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A Psychic's Warning About Psychics

Before I get into this topic I'd like to say that over the years most of the people I've met who consider themselves to be psychic are generally well intentioned human beings, even including those that weren't particularly good at what they do. Yes, as with any occupation there are some who are driven by less than pure motives, including fakes who want to make a quick buck!

With that said, I personally have sought the intuitive guidance from the same few people over the past 20 years. I'm not drawn to many on line psychics, but I have found a couple that I admire and respect, [I'm sure more do exist.] I totally stay away from sensational ads and psychic hot lines; in fact I firmly believe when someone needs guidance or spiritual direction they can get it directly from God the divine Source, the Universe, their own soul and their angels and guides. The universe puts people in your life when you need support, some call these people friends or human angels; in fact we also learn and grow from those who don't have our best interest at heart.

As an Intuitive Consultant my warning about 'psychics' has nothing to do with the typical religous fears about witchcraft, fear of new age thinking, and the like; I believe that a person of average intellect can avoid those on 'the dark side' by using discernment and listening within, we usually know when something or someone is not good or true. However; one does have to be careful because people tend to seek psychic readings when they are vulnerable, feeling lost or confused and this may impair their judgement. About Biblical warnings and cautions: many of these so-called psychics work on the lower levels of the astral plane. A lot of confusion, and mixed entities [both positive and negative] exist on this plane. Those that 'read' this level tend to pick up info that may not be accurate or helpful to the client. This type also tends to read the wishes of the client and may tell them what they 'want to hear' all the while assuming they are getting the highest spiritual messages. The astral plane is misleading because much illusion exists there. Don't assume all spirits are helpful...they're not.

There are those who do worship and work on the dark side and keep company with evil spirits, lost souls, disincarnate entities, and other tricksters. This isn't the topic I'm getting into in this particular post, but it's worth rememering Jesus's words "You will know them by their fruits", and also "You too will do this and more." Jesus isn't against healing, or one receiving spiritual guidance, he specificlly states that those who have faith and believe, they will be able to do his work,and miracles will be more common place. I don't want to veer of on a Biblicle debate here, I'm sure someone more qualified than me has a site or blog for that purpose.

OK, so what prompted me to write this post is this RE: The other day after Obama won the election I was searching the web and I came across a site I had been to once before. I will not mention this person's name, but she seems to be well advertised, and evidently has made appearances here and there, she has some testimonials on her site and so on, in fact when you click on many of her tags to read about a topic of interest she has the Pay-Pal, credit card option for you to 'buy' this info. OK this is besides the point. What bothered me was her latest entry confirming her accuracy about Obama winning the election. I clearly remembered from my earlier visit to her site that He was not who she predicted to win.

This stood out clearly in my mind not because I was fault finding [none of us are accurate all the time, and insights do change at times] but because what she stated earlier was VERY different [I'll explain more soon bear with me.] When I had a vision of Obama winning back in Dec. 08 I scoured the web to see what psychics had to say, I only found 1 person who 'saw' him as the winner, [Elyssa Heyman] and another one that leaned Obama's way late spring 08, and confirmed it as definite [sort of] this past summer 08, [Karen Bishop.] I knew my vision about Obama was accurate,[I'll elaborate on this in a bit] but I guess I was looking for additional confirmation. BTW I'm sure many predicted that he would win, I'm just saying that early on I didn't find anyone in my searches, and even towards the end of the election I still only found a few Obama predictions. In fact most had an array of differing scenarios, some seemed to be guessing, while others appeared to be offering options of probable realities, the latter can be a wise thing to do, because as I said before circumstances can change, people can make choices that may alter a 'projected outcome.' I have experienced this in my own life and in the lives of clients that I have done spiritual intuitive readings for. I have had reservations myself about posting predictions and insights to the entire world via the Internet. At least during a one on one session with a client I can have a discussion if things evolve differently in their life than the reading suggested. And together we can discuss the possibilities that may have come into play.

So---back to the woman's site that bothered me: I went back into her archives to refresh my memory on her earlier election predictions, well the more I read, the crazier it got. Over the past yr. alone she had every possible scenario on all the candidates in the race, obviously as many dropped out she narrowed down her scenarios but they were more based on all the day to day changes in the news than a clear vision on who the next president would be. For example she had a big portion on how she knew Obama was really the 'Anti-Christ' she backed this claim with everything she could think of. She saw Hillary as the next President [actually many psychics made this error.] Then she said John McCain was the one! She varied from specific but inaccurate predictions to more vague but also inaccurate probabilities. She stated with certainty that she 'saw' the male candidate with the woman vice president would win. She saw Obama as Clinton's vice president, then she saw Obama regretting he didn't pick Hillary, then she saw him loosing if he didn't do the latter.

Basically her predictions included anything that one could have possibly imagined during the ups and downs of the campaign and all the daily ins and outs as well. But somehow after Obama won the election she claimed her accuracy.[ Evidently somewhere in her mis-mash of endless possibilities she thought he'd win...BUT...[I don't want to even repeat the rest of her words, they are scary and wrong.] I was and am dumbfounded, by the looks of her site she seems to have a booming business in the field of ESP.

