Monday, December 29, 2008

Instant Karma

I miss my blog! Basically I've been going through a personal energy shift for the better, but it's requiring me to combine my reflective inner nature, with another part of my self that is desiring more social integration, after the long inner retreat since having my son Christian [who'll be 8 tomorrow]

This may sound like an odd analogy but I said to a new friend the other day, "it's like I've been incarcerated" and I'm now trying to enter back into society. Obviously I've left my house on a daily basis worked, did errands, and things with my son. But, at times is was like I existed in a cocoon while going through the motions of life.

It initially started when my mind and body had to re-adjust to motherhood after already raising a family and being more carefree, this coupled with exhaustion and other factors put me in a real 'inward' mode. Now, I got use to that, and I'm working on the reverse trying to be outgoing again! Hopefully I'll strike a balance because both frames of mind have something different to offer.

So the above is where I've been at which also ties in with my topic for this post, which is based on insights I've received and observations I've made. OK we all know by now that we're in a "Change year" right? Not only politically but in every way. Even the bad economy is part of a breaking down of an old system to re-build a new one.

We hear talk of Indigo children and crystal children, highly evolved kids with their higher faculty of intuition intact, and hopefully more awakened parents and teachers who know how to interact in a higher more enlightened way. I already see this, the parent/teacher conferences I have today with Christian's [my 8 yr. old]teachers are much different in dialog than they were for my older sons years ago. So times are progressing....yey! "YES WE DID!" I love saying that...from Obama's Yes We Can mantra.

The other thing I'm noticing is the energy is speeding up on the planet and things seem to happen within the "speed of light" {actually that IS what's occurring...more LIGHT...literally!} With this things get shaken up a lot. This past year flew, seems like it was just Christmas 07 6 months ago verses a full 1 year. previous posts mainly pertain to the candidates and election I spoke of "THE BOOMERANG EFFECT" also called 'instant karma'....John Lennon really knew what he was talking about. This has to do with things that are said coming back to the one that said them verses injuring the one they intended to harm. NOT to re-hash the election...BUT, the clearest example of this was when the neo-cons and the McCain camp commented {wished for} rain during the DNC convention for Obama that was held outdoors at Mile High field. WELL...we know what happened later on for the was almost cancelled, many no shows due to Gustav and that series of hurricanes. Even news anchors were using the word KARMA, related to that situation.

OK, the positive side of this is good 'instant karma' is also coming to people quickly, automatically due to their love, positive intentions and actions, and sacrifices made on behalf of others. I truly feel that I am on the verge of this myself...on 3D earth dimension I say "IT'S ABOUT TIME!" but also on the higher spiritual level I sense a feeling of harvest coming...we reap what we sow. I see this for others too, particularly those that have been through pain and suffering.

The flip side of this is I'm also observing that those who has smooth sailing even due to their own hard work and efforts, may now be having tougher times either with health, prosperity and so on. If their intentions have been focused more materially or worldly the speed ed up energy is now effecting them...of course it's for the better in the long run. Energy does not stand may get blocked...but always finds a way to flow again; even if it has to burn out the obstruction to it's flow.

The USA as an entity is going through this, and the world, and planet are collectively; thus the 'upheaval' but also the changes and good.

I'm noticing people bypassing this thing we call 'time' which doesn't even exist anyhow. For instance more seem to be falling in love rapidly, getting married, having other fast, positive changes happen from 'almost out of nowhere.' Of course this 'new' energy and the universe is actually simply supporting the long held intentions of an individual. Also sudden out of the blue deaths, I'm hearing more about, some souls are just making quick snapshot decisions to leave, almost without notice. Like MSNBC's anchor of Meet The Press's Tim Russet, he just left, seemed like he still had a lot of good to was puzzling. And I've heard of friends loved once passing in this same sudden fashion. It doesn't seem random, because it seems to be occurring within a wave.

So if you've been progressing along on your path you should start to experience your reward so to speak. If you've been distracting or deliberately avoiding tending to your souls path you will begin to get your wake up call and this may pose some changes and discomfort for you. There's always others there to help even when we may not recognize this fact. Hang on enjoy the ride! Look to children, they are here to help us, I don't mean burden them of overly rely on them, but be with them, watch them, they are cute, wise, and funny! Last quick note pertaining to children: anyone not treating them properly or lovingly will loose them, one way or another even by state intervention; this is their time...they are needed to make the changes and audults who cling to old out moded, or stubborn ways will be challenged by these kids.


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