Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Unfolding of Intuition

I got an email request from a reader named Amber asking me to share about my journey, and detail how my intuitive abilities unfolded and what I did to develop them further. I will try to give the best account I can to you, but this could get quite lengthy because this has been a lifelong process that has even taken me by surprise many times. Another Intuitive Consultant told me a long time ago:"Marie, you have never mis-used your gifts, but your gifts have mis-used you." Without fulling understanding [logically] how I seemed to often 'know' things that I had no formal training in made her statement very true for me. I was often unable to articulate the data I'd receive.

It was as if my intuitive faculty existed beyond my mind and personality, early on I didn't always figure out how connect the dots. My actions were often counter intuitive in fact, which set up a bunch of learning experiences, that would usually lead me back to the question, "why didn't I listen to my gut, or hunch, or feeling, or instinct etc.? I'm the type that likes to discover things and then either prove or disprove the; more times than not I do get validation for my 'inner knowing.' I'm not that 'airy fairy' which may surprise some [Even my Astrology chart indicates this, out of the 4 elements I have the least 'air' which tends to make a person more spacey, more 'out there'] I'm stubborn and suspicious in nature and I need to know why [to everything.] I'm often the victim of my own heightened sensitivity. [working on this!]

For many years my life seemed like a series of accidents and coincidences and each experience would set me up for the next phase. I have always been a curious seeker looking for something, and I'm always puzzled by people who don't need to figure things out, or those that can function on the 'mundane level' and go along with the mainstream flow. I'm equally skeptical towards people that are overly into religion or flighty New Age thinking. I am metaphysical and esoteric by nature, and I combine that with my analytical side and that makes for a complex person who understands everyone, but with age [50] has become more of a detached loner. I'm sociable and personal in public, but I always look forward to getting away from the energy of others and back to my self. I prefer to take my own car, so I can leave/escape when I want.

OK I veered off as I tend to do, I write exactly how I talk [sorry]. As a child I was sensitive and high strung, I was afraid of strangers, the dark, Santa Claus, I didn't like to be kissed by relatives. I now understand that my nervous system and energy field couldn't handle the vibrations of others, back then I just knew I felt discomfort. I was a serious kid and could read people and their intentions, the confusion came in when they would say something contrary to what I was 'sensing' but could not explain. So I learned at a young age to cross reference what I'd hear with what I felt. I was at times accused of "reading too much into things" [yep, that's what I do!] The alternative was stuffing feelings and playing dumb, to this day I still sometimes glance away to be polite when someone is lying to me, as a kid this bothered me a lot. I still struggle with etiquette while being so tuned in to others thoughts and motives, lately I'm less likely to give someone the benefit of the doubt when I know the truth about a particular situation, but for my sanity I do let a lot of things slide. As a young child I constantly had anxiety and a feeling of impending doom. I'm sure there were MANY reasons for this, but it also had to do with my ability to perceive many possibilities beyond the scope of logical deduction, although I do have good deduction skills. I believe I was like an antenna of sorts constantly picking up signals from others thoughts and energies,[actually 'energy follows thought.'] But I didn't know all this I just thought I had a busy mind and tended to worry. To the degree that I was this highly receptive only caused me more anguish. I had difficulty putting what I experienced into some type of context or point of reference. Again this was my gifts mis-using me, as I learned later in life.

This may sound strange but I became a bit of a chameleon and could blend into most people and environments.I kept my individual identity, but was able to adjust my energy frequency to another fairly easily. But I felt most comfortable with those on my wavelength, or vibrational level, those few friends I have a natural comfort level with, which often transcends words, and time and space. People would tell me things like if they had been upset they knew if they saw me they'd cry, somehow my 'knowing their inner self' and reflecting that in my eye contact with them projected an energy that would expose and release their pain, evidently I was producing some type of effect in people through my energy.

Usually things about people were very evident to me, not a psychic ability, I thought anyone could sense this kind of stuff. Many times when speaking to another I would bring something up 'hypothetically' and usually before I was done it was apparent that I was referring to something specific, relevant, and personal to that individual. As time went on I got better at this style of relating to others and many were drawn to me for friendship and insight. BTW I never viewed this as anything special or psychic.

People not mystically inclined would often tell me thy felt me enter a room prior to actually seeing me. The reactions of others towards me signaled how I needed to adjust my aura or energy field to be in a given setting. [At the present time this is more natural and requires less deliberate effort on my part, I also avoid people and places that I don't naturally resonate with. I also had crazy detailed dreams but never felt they had special meaning [at least early on I didn't.] I did have a bit of a mystic quality and I was drawn to ancient teachings and wisdom. I was always longing for inspiration, I loved the sayings on the Salada tea bags as a kid. [OK, as an adult too---they don't make them any more.]

I spent my early twenties partying all the time, but ironically I was still drawn to health, wellness, and finding the meaning of life.Mood altering substances used to dull my awareness, in the end only seemed to heighten them even more, and sometimes to a frightening degree. I was like Dorothy trying to get back to Kansas, and like Dorothy I'd later discover 'I had the power' all along. [No I don't own Ruby slippers, do glass high heels count?] Before I realized that like Dorothy 'I had the power,' I too met a few 'characters' along the path to OZ, [aka Illusion.] These were the others that like me were looking for what was missing inside themselves.

To fast forward my late twenties I was in constant pain from TMJ [I had a slipped disk in my jaw caused by a dental procedure.] I spent years having dental work, PT, the pain was unbearable and wouldn't go away. I was positive this pain was the result of everything I ignored catching up to me in a big way, all at once...Karma! I was basically ignored by Doctors when I'd describe what I was experiencing. I felt very dismissed...I was young, in shape, I taught Aerobics and worked as a professional make-up artist at the time. I was into the whole appearance thing,trying to fix myself from the outside in. As a result I was underestimated and ignored.[A true mirror reflection of my own self doubt.] Later this actually helped give birth to my intuition; or at least get it out of the closet. [I joke about being in the 'clairvoyant closet' all those years, I swear it's not a choice--I was born this way!] Eventually I began to get my own diagnosis on my jaw through intuition [I ignored it, then it showed up in dreams.] I think with all the fast lane medicine these days, more people may become medically intuitive out of necessity!!!

