Sunday, November 9, 2008

NOV. 08, Few New Insights

1]Obama's Treasury Secretary---between Warren Buffet, and Paul Volcker [sp?] I think Obama would like the first,he would be happy with the second who also may be more apt to accept the position and has the past experience. I'd be interested to see Buffet in this role.

2]Rahm Emmanuel--? I'm still trying to get a read him; not sure I like his energy, I doubt my 'feeling' will effect his job performance, still there's something there that my energy field wants to repel.

3]TED STEVENS-[R] Convicted felon, Alaskan Gov.---I just got an intuition that perhaps he will either face illness, or some situation that may cause him to voluntarily step down from Senate on his own, verses being forced or asked to leave. If this insight is correct, it will be a relief for all involved.

4]JOHN McCAIN---In need of prayers, I sense the self-hatred is starting to kick in, I think for a minute he was getting on the blame Palin band wagon, but he's drained and truthfully doesn't have the energy to put into any half truths, exaggerations, and so on. He may as well face this now and get it over with----He needs prayers and assistance with self-forgiveness, he seems to be owning what he has created, and from what I understand this is typical of his personality to go thought guilt, and a period of self deprecation, followed by self correction. We've all been there right? He'll write a book, this seems to be a way he gets absolved--through some form of public confession. [An Apologist.] The odd thing is I think many already forgive him, and those who probably think he didn't do anything wrong. During the past year I often got a returning vibe about whether McCain will ever become an Independent? Just a thought. I feel kind of sick in my gut for him.

5]The almost tie between Franken and Coleman, there is something very significant about this for Coleman, and I have a feeling that some shift, action, or understanding on his part will bring a win to him. At the same time the possibility for Franken seems equally lucky---but I feel this is contingent on Coleman, like it's his to win or loose depending on those things I mentioned. Sorry for being vague it feels that Coleman has some awareness or lesson to acknowledge, and this will be the factor for him to "get a second chance" ['I'm told'] So however it turns out with the actual vote re-count really has to do with what Coleman decides, and the count will reflect his choice. I 'feel' he is presently mulling this over so he does have awareness, and that's key.

6]Mike Huckabee----I want to give some credit where it's due. Mike is one of the few Republicans that didn't drop to that lower level that has produced such a karmic or 'boomerang effect' for other conservatives. He stayed within the bounds of what's considered normal election behavior, and when he didn't he apologized for remarks he made that were less than kind. His party talks a lot about Romney, yet it was Mike that more people voted for, and he functioned with no money, kept his faith, and sense of humor, and now has his new show 'Huckabee' on Fox. Good luck Mike.

7]Go Chris Wallace!!!On his Fox News Sunday Wallace kept asking his panel and the [R} Senator from Virginia that it does seem to be an era for the progressives [as I've said in former insights] The Senator kept denying this fact and Wallace kept pressing him. What a surprise----Chris Wallace gets it, he sees the obvious and wasn't buying the Senators take on things [this is so unusual for Wallace and FOX in general] Go Chris!

The irony is the Senator kept insisting that Obama's win is not evidence of a progressive era [I say, "If not what the heck is?] He goes on to say that it's not Liberal, or Progressive thinking that is becoming popular it is the fact that Obama is such a desirable candidate [now, I happen to agree with him on this.] So basically the hidden insult is Americans are still really conservative deep inside they just went for the desirable guy this time. That may have some truth, but it's not entirely correct. PLUS---Didn't conservatives say that Obama wasn't ready to lead yet? Weren't the intelligent American people suppose to run the other way due to his Socialistic, terrorist tendencies? Conservatives can't have it both ways, you cant's minimize or reduce Obama's win into a simple 'Black Guy makes History' gig. Even though that's huge. Carl Rove now says Obama is a centrist [pretty accurate actually] what happen to all the far left radical rhetoric?

It's too early after the recent election but boy if this group refuses to get it they won't be around for a while. I am not criticizing the core values that conservatives hold; what I am saying is they have to get away from the notion of who America is based on who we use to be. We have such a mixed population, Republicans can't win if they don't appeal to Hispanics, young voters. They need to be more inclusive. For any group to grow and continue there must be a torch that gets passed down, and while most kids get this from their roots, parents, and family values, they also get it from society, friends, and school. There is no room for narrow mindedness [actually there never was] but what about these poor kids of conservatives that go to school where diversity is now celebrated, Global Warming is the #1 Topic for Science and English essays, and Bullying is being banded in most towns and schools now, [it's considered the equivalent of a hate crime.] Which brings me to my next paragraph.

8]I hope the day comes soon when people running for high offices will have to conduct themselves with dignity and respect towards others. John McCain and Sarah Palin most certainly did NOT do that. Imagine the nerve of McCain not looking President Elect Obama in the eye during a debate, or calling him 'That One.' That was the least harmful of all his rude actions, horrible, and filled with lies. Obama has got to be pretty evolved to not react to those things.

I have a 7yr. old child who likes to dress up and imitate action figures, personalities on TV and even me at times. He's actually very cute and hysterical. Well a coule a days ago he parades into my room with a blanket strewn around his shoulders and he was imitating a woman's voice and mannerisms, next...he looks in the mirror [I still haven't guessed who he is suppose to be] the next words out of his mouth were something along these lines......[Christian speaking...."Hi my name is Sarah Palin and I have fancy cloths, please vote for me and John McCain"[OK so far harmless cute fun right?] He goes on to say..."in 1982 there was an evil terrorist and he is here now in the future pretending to be Barack Obama, don't vote for him he wants to destroy America and the world" [he's still imitating Palin.]

Now, I have had the news on quite a bit this election season and no doubt he over heard certain things. [No, he didn't specifically know about clothing gate, or Bill Ayers,] but somehow he got Media brainwashing!!! Now because I'm honest with him, and secondly I'm Liberal in my thinking I had to explain this to him. Many of the negative McCain rallies were not rated pg and they were shown during prime time hours
on TV when small children can see and hear this hatred. For a party that supposedly has family values on their priority list including strictly monitoring their own children's TV shows and video games. This doesn't make sense, an 8 yr. old girl isn't allowed to watch say Hannah Montana,a popular show for young girls and boys; yet they are allowed to view a possible future president and vice president, spew lies and hatred, and fear about their opponent??? [See the post 'Lucifer Effect,' for More info]

I recently spoke with a neighbor who is a 5th grade geography teacher, who gets calls often from parents [conservative] complaining if for ex. Global Warming was discussed in class---yes it's in the text books, 3rd graders know who Al Gore is. Even on a personal level I've noticed and experienced how condescending, insulting, and attacking this group gets towards others. When did this happen? Carl Rove? Bush? When did this get acceptable? I know one thing Obama has set the new example, and it's very apparent the backlash that many have suffered as a result of their own lack of integrity. Don't take my word on this, anyone with eyes and ears can see this, there is nothing prophetic about this message.

I suppose we all have to come a bit more to the middle, an contrary to what some may fear, I think President Obama will do this. God Bless.


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