Thursday, November 6, 2008

In Defense of Sarah Palin

Deep breath here, as I am about to defend Sarah Palin to a certain degree. I still stand by my earlier intuitive read on her, that has not changed. This morning while getting ready for the day I had the TV in my bedroom on MSNBC [so-called liberal media], and my living room TV happened to be on FOX [so-called conservative media] as I listened to both at the same time there was the usual stark contrast between these 2 major networks.

Surprisingly MSNBC was defending Palin, while FOX hammered away at her. Now, I will say that MSNBC was never hard on her as some claimed, when she first came out Chris Matthews loved her. The exceptions were Rachael Maddow, and Kieth Olbermann, 2 admitted obvious liberals, and even they mostly stated those things about Palin that were true and obvious to anyone not in a coma.

The people at Fox had defended her to the hilt, blaming liberals for attacking her. Now that the Republican campaign is over and leaks about Palin's faults, personality, lack of knowledge, and her other negative traits, are coming out to the Media from the McCain camp, the conservative Media who once called her 'a breath of fresh air' is now annihilating her, and pointing out her inadequacies.

After I left my house this morning I went to a small thrift shop only to find more gathered around attacking Palin; when I left I came home and went straight to my computer. OK, now personally I did find her very negative, offensive, shrill, mean-spirited, and not prepared or qualified to lead. These very things I just mentioned are not befitting to the office of Vice President. Those things alone were a concern, I never cared about the other issues ex. her pregnant teenage daughter, her shopping spree and so on.

On the other hand, in her defense: she was not ready, she was plucked from her simple life in Alaska, I said in my earlier post on her 'she is mediocre,' and 'she didn't know what she didn't know.' When the media thought she was playing up the 'folksy routine' I thought to myself, 'no this is really her' because she didn't appear knowledgeable, articulate, or very polished. I was confused by her sense of fashion, [her style of dress made her somewhat impressive] this style later turned out to be part of 'the packaging of Palin' that was created by the campaign. Once the clothing, make-up artist, stylist info was released, combined with her interview performances, and my 'read' on her, I thought this is really a shame and reflection of poor judgement on John McCain's part; I feel he exploited her as a person, a good looking woman, hoping to get Hillary voters, boost his appeal, and energize his dying campaign...and she did for a minute.

I feel bad for her, I have no doubt the rumors/leaks are true, from what I've read she has been known to intimidate, mis-use power, and many in Alaska fear her. She only likes attractive white people, she refers to Eskimos as 'Artic Arabs' she doesn't display any levels of worldliness or tolerance. I give her some credit for toning down her shrillness the last week of the race. Senior advisers from the McCain staff are now coming forth with how difficult she was to work with, the are calling her 'a hillbilly who went on a Neiman Marcus looting spree.' [She was allowed 3 new suits for the convention, and 3 more for campaign events, which would of cost approx. 20,000-25,000 $$$. Instead she went charge happy and dressed her entire family, bought jewelry,luggage and many expensive personal items.

Yet Sarah won the hearts of many in the GOP base, so the question is why would McCain jeopardize this country with someone he used for 'show' and he is now blaming her for his demise [or his campaign is.]

In defense of Palin---yes she was a drag on the ticket, yes many saw she wasn't ready, BUT regardless of who he picked, as I have said all along John McCain was never meant to be the President of the USA. This is not a biased statement, as a professional intuitive I did not see this role in his Akashic Records, nor do I see it in Palin's Records either. Yes the media was sexist towards her---that is the 'conservative media' Fox news people constantly made reference to her as a sex symbol, referencing her legs, many inappropriate remarks sexual in nature were made about her. This got worse when it became apparent that she didn't have much else going on.

When I said she was 'mediocre' I feel that she had a supportive upbringing that gave her a sense of confidence that exceeded her actual abilities and performance. She hasn't spiritually matured yet, this is evident when I 'read' her chakras [energy centers] while she has some dogmatic religious views this is not the same as spiritual awareness. My intention here is to shed some light on Sarah Palin from a psycho-spiritual point of view. For more intuitive analysis of her click on her name and read previous posts. For readers who want more concrete info on Palin verses a psychics glimpse you can Google her, see her grades from school on line---this will help put additional context to what I have said. She is an entertaining figure, who looks almost relieved to be home in Alaska, I do not see a big future on a national level for her, BUT who knows--people change and things happen. She and John had a soul connection as I previously stated, but a brief one for the purpose of needed soul lessons on both sides, it's been stated that towards the end they barely spoke to one another and were separated. I expect more will be revealed about her, but for now I'm putting this one to rest!


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