{This also explained the anxiety of my early yrs. I would worry about illness, and if I was having dental work for instance; I could sense or 'see' if the dentist did the wrong thing,[Yes, I have told the dentist he wasn't all the way in the canal.] I had the need to dialog on my own behalf, as uncomfortable as this was for me to do. I know this resembles 'neurosis' which I'm sure I have a bit of; but what I'm describing had more to do with my clairvoyance. [I didn't know that word and hadn't heard of Medical Intuition till I started 'seeing' medical issues and images that looked like x-rays, ultra sound, and sometimes MRI's.] Back then I had no Anatomy and Physiology, just basic fitness instructor muscular/skeletal knowledge.

After 2 yrs my cries were finally heard, and I had surgery on my jaw. An MRI had confirmed the problem [today I would never let something like this drag on without injecting my intuitive evaluation into a discussion with my doctor.] By the time the actual problem was identified I had already explored Acupuncture, meditation, massage, and a general interest in Holistic Therapies to cope while I waited for the doctor and team of experts to realize what I had said all along. My pain levels were more tolerable when I followed these various disciplines which were all new to me. The thing that drew me the most [besides pain relief] was that these practitioners were more personable than the traditional Medical field had been. They also asked questions that seemed unrelated to just my jaw, and they explored the mind/body connection. I'll be honest I wanted a quick fix to get back to my old way of life. However; I had suspected all along that my pain was a symptom of other things and sure enough I began to get in touch with suppressed emotions held in the body, I started to connect 'cause and effect' which I always believed in, but in the past wasn't ready to take responsibility for.

I was so convinced that if I didn't do this I'd be in pain for the rest of my life. So this stemmed from desperation rather than virtue. I was surprised how much I needed to get in touch with, considering I had viewed myself to be aware and deep. Even after the surgery I continued to have pain but I was determined to get to another level. I did feel like I was being tested. Today I understand this as Initiations we go through as we evolve to higher levels of consciousness.

Our higher selves are urging us to leave behind unnecessary parts of our ego, and old ways of thinking and acting. On some level I knew about this stuff, because even at a young age I experienced these cycles that seemed to push me forward.
I used to be very scared and resistant to these 'shifts', I wondered "how come things couldn't just stay the same in my life?" Evidently 'stagnation' wasn't in my soul's contract this time around; BUT 'transformation' was. I could deal with the latter because I enjoy making things better, like an alchemist turning the ordinary metal into gold. At least my natural inclination towards esoteric thinking helped me to somehow navigate and prevail through the rough terrain of my soul's agenda. This blessing was my only light as I worked through some heavy issues and challenges. In my mind the only reward was that I might be lifted from the mundane reality, that felt so heavy and dense to me.

I continued dealing with chronic pain, and I enrolled in Massage school. I was in my early thirties with 2 kids in Jr. High, I was married then. I became interested in New Age stuff and everyone thought I was crazy, except much of what I would 'get' made sense, was helpful, and accurate. I figured if I was simply hallucinating my hallucinations wouldn't be accurate, or documented, this was all so amazing, I thought. Seriously at one point not recognizing the development of anything beyond my 5 senses, I thought "I was getting really smart!"

I was truly getting detailed info well beyond the scope of any personal knowledge I had, particularly on medical issues. My sister is a nurse, I had no prior desire to help the sick, I liked the glamour world, and decorating. I was concerned with being at my 'perfect weight' [and saving the world; while looking good!] So, it was odd that I was getting stuff I hadn't been drawn to before. Oddly, I had a friend who whenever I was depressed or morbidly self focused he would say "Marie go work with Lepers." This wasn't what I wanted to hear, yet service to others was the path I was being led to, and the development of my abilities seemed to be in direct relationship with the areas of service I was to offer. It is in this vain that I refer to these abilities as 'gifts' verses that I am somehow 'a gifted person.' I am only the latter if someone is receiving and benefiting from what I possibly can offer them.

BTW I may sound like I know what I'm talking about [now years after the fact,] but back when this all happened; it was weird... I never made claims about any abilities, I wasn't fond of new age labels, and I wasn't certain this had anything to do with talent on my part. Mostly the people I worked on commented or confirmed something I may have said. In my mind I was having a series or stream of accurate coincidences for no reason, therefore they could also simply stop for no reason.

I did take a lot of classes, seminars, and workshops on energy healing, Reiki, and everything else you can think of. Often in the workshops we would pair up with someone we just met and upon touching them I would 'see' a stream of visions almost like view master slides, often the images would look like the negatives of photographs. I continued to be as surprised as anyone else, in fact I often blurted out what I 'saw' not realizing the potential this could have on the person I was working on. Evidently the contact of touching another person allowed me to access their energy, and unknown to me I had the ability to read and interpret that energy which carried data about that persons life, path, health, and other private issues.

After these sessions I would be drained, I took on discomfort and symptoms of those I touched. {Transference is common in empaths.] I did these sessions for free for many years and as time went on I began to understand what I was doing and I learned to assume what I was "getting" was probably correct so I had better use discernment, at the same time I was always on the look out to be wrong. Eventually I became a massage therapist and I worked at an upscale day spa. I knew I had to control my intuitions so not to expose anything or offend a client. Massage therapy was becoming more popular in the early 90's, I wasn't overly into this as a career, but rather it gave me a credential and vehicle to do "my real work." My intuitive abilities were strong and rapidly unfolding but I didn't have the audacity to become a professional psychic; nor was I sure these intuitive abilities would continue with any consistent reliability.

They did continue however through my massage therapy practice ...I couldn't help myself, the second I'd put my hands on a part of the body where the person had pain; the info, impressions, and inner hearing would start up. Mostly I would get an overview, like an outline and I'd have to color in the middle to complete the picture, sometimes this involved participation from the client. I also had great concerns abut invading someones personal energetic space, like psychic trespassing. I've found the ones that give this the most consideration are the ones who truly have the ability to do so..."He who knows is responsible."

