Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Confirmation Update on Earlier Political Predictions

OK, well some of my earlier predictions that I got over the past yr during the election process, already were confirmed a while ago, but I've waited till now to get a fuller picture on my "overall accuracy" as everyday more things are coming in as hits. Most of these earlier insights you'll find here in posts that u can cross reference easily via the lists of key word links that are listed. Unfortunately for newer followers of this blog some of my earliest political/election insights were posted via an email newsletter that was an informal thing I sent mostly to friends/clients and didn't save to create an archive. However, I did reference these throughout this blog...you'll have to take my word LOL.......in truth, i'd rather be flat out wrong, than lie to be right!!! In other words...I make no claims that any of this content is written in stone, or 100% on the money.....but damn, most of it has come to be pretty close to how I 'saw' it, in advance....pre-cognizance seems to be my strength....ya just have to be patient and bare with me for 'real time' to catch up and for events to come to fruition!!

1] OK old news flash...Obama won, as I said from day one when everyone was still in the race
2] I was told he wouldn't want to prosecute Bush Adm. for torture/war crimes....he really still doesn't want to do this...he does want to move forward./new prediction...he may not have much say, I believe all will be revealed, as it already is, and everyone knows the truth. In fact, I still feel 'another' big thing pending, that will come out concerning this topic (this feels big kinda in the way the Abugrade scandal was.) However, in the end, not so sure anyone will be convicted of anything..but it will all be exposed. (Obama, who's very evolved and guided by higher beings, probably knows this, and this may be the reason he isn't inclined to pursue this issue.)
3] I stated almost 17 months ago that the GOP was in big trouble, out moded ideas, and would need to undergo a death/re-bith...this is the case!!!!I'm sure some thought this was a "lefty view" on my part...it wasn't...it really was guidance [unbiased] that I received, even tho I personally happen to agree with it....BTW I'll always state if a thought is "MY OPINION/COMMENTARY" if it's not coming from spiritual intuition/guidance.

I could list over 2 dozens reasons why this is accurate/obvious, but to keep it simple, as of today only 21% of the American people agree with Republican thinking, (parts of the deep South, and Texas.) Today Sen Arlan Spector (R) became a Democrat, many other well known conservatives have also switched.

Main issue: far right religous types taking the party further to the right, and the country just isn't thinking this way anymore. Guns, gays,and abortion, are not the biggest concern for most Americans.....it's jobs, health care, and the economy.

4] another hit......I said Obama would approach things in the order he is.....education, healthcare, infrastructure etc.....also said some would criticize him, and it may take 2 yrs for his choices to be fully understood...BTW he laid out his thinking very clearly in his book Audacity of Hope....so there's no surprises with most of his choices.

5] when Obama was accussed of being the most far left Liberal in the senate, I disagreed....I saw him being more to the center than most expected.
The actual vision I got was a number line, with numbers on ea side representing the left and right......Obama was a #1 on the left, compared with Ted Kennedy who was an #8......on the right Dick Cheeney was a 9 on the right, Karl Rove and 8, 'W' a 7...Rush Limbaugh was a 10 or off the chart more accurately!!! I saw the numbers of several politicians. Back to Obama's #1.....many on the far left have been unhappy with some of his decisions ex the torture issue.

While he is addressing 'social issues/and needed social programs that work"...he is being very non partisan and reaching out to both parties.

Last wk Obama got a ton of critique from the 'far right fringe' on shaking Charvezes hand, embracing dictators, and oh yeah 'paling around w/ terrorists! He's been called a Socialist, a Communist, Marxist, recently a Facist, and lets not forget the Anti-Christ. Meanwhile his popularity stays high, he's already accomplished much in 100 days, considering the 'lot' he inherited from the "BUSH ERA."

Hmmmmm...as I watch the news right now, for earth day Hugo Charvez just have NJ an island as a gift!!!

Traditional and consevative thinking with balance may have it's place. But greed and inclusiveness don't. Americans aren't buying the propaganda, and tactics of fear...I no longer am able to watch even small portions of FOX CABLE NEWS, just for the sake of comparing the conservative view with the Liberal one, as I did during the election. The ridiculas remarks, half truths, and twisted lies, and distortions are too infuriating for most who live in the real world. Forward progressive thinking is needed for a society to move forward in all areas...science, education, better relations and higher standing in the world. America is regaining it's moral standing in the world, all via a president who was ridiculed and accused of being not patriotic! YES WE CAN, YES WE DID!!!

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  1. Barack is definately higher evolved. Those who marvel at how well he keeps his cool, well that is part of it. Being president was always what he was supposed to do and I think he knew that. I see his hesitancy with wanting to pursue the war crimes issue. I agree that he may not have much choice. I almost feel as though he wants to leave this all up to karma rather than creating negative karma for himself. - Amber