The flip side of this is I'm also observing that those who has smooth sailing even due to their own hard work and efforts, may now be having tougher times either with health, prosperity and so on. If their intentions have been focused more materially or worldly the speed ed up energy is now effecting them...of course it's for the better in the long run. Energy does not stand may get blocked...but always finds a way to flow again; even if it has to burn out the obstruction to it's flow.

The USA as an entity is going through this, and the world, and planet are collectively; thus the 'upheaval' but also the changes and good.

I'm noticing people bypassing this thing we call 'time' which doesn't even exist anyhow. For instance more seem to be falling in love rapidly, getting married, having other fast, positive changes happen from 'almost out of nowhere.' Of course this 'new' energy and the universe is actually simply supporting the long held intentions of an individual. Also sudden out of the blue deaths, I'm hearing more about, some souls are just making quick snapshot decisions to leave, almost without notice. Like MSNBC's anchor of Meet The Press's Tim Russet, he just left, seemed like he still had a lot of good to was puzzling. And I've heard of friends loved once passing in this same sudden fashion. It doesn't seem random, because it seems to be occurring within a wave.

So if you've been progressing along on your path you should start to experience your reward so to speak. If you've been distracting or deliberately avoiding tending to your souls path you will begin to get your wake up call and this may pose some changes and discomfort for you. There's always others there to help even when we may not recognize this fact. Hang on enjoy the ride! Look to children, they are here to help us, I don't mean burden them of overly rely on them, but be with them, watch them, they are cute, wise, and funny! Last quick note pertaining to children: anyone not treating them properly or lovingly will loose them, one way or another even by state intervention; this is their time...they are needed to make the changes and audults who cling to old out moded, or stubborn ways will be challenged by these kids.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blog info, profile update, new photo, Comment feature enabled, Happy Holidays

~Blog news from Marie~

I'm glad to be somewhat back on track with my blog postings. I created several new posts tonight and hope to update more often while on Holiday break from school. It's hard to be "Intuitive" when my "Linear" brain is overloaded with facts and data...I needed to download a bit here.