Often I would make inquiries to the client before revealing what I was getting. If what I got didn't match what they were sharing, I'd stay quiet thinking it was non applicable. Soon I realized that possibly at least on some levels, I knew people better than they knew themselves...evidently I could read that which they suppressed. Often during my 'play it safe' inquiries a client would relate to something I touched on,eluded to, or sensed; and this allowed a dialog to begin. I was very careful not to embellish, or edit, but relay the message in the most loving concerned way that I could. I also started to get instruction on what to say, I'd try to re-construct the message in my own words, so I wouldn't appear to be 'channeling' , I had an aversion to channelling for some reason, it didn't seem believable to me. However,later on mostly to save time and for efficiency sake, I allowed the messages to directly flow out to the client as I got it. [I repeated the words I heard verbatim, they were not my own personal thoughts.] This allowed for a clearer, cohesive message; I just had to get my self consciousness [ego] out of the way. Sometimes this might not happen until their next session.

Eventually when a client would call the spa to book an appointment they would request 'the psychic one with reddish hair.' Some started bringing tape recorders to tape any message that may come during their session. This freaked me out, performance anxiety, how would I sound on tape? What if no message came? Eventually they requested readings instead of a massage. I replied "I don't do readings" "I do massage, body work, and energy balancing and I just get stuff". Eventually they would ask me, " are you getting any stuff?" Clients went from being apprehensive about anything I might get on them, to asking me flat out was I not expressing something I was possibly getting; people found this so helpful in their lives they wanted more, sometimes I didn't get anymore. Eventually some wouldn't even come with specific questions they would say just tell me "go with whatever you get," this permission helped my intuition to have free reign to access more, which usually included specific concerns the client had anyhow. So the people I worked with deserve the credit for aiding my intuition, their trust, helped my trust, and it became a mutual exchange.

I started to get many clients and referrals always to my amazement, I got very excited when a person would give me positive feedback on something I imparted to them at a previous time. [Often it takes time for things to unfold.] Many times the confirmations were from medical tests, or events in their life such as an event at work or home. Eventually while driving to work I would try to mentally prepare my body, mind and energy, for the days appointments. I began to hear guidance and direction pertinent to the clients I hadn't even met! In my appointment book I didn't even have their names, I only wrote the appointment time and the salons name, so I wouldn't confuse those appointments with my home clients who's names I'd fill in. Sure enough when I'd meet the client they would relay to me the same things I already knew. Occasionally when this didn't happen right off the bat I figured I was wrong [at that point I was usually more open to being wrong verses right, so I always considered that I could be wrong. And while I waited for the other shoe to drop, I was always fully prepared to not continue with this work at a given moment; for me if I wasn't accurate, I wasn't helpful, so what was the point? I also 'knew' that guiding people in a professional way was a huge responsibility for me, my integrity, and intentions, and the idea of violating this was unthinkable, and I was disgusted over the fact that people compromise these principles in life and work all the time.

In essence an Intuitive Consultant deals with issues much the way a therapist would, yet without any formal training or education in this area, many don't have knowledge of boundaries and other ethical issues that are central in all professions. True intuits are very concerned and aware of these issues,, but like anything else knowledge combined with skill is best, for both the Intuitve/Healer, as well as the client. An example for me was I had difficulty sometimes bring a session to an end, because this work can be ongoing, and I didn't want to stop knowing there was more to do. I eventually learned that my job was to offer as much as I could and the client had to decide if they wanted to come back for more work.

For example Chakra work often takes several sessions, like a root canal, or another procedure. Once my professionalism was established I would give the client an estimate on how many sessions I figured they'd need to accomlish the needed work. By this time I was more aware, and technical about the work I was doing, [prior I was nervous about the whole 'charleton thing.'] This was still the early 90's and although alternative healing was becoming somewhat trendy, it was not as acceptable and mainstream as it is today. [Even though in actuality ancient wisdom and healing techniques have been around forever.] "Everything old becomes new." I took this process probably much slower than I needed to, but it was important to me to be clear and go at a comfortable pace, in the meantime I continued to learn and improve my skills.

To wrap this up, as time went on I figured out what worked, I realized I couldn't do this everyday, or full time, I like word of mouth referrals but I shyed away from publicity. I didn't want this valuable modality to be dismissed in any way; I liked my small repeat clientele. I literally stood in awe of all of this for so long [I still do, but it's normal now, not so 'super natural'] I never felt drawn to advertising, I eventually got a brochure. I'm talking 10 yrs later with years of experience and positive results. For some reason I never took this to the level I could have, I've always stayed a little cautious. This work takes energy that I don't always have and my intuition flows better when I'm not over scheduled.

For anyone reading this who is trying to develop intuition I've discovered that it finds you, then it's mostly about you trusting it even just a little at a time, then as a result more tends to unfold as you are willing to receive it. I did read books and take classes but listening, trusting, and acting according to my intuition is what really helped it to develop. Perhaps something in my personality or soul is inclined towards this, and I've been able to exam and listen to it better as time has gone by. I'd be typing forever if I gave you all the examples how intuition has helped me and others. For the sake of specificity I'll creat a post with a variety of random case histories soon, maybe later today.

I've actually been leery about people who do readings, personally I'm picky and not easily impressed in general [not just about psychics] I'm not even that attached to the word psychic or even the other labels I've used in my profile to describe myself or what I do. In fact they have mostly come from other's descriptions of me. I also want to say that many people have these abilities and they're not so unatural. It's a known fact that kids are intuitive but around the age of 7 when they learn math and other left/brain/ linear concepts, their intuition may diminish as they abandon it to academic study. It need not be either or, both are valid.

I do think that because I spent a good part of my early life in right brain/non linear activities,including work,various training and other hobbies-- I was perhaps more inclined to posses and develop stronger intuition, and I tend to be open to non linear concepts, impressions and intuition. BUT I do have an extreme need for those things to make sense. I am not simply satisfied with the idea that some piece of data is automatically valuable just because I 'got it' via intuition. I do seek confirmation to prove or explain in some way the validity of the intuitive insight. I try to marry intuition with logic every chance I get,I somehow feel better after my minds mental gymnastics confirm what my intuition implied in simple, direct, often uncomplicated fashion [often referred to as "Direct Knowing"] It's as if my brain downloads needed info from the cosmos, but I like to follow up with research.

