Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Confirmations, Corrections, Clarifications. and Comments!

COMMENT: I'll start with Congratulating President Elect Barack Obama for his impeccable campaign, landslide victory, and history making moment! I was so tired and emotional most of the day. I felt very quiet and reflective, and deeply moved for many reasons regarding this time in American history.

Besides the obvious I am feeling deeply touched that so many 'got it', even though my visions and guidance showed me this would be the case, it wasn't until it happened and I experienced the 'collective shift' of joy, gratitude, and progress towards the change that will assist America in her 'soul's initiation.' As Kieth Olbermann just said "America was in the tank with Obama!" People from around the world are dancing in the street and sending thoughts of goodwill to America.

Throughout my life I have often stood alone with all my metaphysical pondering, waiting for mainstream to either join me so I'd have company, [It gets lonely being psychic,] perhaps even validate me; but mostly to move forward collectively to some 'higher place' whatever that was at any given time. I tend to long for universal connection more than I do interpersonal connection. Maybe this is the 'Nirvana' that old souls tend to seek?

This win is so beyond anything personal for me; the feeling is too overwhelming, I'm not sure if I can compare it to anything. For instance 1 thing I felt was a deep feeling of progress for humanity,Afro-American, and all people and races; I am
white, but I felt the oneness and interconnectedness of all. I feel bad for those who aren't savoring this moment whatever their reasons may be. I hope on some level that they too are inspired by the energy of change.

Just recently I read Fredrick Douglas's Slave Narration, and felt sick throughout the book, I was horrified and had to fight off the ill feeling that continued to come over me while reading, my son came into the room one day to find me in tears over Douglas's trials,whippings, and suffering at the hands of rich, powerful White, mostly religious slave holders. My little boy has no prejudice in him and he understands Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks mark on history, and he is barely eight years old!

CONFIRMATIONS ON MY ELECTION INSIGHTS: So now Obama is no longer a mere prediction of a random intuitive blogger, he is our new President.

Confirmed: Bradley Effect was NOT a factor for voters as I said in late Oct post, media saying reverse effect was in play. [Racism was still a factor for some people and states.]

Confirmed: Florida/Jewish vote went to Obama, as my recent dream message suggested, see post for more details.

Confirmed: I said Obama would win handily in a newsletter last spring;[I was told landslide and some would be very surprised, I kept this to myself, because I was telepathically getting that the more specific I was caused some discomfort, and possible doubts about my accuracy/intentions.]

Confirmed:***Another hit is the 'boomerang effect' that I've already mentioned in other posts,[see link on side menu] however I didn't realize the magnitude of this and the trickle down effect it would have on other Republicans running for various positions. [I was mostly seeing those in the presidential race.] However; anyone who chose to play dirty did experience a back fire, or 'boomerang effect' as I've called it. EX: Elizabeth Dole lost to Kay Hagan after running the Godless American ad.

I won't list other examples but the point is that a major cleansing and purging has taken place, so that anyone who takes part in old out- moded thinking, and nasty tactics has to go---they will not resonate with the new. Honor and integrity are big parts of the new vibration we are in. BTW Michelle Bachman [R} won and I have a feeling she may be on the verge of being in the new energy and maybe she got carried away for a moment when she made her anti- American comments, but in the bigger picture she will [hopefully] rise to the occasion. She could have lost to her opponent after her remarks, but I feel she has good to offer and work to do.

Another confirmation:RE: 'Right Wing ideology out of touch' with Americans and where America needs to go. In one of my more recent posts I 'saw' the USA coming into an era that was made for Democrats, since that remark I have heard 3 conservatives say the same thing.

Pat Buchanan--[R]said the country is moving to the left now, and it's their time, and at times in history we go through different trends.

Peggy Noonan [R] she talked about 'Political Grace' [her new book title] she more or less said the same as Pat B. and talked about these political shifts in the wind as important times in history.

CORRECTION:BTW--Noonan did vote McCain, so I'm confused about the news I saw a few weeks back calling her an'Obama Endorser'??? I am going to consider this an error and remove it from the post it's in. [Conservatives for Obama.]

Michael Smerconish [R] I got chills when I heard him parrot the exact words I wrote here. He spoke about the needed changes in the [R} party, and they have much reviewing to do; BUT---he suspects that they will conclude that the various failings of their party will be that they were not conservative enough----Smerconish said this is wrong, and they need to become less objectionists, more Government involvement, and more inclusiveness, Smerconish life long [R] says his party has been too 'exclusive.' So, for anyone who thought my words were that of a 'Liberal' verses a Professional Intuitive Consultant, those very same statements came straight from the mouths of 3 well known, visible, life-long conservatives.

CLAIRIFICATION: The last post entitled "Social Responsibility is Spiritual." Please note***Although I begin the post with my own insights and commentary, towards the end of the post I include a paragraph from a Buddhist article, as well as the link to that article. Just above the article's paragraph I made a note saying: "The Following IS NOT My Words," this may be confusing because as you are reading along to my words the post then transitions to the article where the author refers to them self as 'I'------[this is not me speaking.] I tried to put that note in bold, but my bold isn't working, so if you read fast, or gloss over words you may miss it.

I got an email from someone who evidently thought that the words from the article's paragraph were mine, and they were defensive about something they 'thought' I had said. I used the article to expound on some insights and reflections I've had and as a reference for readers. The theme of the article was about the 'structures of selfishness' and how we collectively must get past our own personal...whatever; ex. family, group, race, so that we may improve society as a whole, the article referred to spiritual socialism as a way to cure societies ills. [This isn't the same a economic Socialism ;it's more spiritual, but could also include the latter.]

I expect the political insights may lesson now the election is over. I am open to other topics or questions of any nature. Soon I will start a specif area on the blog for this, in the meantime feel free to comment here or email me with anything at all.

God Bless America!


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