I am so reluctant to criticize anyone who has the desire to help others with their spiritual gifts and talents. Clairvoyance is a 'murky art' as I have stated elsewhere in this blog. I do not feel this woman is lying or deliberately misleading, rather she was altering her views as new things developed and old ideas changed, this isn't the worse thing one can do.I personally think she was getting swept up in the multitude of thought forms floating around, including some that were extremely fear based. This also doesn't mean she doesn't have any psychic abilities, some people are stronger in some areas of intuition and weaker in others. I bet at one time she was possibly very accurate, but she may have become overly commercialized, busy and now feels she has to produce something for her audience and clients.

I promised I'd come back to why my prediction on Obama never changed regardless of the constant fluctuations during the election season, it's this simple: I 'saw' the whole movie including the ending [Obama being sworn in] almost a year ago. Now think about the changes you go through when you are watching an exciting movie with all the action and varying situations that the characters go through, including close calls etc. from minute to minute you can't tell what will happen next, even the movie's ending can be a shocker. Now, let's say you decide at a later date to watch this same movie again, you won't get so alarmed during some of the close calls, because ultimately you've seen the movie before and you know how it ends. This is exactly what I experienced through 'pre-cognizance' ability to go into the future and foresee events, sometimes this is spontaneous [usually the case] other times I can go there at will when focused to do so. [For more on this topic see the post labeled 'Traveling Into The Future'] So I had in fact already 'SEEN THE MOVIE!!!' BTW I also feel that Obama was able to do this same thing and that was another reason he didn't get ruffled over ever upset [ ie. scenes in the movie] he knew the end, mainly because he is aware of his role and purpose. Some mistook this for arrogance on his part [he definitely was sure of himself!] When he went to Europe some opposing him accused him of being 'presumptuous', or trying to 'appear presidential', some may have thought he was 'acting as if' in order to create this reality through positive thinking. I 'knew' it was none of those above things. Barack Obama knew this 'Election 08' movie's ending and he was already being the president he knew he already was, and some of us knew he was, but everyone else had to wait till Nov. 4, 08. BTW people who tend to be futuristic may appear to others as being presumptuous, I've dealt with this personally as well. It works pretty good in readings for clients; but can be a hindrance in personal relationships. Believe me!

I think at one point some people thought I was probably getting carried away with a personal agenda regarding Obama's presidency---it's times like this when I wish I could click on print somewhere in my mind, and pass out print-outs of what I am 'seeing'; I guess this is my purpose in this blog. I am not always this accurate, and like other psychics I too consider 'probable realities' because everyone has free choice that dictates outcomes in ones life, I can also be wrong. I also admit that in the election race when things were heated up I too could have easily had conflicting views on the final outcome, but somehow this past year I have been feeling exceptionally grounded in my insights and I aligned myself with the truth, and I was able to see through some illusions using discernment, and remembering that 'I knew this movies ending.'

MY ADVICE ABOUT FINDING THE RIGHT PSYCHIC: Go with your gut instinct, if you sense you have more wisdom than the reader, you probably do. Ask for real life references verses testimonials on a brochure or website. Ask them what their strengths are, again abilities vary from person to person. If they have a web site or blog look at their predictions track record, or earlier insights... this may take time to read their sites archives. Ask them if they can read you, why not, you'd ask a carpenter if he was able to build a particular piece of furniture. Stop any reading if you feel the psychic is not reading you accurately [they may not be able to connect with your soul, OR they may be accurately reading things about you that you are denying] in either case you need to be comfortable to benefit from the service. A spiritual intuitive will have a way of telling you uncomfortable truths about yourself in a caring manner, this type of person will also know what you need to hear because they are receiving the info for you from higher beings, and from higher levels of consciousness. The spiritual intuitive type often can read ones souls records even from a distance they tend to have highly developed intuitions, and often don't read Tarot cards, or use other tools of divination. BTW, no judgement on that last statement, some readers find these tools beneficial to 'jump start' their intuition, or to open a reading session. I have used some tools in the past, but eventually for me they were not necessary; I haven't used them in many years.

Quite often the most insightful people are rather invisible and work mainly through word of mouth referrals, [this certainly has been the case for me.] These people tend to shy away from anything that would make others perceive them as insincere or gimmicky, on the other hand they also miss out on helping a lot of people, while perhaps some less qualified people make themselves available to the public. If you know someone who talks about an accurate, right on target reading that they have had, ask them for the readers name and number, or website.

If you are in need of a reading follow my suggestions until you find the right person, in the meantime try this yourself: lie down, quiet your mind, breath deeply, and have a pen and notebook beside you. Ask your questions and wait till you sense, hear, feel, or see, something and write down exactly what you get, [don't edit it even if it seems illogical in the moment.] Put it away and take out periodically and evaluate. This is how I do readings on my self, anyone can do this. If you are not use to meditating or going within try Yoga, a meditation class, or practice going within on a regular basis---it really works! You'll be amazed at how some of the seemingly irrelevant bits you get may prove very accurate and helpful later on.

Feel free to email me 1 question that you'd like guidance on [no charge] You can also email me for info on full intuitive readings. My email info is found under my profile.



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