I'm better now at translating what I get via 'high sense perception'* to something that is also sensible and applicable. Sometimes it's the clients job to interpret the intuitive message or symbolism that I receive for them. The other helpful thing for me was I started seeing the 'Chakras' or energy centers in people. I can say that I don't simply 'believe' in Chakras---I 'know' them, they exist, I see them and they're real, verses some belief or notion that I suscribe to. Within these centers we contain strengths, weaknesses, potential for healing, or illness. This topic deserves more than I can give right now. I highly recommend the books towards the end of this post.

I also want to say that the work I do with individuals is probably more profound than the intuitions, insights, and commentaries I give here on my blog. This is for fun and learning, I'm not trying to be the psychic queen of the Internet, [I'm too late that position has already been filled.] I don't have the time, desire or energy for that. I am a single 50 yr old mom of an almost 8 yr. old son, and I'm back in school tying to get my left/brain more developed. Also writing isn't the best modality for me to convey my messages.

I'm much better with telepathy,[joking, but serious] letters and phone calls are so time consuming; direct verbal communication can be a drag and can really water down the truth. All the telepathic ones are laughing now, I can tell! I'm not sure there are any words I can use, if one's mind isn't open or attuned to this sort of thing, hey I've been my own biggest skeptic even having had the experiences. My mother always called be 'a doubting Thomas,' she was right, for me seeing is believing and even then I want additional documentation!!!

Whether it's apparent to anyone or not, I'm always keeping this in check. The universe has funny ways of doing this as well. A cute story about telepathy [actually I have many] back to the point. When my middle son was little he was curious about this psychic and telepathic stuff that I was exploring, he was amazed and proud of all this so called magic. He proudly went to school one day and exclaimed to his teacher that his mom was ...."Psychopathic!" [perhaps?] Anyhow he mis-combined psychic and telepathic, and that's what he got. He couldn't wait to report this to me when he arrived home, I had to laugh!

*High Sense Perception, is a term coined by Barbara Brennan, author of 'Hands of Light' and 'Light Emerging." Brennan is a scientist, she worked as a Nuclear Physicist for Nassau studying the molecular structure of energy, when she began to notice energy fields [Auras, electromagnetic energy] around people, she noted that certain colors and energy patterns correlated to one's emotional states.

She went on to merge her scientific background with her work as an energy healer. Her work is so intelligent and her books are very good and extremely helpful. Lots of Scientific info. connected to metaphisics, and eventually soul developement. In fact it was at a weekend seminar of hers in 1991 in Boston, that much of the work I had been doing since 1988, was explained to me in Scientific terms, verses the 'white lighter' mentality of new age practioneers. However; it all ties into the same work but the labels are different based on ones understanding. I do think knowledge combined with Intuition is the most effective combination to assist the masses. I was helpful when I didn't have a clue, but became much more effective with knowledge and proven techniques. It was nice to finally have concrete definitions for what I had been doing all along. This may not be important for everyone, but it was to me.

I hope this helped someone, now you have glimpses of my life and how intuitive abilities unfolded for me, everyone's path is different and we all contribute in various ways, so I stay open minded.

I just wrote a paper on Emerson's 'Self Reliance" for my Amer. Lit class, so I'll leave you all with food for thought!!!

"No Law Can Be Sacred To Me But That of My Nature" ~Emerson~

The above quote was the theme of my paper, It was hard to decide because I agree with most of what he says. A couple more also from 'Self Reliance' that I like are ........

1]"I am ashamed at how we capitulate to badges and names, to large societies, and dead institutions." ~Emerson~

2] "What have I to do with the sacredness of traditions, if I live wholly from within?" ~Emerson~ Then his friend questions him..."But these impulses may be from below, not above." In response Emerson replies: "They do not seem to be such: but if I am the Devils child. I will live then from the Devil." ~Emerson~

OK this is the longest post I've ever written, thanks for your patience in reading this. It was at a reader's request that I elaborated in detail [and this is the short version] some of my life's experiences, and the understanding of my Intuition, and it's role in my life and others. There are plenty of down sides to being highly intuitive, I'll save those for later.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

NOV. 08, Few New Insights

1]Obama's Treasury Secretary---between Warren Buffet, and Paul Volcker [sp?] I think Obama would like the first,he would be happy with the second who also may be more apt to accept the position and has the past experience. I'd be interested to see Buffet in this role.

2]Rahm Emmanuel--? I'm still trying to get a read him; not sure I like his energy, I doubt my 'feeling' will effect his job performance, still there's something there that my energy field wants to repel.

3]TED STEVENS-[R] Convicted felon, Alaskan Gov.---I just got an intuition that perhaps he will either face illness, or some situation that may cause him to voluntarily step down from Senate on his own, verses being forced or asked to leave. If this insight is correct, it will be a relief for all involved.

4]JOHN McCAIN---In need of prayers, I sense the self-hatred is starting to kick in, I think for a minute he was getting on the blame Palin band wagon, but he's drained and truthfully doesn't have the energy to put into any half truths, exaggerations, and so on. He may as well face this now and get it over with----He needs prayers and assistance with self-forgiveness, he seems to be owning what he has created, and from what I understand this is typical of his personality to go thought guilt, and a period of self deprecation, followed by self correction. We've all been there right? He'll write a book, this seems to be a way he gets absolved--through some form of public confession. [An Apologist.] The odd thing is I think many already forgive him, and those who probably think he didn't do anything wrong. During the past year I often got a returning vibe about whether McCain will ever become an Independent? Just a thought. I feel kind of sick in my gut for him.

5]The almost tie between Franken and Coleman, there is something very significant about this for Coleman, and I have a feeling that some shift, action, or understanding on his part will bring a win to him. At the same time the possibility for Franken seems equally lucky---but I feel this is contingent on Coleman, like it's his to win or loose depending on those things I mentioned. Sorry for being vague it feels that Coleman has some awareness or lesson to acknowledge, and this will be the factor for him to "get a second chance" ['I'm told'] So however it turns out with the actual vote re-count really has to do with what Coleman decides, and the count will reflect his choice. I 'feel' he is presently mulling this over so he does have awareness, and that's key.