I have added additional info to my profile including a recent photo and some info on my personal interests, [to give readers more of a glimpse into me].....hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all. Take care!

~~~Remember to email me with questions, feedback, or topic requests for my blog~~~ Thanks! "COMMENTS"...I have once again enabled the feature to allow you to leave comments, evidently I originally selected the wrong option for this, then I changed it but forgot to 'save' the changes...sorry, I think I finally got it right!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Caroline Kennedy qualified for Senate?

I will start with admitting I am a fan, as I remember her as a little girl just a bit older than me. My first doll was named after her. With that said my commentary is I feel she will get the Senate Seat, her name does help her, she has some things to learn natually, but this role has her name [no pun intended] on it!

Although she stayed in the background most of her life, Kennedy has been around politics her entire life. She's an Attorney, a best selling author, a very bright not showy type woman who has a lot to offer, and yes a 'few ropes' to learn. But this is not a disqualifier for her.

One of the things I noticed with Barack Obama's "inexperience" is that it wasn't completely true and accurate. I feel capable people of vision, hope, and pure intentions are coming forth from hidden backgrounds to mark their place and offer their service during this important time.

Some types of experience aren't always apparrent immediately. An example from my own life has to do with when I became a Yoga Inst. in 1999. For many years I read several books on the principles and teachings of YOGA [not the postures or form of exercise we commonly think of] In the early 90's I was given a book by a mentor and friend called "The Yoga Sutras of Patajanili" also called "The light of the Soul" the book had specific instruction on how to overcome ego through specif rules and teachings. I learned so much and the timing was perfect, as I had exhausted all the spiritual best sellers by that time, and haven't read many since either!

I continued to study and apply the Sutras to my life and my understanding grew and progressed and I was able to overcome some shortcomings and hinderances to my goals and true path. OK fast forward about a decade, I attend 2 Yoga classes, next thing I know I'm enrolled in a 6 month teacher training program, and I began teaching my own classes and subbing for other well known instuctors when they needed a sub.

Like magic and with fairly new experience [so it seemed] I became a pretty good, fairly popular teacher in my area. I was hired by phone through referals with no meeting or interviews even. My students began to follow me to the various locations where I taught. I had an enthusiastic following and soon I was on the high end of the pay spectrum for a Yoga Inst.

I was 'new' but appeared to have confidence and years of experience....because in actuality I DID! I had been living and practicing the true Yoga life and philosophy for a decade, I was only new at learning the asnas [yoga postures] Others who took the same training also learned these same postures but they were more like fitness inst. they lacked the deeper Yoga teachings, which were briefly touched on in the training program.

So when we see these fresh faced supposedly "inexperienced politicians" coming out of the woodwork---think again. These are qualified souls coming forth with both their life and soul experiences, and they will learn any necessary stuff quickly.I feel these humble 'behind the scenes' folks are here with a mission.

I would not include a Sarah Palin in this group, as she is inexperienced on many levels and not yet matured or evolved enough to fufill a soul task. I don't say this to 'bash' her. Her obvious lack of experience wasn't a big deal initially, but in time she proved to lack in too many areas of knowledge, understanding, mission, purpose and intention......and this is why I make my statements concerning her.

Caylee Marie Anthony, R.I.P. "Intuitve Review of Case."

Well, in my last couple of posts I didn't straight out state the probable and inevitable, but I did in a round about way. For some time I felt my role was to relay that this little girl was at peace, but no longer with us and I hope I did that with respect and dignity and not "psychic sensationalism" which I don't care for, and felt was inappropriate.

From the time "I was told" that she was at peace I felt the need to prepare others for the day when the facts would be revealed, I knew that they would. I previously thought this would have happened sooner, and I found it interesting that the meter reading guy had discovered the bag back in August. {This was the time frame when I thought this all would've come out, and back then the delay puzzled me.]

Also my initial vision of Caylee 'in water' still has me curious. I've referenced this info here in earlier posts, but I originally stated it in an email newsletter I wrote prior to starting this blog in October. I wonder now if that water I 'saw' was from the hurricanes in Aug and Sept that covered the area [back then] where they found the little girls remains last week.

Reason being in my vision the water wasn't deep and I thought it odd that I 'saw' the body near the edge and surrounded by plant growth, and not well hidden. I'd assume a body placed in a body of water would be anchored down and placed further out. Of course in an ocean waves could wash it to shore. Forensics say they doubt the body had been moved and probably had been at the crime scene location since death. The area matches what I saw, [minus the water at this time,] which may have been a pool formed from the storms. In the vision it looked like a stagnant, shallow, swampy sort of water with weeds and overgrowth.

A short while later via 'remote viewing' the body was gone. I always had a feeling that a window of opportunity had been missed, maybe that was the meter readers calls being ignored? I don't know, but some of what has unfolded matches time lines and thoughts I shared earlier. I like to solve things and I always cross reference my intuitions with facts and findings that later come about. I want to make sense of things for my own mind, and to examine the relationship between intuition and reality.

Sometimes I'm wrong, sometimes I'm right, but I feel it's always important to consider all the clues and fine print. Sometimes I still go with the intuitive impressions even if all the facts don't support them. Not due to denial or fear of being wrong, but more from a sense that more may be revealed or certain things may not be evident yet; or possibly remain hidden.

I do feel for Casey, the way she appears it may be hard to imagine empathy for her. She certainly wasn't co-operative, but I do feel a while back she somehow shifted and on a soul level or level of consciousness she progressed in a non apparent way [if you can't read soul records] I do feel this moved things along and she cooperated with her intentions verses her efforts [or lack of] in spite of her self, deeds, and mental challenges [aka personality disorder]

I wish peace for everyone involved.


Monday, December 15, 2008

"In the Arms of the Angels" dedicated to Caylee Anthony

Caylee Anthony, Dec 15, 08 Intuitive Post.

