Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shocking Not Guilty Verdict for Casey Anthony!

I'm as speechless as most over the "Not Guilty" verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. Personally I thought the defense was transparent and filmsy, while the prosecution did a very good job in my opinion. I followed the entire trial for 6 wks and the entire case for 3 yrs.

I'm ready to hang up my prediction hat! Days before the verdict I had a feeling the juror may not go for Murder 1 and Capital punishment; and I understood why that was a possibility even though my prediction said the total opposite.

Do I still feel she chloroformed her child?...yes I do. I always saw this as an accident vs malicious murder. What is even scarier to me is that I feel this issue is more prevelant than many realize...not chloroform per say, but other forms of medicating/drugging children, even with Tylenol.

To date I don't understand the role of the duct tape, and I was unsure of that part of the state's case. I feel Caylee died in a hot car where she laid in a chloroform induced sleep.

Some of you may find it interesting that the French seer Nostradamous predicted or saw that Casey would be found Not Guilty. Here's is link to that info:

Thanks for reading my blog! Many cared about this tragic case and you may find it interesting that even during the excitement of the 2008 presidential election the majority of web searches to my blog were regarding this case.This is sort of like the court of public opinion in a way, since people tend to phrase their questions according to what they sense or think. Because I am able to see the exact wording of these searches it is very telling what the searcher thought/felt by the specific keywords they choose.

I'll put it this way: there were NO keywords regarding Casey's possible innocence, a nanny, a set up, or anything that even came close to suggesting she wasn't involved in the cause of foul play regarding her child. At times this blog had thousands of hits a day, each displaying the exact search as it was entered. I'll note that other search inqueries that showed dislike or mistrust of a person besides Casey Anthony were for Sarah Palin...some very telling keywords were entered about her, her intelect, honesty and capabilities....I'm being kind here.

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