6]Mike Huckabee----I want to give some credit where it's due. Mike is one of the few Republicans that didn't drop to that lower level that has produced such a karmic or 'boomerang effect' for other conservatives. He stayed within the bounds of what's considered normal election behavior, and when he didn't he apologized for remarks he made that were less than kind. His party talks a lot about Romney, yet it was Mike that more people voted for, and he functioned with no money, kept his faith, and sense of humor, and now has his new show 'Huckabee' on Fox. Good luck Mike.

7]Go Chris Wallace!!!On his Fox News Sunday Wallace kept asking his panel and the [R} Senator from Virginia that it does seem to be an era for the progressives [as I've said in former insights] The Senator kept denying this fact and Wallace kept pressing him. What a surprise----Chris Wallace gets it, he sees the obvious and wasn't buying the Senators take on things [this is so unusual for Wallace and FOX in general] Go Chris!

The irony is the Senator kept insisting that Obama's win is not evidence of a progressive era [I say, "If not what the heck is?] He goes on to say that it's not Liberal, or Progressive thinking that is becoming popular it is the fact that Obama is such a desirable candidate [now, I happen to agree with him on this.] So basically the hidden insult is Americans are still really conservative deep inside they just went for the desirable guy this time. That may have some truth, but it's not entirely correct. PLUS---Didn't conservatives say that Obama wasn't ready to lead yet? Weren't the intelligent American people suppose to run the other way due to his Socialistic, terrorist tendencies? Conservatives can't have it both ways, you cant's minimize or reduce Obama's win into a simple 'Black Guy makes History' gig. Even though that's huge. Carl Rove now says Obama is a centrist [pretty accurate actually] what happen to all the far left radical rhetoric?

It's too early after the recent election but boy if this group refuses to get it they won't be around for a while. I am not criticizing the core values that conservatives hold; what I am saying is they have to get away from the notion of who America is based on who we use to be. We have such a mixed population, Republicans can't win if they don't appeal to Hispanics, young voters. They need to be more inclusive. For any group to grow and continue there must be a torch that gets passed down, and while most kids get this from their roots, parents, and family values, they also get it from society, friends, and school. There is no room for narrow mindedness [actually there never was] but what about these poor kids of conservatives that go to school where diversity is now celebrated, Global Warming is the #1 Topic for Science and English essays, and Bullying is being banded in most towns and schools now, [it's considered the equivalent of a hate crime.] Which brings me to my next paragraph.

8]I hope the day comes soon when people running for high offices will have to conduct themselves with dignity and respect towards others. John McCain and Sarah Palin most certainly did NOT do that. Imagine the nerve of McCain not looking President Elect Obama in the eye during a debate, or calling him 'That One.' That was the least harmful of all his rude actions, horrible, and filled with lies. Obama has got to be pretty evolved to not react to those things.

I have a 7yr. old child who likes to dress up and imitate action figures, personalities on TV and even me at times. He's actually very cute and hysterical. Well a coule a days ago he parades into my room with a blanket strewn around his shoulders and he was imitating a woman's voice and mannerisms, next...he looks in the mirror [I still haven't guessed who he is suppose to be] the next words out of his mouth were something along these lines......[Christian speaking...."Hi my name is Sarah Palin and I have fancy cloths, please vote for me and John McCain"[OK so far harmless cute fun right?] He goes on to say..."in 1982 there was an evil terrorist and he is here now in the future pretending to be Barack Obama, don't vote for him he wants to destroy America and the world" [he's still imitating Palin.]

Now, I have had the news on quite a bit this election season and no doubt he over heard certain things. [No, he didn't specifically know about clothing gate, or Bill Ayers,] but somehow he got Media brainwashing!!! Now because I'm honest with him, and secondly I'm Liberal in my thinking I had to explain this to him. Many of the negative McCain rallies were not rated pg and they were shown during prime time hours
on TV when small children can see and hear this hatred. For a party that supposedly has family values on their priority list including strictly monitoring their own children's TV shows and video games. This doesn't make sense, an 8 yr. old girl isn't allowed to watch say Hannah Montana,a popular show for young girls and boys; yet they are allowed to view a possible future president and vice president, spew lies and hatred, and fear about their opponent??? [See the post 'Lucifer Effect,' for More info]

I recently spoke with a neighbor who is a 5th grade geography teacher, who gets calls often from parents [conservative] complaining if for ex. Global Warming was discussed in class---yes it's in the text books, 3rd graders know who Al Gore is. Even on a personal level I've noticed and experienced how condescending, insulting, and attacking this group gets towards others. When did this happen? Carl Rove? Bush? When did this get acceptable? I know one thing Obama has set the new example, and it's very apparent the backlash that many have suffered as a result of their own lack of integrity. Don't take my word on this, anyone with eyes and ears can see this, there is nothing prophetic about this message.

I suppose we all have to come a bit more to the middle, an contrary to what some may fear, I think President Obama will do this. God Bless.


A Psychic's Warning About Psychics

Before I get into this topic I'd like to say that over the years most of the people I've met who consider themselves to be psychic are generally well intentioned human beings, even including those that weren't particularly good at what they do. Yes, as with any occupation there are some who are driven by less than pure motives, including fakes who want to make a quick buck!

With that said, I personally have sought the intuitive guidance from the same few people over the past 20 years. I'm not drawn to many on line psychics, but I have found a couple that I admire and respect, [I'm sure more do exist.] I totally stay away from sensational ads and psychic hot lines; in fact I firmly believe when someone needs guidance or spiritual direction they can get it directly from God the divine Source, the Universe, their own soul and their angels and guides. The universe puts people in your life when you need support, some call these people friends or human angels; in fact we also learn and grow from those who don't have our best interest at heart.

