Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4/28/09 New Intuition On Casey Anthony/Death Penalty,

I haven't posted here in a while (4 months), mostly due to school studying which activates my left brain, and the fact that I simply haven't recieved any insights, and didn't have any personal commentaries to post.

Today, out of the blue, I got a flash re: Casey Anthony...my vision/feeling/intuition was that the jury will seek & get "the death penalty", (a huge factor that the DA will convincingly and fairly easily present.) This will pertain to the ways in which Casey delayed the process, obstructed justice, and interfered with law enforcement. This evidence will be presented in such a way that the jury will feel they have no other choice.

Spiritual Level: throughout this case I've had the distinct feeling that Casey Anthony herself directly effected certain outcomes, based on her inner spiritual processing. It felt to me that as she reconcilled within herself certain aspects...more would get publicly revealed. Well, it seems as though on some "other" level once again a decision has been made. I can only "read" the data after it's been "created" so to speak....even if it hasn't 'come to be' yet....[now, before an event manifests, several factors can alter a 'probable outcome', ie. someone using free will, change their mind etc.) This case has always reeked on intense karmic family ties esp. mother/daughter/grand-daughter karma, and passivity on the paternal/male side with father/brother/uncle/....possible 'other' men in Casey's life..atleast 2 boyfriends...(1 who may be directly involved, see prior posts)...oh yeah maybe even lawyer too.

I do see Casey being convicted/sentenced for the death of Caylee, again it appears the jury votes 'death penalty'...but I can't see this taken place. Most likely there will be a time delay, and I also got a secondary feeling of Casey possibly doing something (suicide?) prior to a capital punishment taken place....this could be an example of her wanting to be in control, once she is left with no other options ie appeal etc.

I questioned this guidance prior to this posting......I am not one to 'blurt out' anything I "get" without double, triple checking it.....esp. something of this nature due to all the karmic implications, and/or if I feel that doing so would possibly contribute in a harmful way.

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  1. I havent been following this case as much as other people but recently because it is being so covered in the media-Ive been disgusted by defense attorneys and how manipulative they are; I really hope your predictions are right because some crimes are just so bad...6/24/11
    I actually found this when I was googling psychic predictions for this case too!