For some reason I haven't had the need or desire to comment, speculate or predict about little Caylee Anthony since the recent discovery of a child's body near the Anthony home. I think soon everyone will know the truth.

It feels somehow 'cheesy' or 'interfering' on my part concerning this sacred matter, and I am reluctantly posting tonight. I do not wish to add any sensationalism to this horrible tragedy, and I choose not to comment on it after the last Caylee post concerning the spiritual message I got, and reassurance that she was safe [spiritually speaking.] I have several posts about Caylee here on my blog. On that latter post it was made clear to me from the guidance I received what probably occurred, but most of all I was told that she was in the arms of the angels, and that this case was being spiritually resolved with the persons involved, and this resolution wasn't contingent on finding a body.

I do feel the timing of discovering a body, however does correlate with the process that has occurred on 'the other level' and so from that prospective only I feel the souls involved are becoming honest and more aware on a soul level and this is a good thing, and a needed thing.

Today it was echoed with more certainty that another person was involved, and I feel this will come out. In an earlier post this felt like a probability, but today felt more certain. Tony, the boyfriend? A male friend?

I realize many people are searching and googling to see what psychics have to say about this case , people are truly curious and want answers, hoping this will bring comfort. This is a sad compilation of unresolved emotions in this family tree, send good thoughts. This more than anything is really needed here at this time. Perhaps this is also an opportunity for all of us to re-examine close ties and soul contracts and rectify any misunderstandings or unresolved conflicts, and to ask for help and support if needed.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Post Election Blog Update

Hi, I'm back after weeks of no insights, seems like I slowed down after the election was over. This is normal for me as prior to the election my insights would come on average every 4-6 weeks. My intuition got very stimulated during all the excitement and continuous news watching during the campaign season.

I have to say there's some truth in the recent video I posted regarding Obama supporters, I felt a low in my own levels of inspiration so the video was both amusing and appropriate to how I was feeling.

I've also had a lot of post election hang over feelings, things I began to think about and process after Obama won. Many of these thoughts revolved around the McCain-Palin team and ill feelings towards their antics, lies, and transparent desperate attempts to win at all cost.

The more I pondered on these thoughts and the more 'Joe NOT the Plumber' and Palin continued in the media after the election I was almost 'beside myself' for lack of better words. The insanity of anyone giving these two any credence or validation is completely and totally beyond me. I didn't even want to give them another second of my energy here at the blog. I figured at some point they'd just vanish back to where they came from....but NOoooooooooo.

I'm usually pretty good about seeing things in people even if I don't agree with then, BUT I cant's do this with Palin. How anyone takes her serious is beyond me. The idea and embarrassment that she came as far as she did is SCARY. I know there are plenty of stars without talent who somehow manage to rise up beyond their true capabilities. But seriously Sarah Palin??? One night to entertain myself I tried to envision tasks or roles that maybe she'd be good at, I couldn't come up with anything!!! I thought OK hockey mom maybe.....but she'd be the difficult one other mothers couldn't stand. Then I though about a TV reality show 'The Palins' kind of like the "Osborne's' but that wouldn't even work she's not as smart as Sharon Osbourne, who at least has kept Ozzie alive all these yrs. and for that matter as crazy as he is/was he's still alive and was entertaining at one stage in my musical, partying life 70-80's.

She was a mediocre beauty pageant both in style and talent. I came across another empath's blog [who's name now escapes me] and this woman did an in depth aura/chakra reading on Palin and pretty much came up with things I've said here, but she went into greater detail and I agreed with her 100%. Basically she too had Palin as a younger soul coming from power/will/greed, not open in heart, insight, or spirit. In spite her right wing crazy God stuff, her beliefs are really about what serves her at any giving moment. [Narcissistic] I guess I'm hoping she'll just go away, no way in hell will she have any more knowledge and substance in 2012, or in this incarnation for that matter!!! OK I hope this is out of my system, if not I'll post accordingly.

All I can say is WHEW.....close one!!! I feel the new beginning of an Obama Adm. and the feeling of renewed integrity, this is even better than I imagined and my post election crash is starting to fade.

I have final exams all this week so I'm definitely working the left side of my brain verses the right intuitive non-linear side. Then I have a 3 week break, yey!!! I can't wait to ponder, daydream, analyse, and ruminate about anything and everything. My insights are more expanded when my brains is not full of facts!!! {Although facts are a good thing.]

I'll try to be back soon as I'd like to give more examples of how my intuitive abilities unfolded as a follow up on the earlier post on the subject.

I also what to say that my abilities have always been more fine tuned when dealing with individuals and their particular concerns and specific questions, this helps to direct and focus my particular intuition. I had fun with political, and current events and had a fair amount of accuracy, but this type of 'forecasting' really isn't my thing, it just sort of happened. So I don't know what's next, we'll see.

Perhaps if anyone is interested in asking questions or offering topics or areas I could intuitively investigate that would be a helpful way to continue. Otherwise I'll have to give 'Marie's commentary and Opinion' which may or may not be useful. I'm sure there are some who may have thought I did that anyhow on the political front, but I didn't. I told one person that even though I lean Left, my intuition isn't 'Liberal Intuition' but I also understand how one could assume that. In Fact as I stated before it's the other way around, my intuitive way of being has shaped many of my thoughts and beliefs in life, and I glad; from what I understand that is part of being a multi sensory person, one who has evolved and activated a higher faculty, one that is above personality, ego, and even concrete knowledge, this person has activated their higher mind a faculty of the soul and inner knowing [also called direct knowing.] See Gary Zukav's book 'The Seat of The Soul" he explains 'multi sensory' compared to the limited 3D 5 senses clearly and beautifully. I read this book in 1990 and I intend to skim over some parts of it this week. Another interesting point he makes is about 'Fragmented Personalities' very good info about those struggling souls who often can't seem 'to get it' and Zukav offers good insight into why.

Take care,