As an Intuitive Consultant my warning about 'psychics' has nothing to do with the typical religous fears about witchcraft, fear of new age thinking, and the like; I believe that a person of average intellect can avoid those on 'the dark side' by using discernment and listening within, we usually know when something or someone is not good or true. However; one does have to be careful because people tend to seek psychic readings when they are vulnerable, feeling lost or confused and this may impair their judgement. About Biblical warnings and cautions: many of these so-called psychics work on the lower levels of the astral plane. A lot of confusion, and mixed entities [both positive and negative] exist on this plane. Those that 'read' this level tend to pick up info that may not be accurate or helpful to the client. This type also tends to read the wishes of the client and may tell them what they 'want to hear' all the while assuming they are getting the highest spiritual messages. The astral plane is misleading because much illusion exists there. Don't assume all spirits are helpful...they're not.

There are those who do worship and work on the dark side and keep company with evil spirits, lost souls, disincarnate entities, and other tricksters. This isn't the topic I'm getting into in this particular post, but it's worth rememering Jesus's words "You will know them by their fruits", and also "You too will do this and more." Jesus isn't against healing, or one receiving spiritual guidance, he specificlly states that those who have faith and believe, they will be able to do his work,and miracles will be more common place. I don't want to veer of on a Biblicle debate here, I'm sure someone more qualified than me has a site or blog for that purpose.

OK, so what prompted me to write this post is this RE: The other day after Obama won the election I was searching the web and I came across a site I had been to once before. I will not mention this person's name, but she seems to be well advertised, and evidently has made appearances here and there, she has some testimonials on her site and so on, in fact when you click on many of her tags to read about a topic of interest she has the Pay-Pal, credit card option for you to 'buy' this info. OK this is besides the point. What bothered me was her latest entry confirming her accuracy about Obama winning the election. I clearly remembered from my earlier visit to her site that He was not who she predicted to win.

This stood out clearly in my mind not because I was fault finding [none of us are accurate all the time, and insights do change at times] but because what she stated earlier was VERY different [I'll explain more soon bear with me.] When I had a vision of Obama winning back in Dec. 08 I scoured the web to see what psychics had to say, I only found 1 person who 'saw' him as the winner, [Elyssa Heyman] and another one that leaned Obama's way late spring 08, and confirmed it as definite [sort of] this past summer 08, [Karen Bishop.] I knew my vision about Obama was accurate,[I'll elaborate on this in a bit] but I guess I was looking for additional confirmation. BTW I'm sure many predicted that he would win, I'm just saying that early on I didn't find anyone in my searches, and even towards the end of the election I still only found a few Obama predictions. In fact most had an array of differing scenarios, some seemed to be guessing, while others appeared to be offering options of probable realities, the latter can be a wise thing to do, because as I said before circumstances can change, people can make choices that may alter a 'projected outcome.' I have experienced this in my own life and in the lives of clients that I have done spiritual intuitive readings for. I have had reservations myself about posting predictions and insights to the entire world via the Internet. At least during a one on one session with a client I can have a discussion if things evolve differently in their life than the reading suggested. And together we can discuss the possibilities that may have come into play.

So---back to the woman's site that bothered me: I went back into her archives to refresh my memory on her earlier election predictions, well the more I read, the crazier it got. Over the past yr. alone she had every possible scenario on all the candidates in the race, obviously as many dropped out she narrowed down her scenarios but they were more based on all the day to day changes in the news than a clear vision on who the next president would be. For example she had a big portion on how she knew Obama was really the 'Anti-Christ' she backed this claim with everything she could think of. She saw Hillary as the next President [actually many psychics made this error.] Then she said John McCain was the one! She varied from specific but inaccurate predictions to more vague but also inaccurate probabilities. She stated with certainty that she 'saw' the male candidate with the woman vice president would win. She saw Obama as Clinton's vice president, then she saw Obama regretting he didn't pick Hillary, then she saw him loosing if he didn't do the latter.

Basically her predictions included anything that one could have possibly imagined during the ups and downs of the campaign and all the daily ins and outs as well. But somehow after Obama won the election she claimed her accuracy.[ Evidently somewhere in her mis-mash of endless possibilities she thought he'd win...BUT...[I don't want to even repeat the rest of her words, they are scary and wrong.] I was and am dumbfounded, by the looks of her site she seems to have a booming business in the field of ESP.

I am so reluctant to criticize anyone who has the desire to help others with their spiritual gifts and talents. Clairvoyance is a 'murky art' as I have stated elsewhere in this blog. I do not feel this woman is lying or deliberately misleading, rather she was altering her views as new things developed and old ideas changed, this isn't the worse thing one can do.I personally think she was getting swept up in the multitude of thought forms floating around, including some that were extremely fear based. This also doesn't mean she doesn't have any psychic abilities, some people are stronger in some areas of intuition and weaker in others. I bet at one time she was possibly very accurate, but she may have become overly commercialized, busy and now feels she has to produce something for her audience and clients.

I promised I'd come back to why my prediction on Obama never changed regardless of the constant fluctuations during the election season, it's this simple: I 'saw' the whole movie including the ending [Obama being sworn in] almost a year ago. Now think about the changes you go through when you are watching an exciting movie with all the action and varying situations that the characters go through, including close calls etc. from minute to minute you can't tell what will happen next, even the movie's ending can be a shocker. Now, let's say you decide at a later date to watch this same movie again, you won't get so alarmed during some of the close calls, because ultimately you've seen the movie before and you know how it ends. This is exactly what I experienced through 'pre-cognizance' ability to go into the future and foresee events, sometimes this is spontaneous [usually the case] other times I can go there at will when focused to do so. [For more on this topic see the post labeled 'Traveling Into The Future'] So I had in fact already 'SEEN THE MOVIE!!!' BTW I also feel that Obama was able to do this same thing and that was another reason he didn't get ruffled over ever upset [ ie. scenes in the movie] he knew the end, mainly because he is aware of his role and purpose. Some mistook this for arrogance on his part [he definitely was sure of himself!] When he went to Europe some opposing him accused him of being 'presumptuous', or trying to 'appear presidential', some may have thought he was 'acting as if' in order to create this reality through positive thinking. I 'knew' it was none of those above things. Barack Obama knew this 'Election 08' movie's ending and he was already being the president he knew he already was, and some of us knew he was, but everyone else had to wait till Nov. 4, 08. BTW people who tend to be futuristic may appear to others as being presumptuous, I've dealt with this personally as well. It works pretty good in readings for clients; but can be a hindrance in personal relationships. Believe me!

I think at one point some people thought I was probably getting carried away with a personal agenda regarding Obama's presidency---it's times like this when I wish I could click on print somewhere in my mind, and pass out print-outs of what I am 'seeing'; I guess this is my purpose in this blog. I am not always this accurate, and like other psychics I too consider 'probable realities' because everyone has free choice that dictates outcomes in ones life, I can also be wrong. I also admit that in the election race when things were heated up I too could have easily had conflicting views on the final outcome, but somehow this past year I have been feeling exceptionally grounded in my insights and I aligned myself with the truth, and I was able to see through some illusions using discernment, and remembering that 'I knew this movies ending.'

MY ADVICE ABOUT FINDING THE RIGHT PSYCHIC: Go with your gut instinct, if you sense you have more wisdom than the reader, you probably do. Ask for real life references verses testimonials on a brochure or website. Ask them what their strengths are, again abilities vary from person to person. If they have a web site or blog look at their predictions track record, or earlier insights... this may take time to read their sites archives. Ask them if they can read you, why not, you'd ask a carpenter if he was able to build a particular piece of furniture. Stop any reading if you feel the psychic is not reading you accurately [they may not be able to connect with your soul, OR they may be accurately reading things about you that you are denying] in either case you need to be comfortable to benefit from the service. A spiritual intuitive will have a way of telling you uncomfortable truths about yourself in a caring manner, this type of person will also know what you need to hear because they are receiving the info for you from higher beings, and from higher levels of consciousness. The spiritual intuitive type often can read ones souls records even from a distance they tend to have highly developed intuitions, and often don't read Tarot cards, or use other tools of divination. BTW, no judgement on that last statement, some readers find these tools beneficial to 'jump start' their intuition, or to open a reading session. I have used some tools in the past, but eventually for me they were not necessary; I haven't used them in many years.

Quite often the most insightful people are rather invisible and work mainly through word of mouth referrals, [this certainly has been the case for me.] These people tend to shy away from anything that would make others perceive them as insincere or gimmicky, on the other hand they also miss out on helping a lot of people, while perhaps some less qualified people make themselves available to the public. If you know someone who talks about an accurate, right on target reading that they have had, ask them for the readers name and number, or website.

If you are in need of a reading follow my suggestions until you find the right person, in the meantime try this yourself: lie down, quiet your mind, breath deeply, and have a pen and notebook beside you. Ask your questions and wait till you sense, hear, feel, or see, something and write down exactly what you get, [don't edit it even if it seems illogical in the moment.] Put it away and take out periodically and evaluate. This is how I do readings on my self, anyone can do this. If you are not use to meditating or going within try Yoga, a meditation class, or practice going within on a regular basis---it really works! You'll be amazed at how some of the seemingly irrelevant bits you get may prove very accurate and helpful later on.

Feel free to email me 1 question that you'd like guidance on [no charge] You can also email me for info on full intuitive readings. My email info is found under my profile.



Thursday, November 6, 2008

In Defense of Sarah Palin

Deep breath here, as I am about to defend Sarah Palin to a certain degree. I still stand by my earlier intuitive read on her, that has not changed. This morning while getting ready for the day I had the TV in my bedroom on MSNBC [so-called liberal media], and my living room TV happened to be on FOX [so-called conservative media] as I listened to both at the same time there was the usual stark contrast between these 2 major networks.

Surprisingly MSNBC was defending Palin, while FOX hammered away at her. Now, I will say that MSNBC was never hard on her as some claimed, when she first came out Chris Matthews loved her. The exceptions were Rachael Maddow, and Kieth Olbermann, 2 admitted obvious liberals, and even they mostly stated those things about Palin that were true and obvious to anyone not in a coma.

The people at Fox had defended her to the hilt, blaming liberals for attacking her. Now that the Republican campaign is over and leaks about Palin's faults, personality, lack of knowledge, and her other negative traits, are coming out to the Media from the McCain camp, the conservative Media who once called her 'a breath of fresh air' is now annihilating her, and pointing out her inadequacies.

After I left my house this morning I went to a small thrift shop only to find more gathered around attacking Palin; when I left I came home and went straight to my computer. OK, now personally I did find her very negative, offensive, shrill, mean-spirited, and not prepared or qualified to lead. These very things I just mentioned are not befitting to the office of Vice President. Those things alone were a concern, I never cared about the other issues ex. her pregnant teenage daughter, her shopping spree and so on.

On the other hand, in her defense: she was not ready, she was plucked from her simple life in Alaska, I said in my earlier post on her 'she is mediocre,' and 'she didn't know what she didn't know.' When the media thought she was playing up the 'folksy routine' I thought to myself, 'no this is really her' because she didn't appear knowledgeable, articulate, or very polished. I was confused by her sense of fashion, [her style of dress made her somewhat impressive] this style later turned out to be part of 'the packaging of Palin' that was created by the campaign. Once the clothing, make-up artist, stylist info was released, combined with her interview performances, and my 'read' on her, I thought this is really a shame and reflection of poor judgement on John McCain's part; I feel he exploited her as a person, a good looking woman, hoping to get Hillary voters, boost his appeal, and energize his dying campaign...and she did for a minute.

I feel bad for her, I have no doubt the rumors/leaks are true, from what I've read she has been known to intimidate, mis-use power, and many in Alaska fear her. She only likes attractive white people, she refers to Eskimos as 'Artic Arabs' she doesn't display any levels of worldliness or tolerance. I give her some credit for toning down her shrillness the last week of the race. Senior advisers from the McCain staff are now coming forth with how difficult she was to work with, the are calling her 'a hillbilly who went on a Neiman Marcus looting spree.' [She was allowed 3 new suits for the convention, and 3 more for campaign events, which would of cost approx. 20,000-25,000 $$$. Instead she went charge happy and dressed her entire family, bought jewelry,luggage and many expensive personal items.

Yet Sarah won the hearts of many in the GOP base, so the question is why would McCain jeopardize this country with someone he used for 'show' and he is now blaming her for his demise [or his campaign is.]

In defense of Palin---yes she was a drag on the ticket, yes many saw she wasn't ready, BUT regardless of who he picked, as I have said all along John McCain was never meant to be the President of the USA. This is not a biased statement, as a professional intuitive I did not see this role in his Akashic Records, nor do I see it in Palin's Records either. Yes the media was sexist towards her---that is the 'conservative media' Fox news people constantly made reference to her as a sex symbol, referencing her legs, many inappropriate remarks sexual in nature were made about her. This got worse when it became apparent that she didn't have much else going on.

When I said she was 'mediocre' I feel that she had a supportive upbringing that gave her a sense of confidence that exceeded her actual abilities and performance. She hasn't spiritually matured yet, this is evident when I 'read' her chakras [energy centers] while she has some dogmatic religious views this is not the same as spiritual awareness. My intention here is to shed some light on Sarah Palin from a psycho-spiritual point of view. For more intuitive analysis of her click on her name and read previous posts. For readers who want more concrete info on Palin verses a psychics glimpse you can Google her, see her grades from school on line---this will help put additional context to what I have said. She is an entertaining figure, who looks almost relieved to be home in Alaska, I do not see a big future on a national level for her, BUT who knows--people change and things happen. She and John had a soul connection as I previously stated, but a brief one for the purpose of needed soul lessons on both sides, it's been stated that towards the end they barely spoke to one another and were separated. I expect more will be revealed about her, but for now I'm putting this one to rest!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Confirmations, Corrections, Clarifications. and Comments!

COMMENT: I'll start with Congratulating President Elect Barack Obama for his impeccable campaign, landslide victory, and history making moment! I was so tired and emotional most of the day. I felt very quiet and reflective, and deeply moved for many reasons regarding this time in American history.

Besides the obvious I am feeling deeply touched that so many 'got it', even though my visions and guidance showed me this would be the case, it wasn't until it happened and I experienced the 'collective shift' of joy, gratitude, and progress towards the change that will assist America in her 'soul's initiation.' As Kieth Olbermann just said "America was in the tank with Obama!" People from around the world are dancing in the street and sending thoughts of goodwill to America.

Throughout my life I have often stood alone with all my metaphysical pondering, waiting for mainstream to either join me so I'd have company, [It gets lonely being psychic,] perhaps even validate me; but mostly to move forward collectively to some 'higher place' whatever that was at any given time. I tend to long for universal connection more than I do interpersonal connection. Maybe this is the 'Nirvana' that old souls tend to seek?

This win is so beyond anything personal for me; the feeling is too overwhelming, I'm not sure if I can compare it to anything. For instance 1 thing I felt was a deep feeling of progress for humanity,Afro-American, and all people and races; I am
white, but I felt the oneness and interconnectedness of all. I feel bad for those who aren't savoring this moment whatever their reasons may be. I hope on some level that they too are inspired by the energy of change.

Just recently I read Fredrick Douglas's Slave Narration, and felt sick throughout the book, I was horrified and had to fight off the ill feeling that continued to come over me while reading, my son came into the room one day to find me in tears over Douglas's trials,whippings, and suffering at the hands of rich, powerful White, mostly religious slave holders. My little boy has no prejudice in him and he understands Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks mark on history, and he is barely eight years old!

CONFIRMATIONS ON MY ELECTION INSIGHTS: So now Obama is no longer a mere prediction of a random intuitive blogger, he is our new President.

Confirmed: Bradley Effect was NOT a factor for voters as I said in late Oct post, media saying reverse effect was in play. [Racism was still a factor for some people and states.]

Confirmed: Florida/Jewish vote went to Obama, as my recent dream message suggested, see post for more details.

Confirmed: I said Obama would win handily in a newsletter last spring;[I was told landslide and some would be very surprised, I kept this to myself, because I was telepathically getting that the more specific I was caused some discomfort, and possible doubts about my accuracy/intentions.]

Confirmed:***Another hit is the 'boomerang effect' that I've already mentioned in other posts,[see link on side menu] however I didn't realize the magnitude of this and the trickle down effect it would have on other Republicans running for various positions. [I was mostly seeing those in the presidential race.] However; anyone who chose to play dirty did experience a back fire, or 'boomerang effect' as I've called it. EX: Elizabeth Dole lost to Kay Hagan after running the Godless American ad.

I won't list other examples but the point is that a major cleansing and purging has taken place, so that anyone who takes part in old out- moded thinking, and nasty tactics has to go---they will not resonate with the new. Honor and integrity are big parts of the new vibration we are in. BTW Michelle Bachman [R} won and I have a feeling she may be on the verge of being in the new energy and maybe she got carried away for a moment when she made her anti- American comments, but in the bigger picture she will [hopefully] rise to the occasion. She could have lost to her opponent after her remarks, but I feel she has good to offer and work to do.

Another confirmation:RE: 'Right Wing ideology out of touch' with Americans and where America needs to go. In one of my more recent posts I 'saw' the USA coming into an era that was made for Democrats, since that remark I have heard 3 conservatives say the same thing.

Pat Buchanan--[R]said the country is moving to the left now, and it's their time, and at times in history we go through different trends.

Peggy Noonan [R] she talked about 'Political Grace' [her new book title] she more or less said the same as Pat B. and talked about these political shifts in the wind as important times in history.

CORRECTION:BTW--Noonan did vote McCain, so I'm confused about the news I saw a few weeks back calling her an'Obama Endorser'??? I am going to consider this an error and remove it from the post it's in. [Conservatives for Obama.]

Michael Smerconish [R] I got chills when I heard him parrot the exact words I wrote here. He spoke about the needed changes in the [R} party, and they have much reviewing to do; BUT---he suspects that they will conclude that the various failings of their party will be that they were not conservative enough----Smerconish said this is wrong, and they need to become less objectionists, more Government involvement, and more inclusiveness, Smerconish life long [R] says his party has been too 'exclusive.' So, for anyone who thought my words were that of a 'Liberal' verses a Professional Intuitive Consultant, those very same statements came straight from the mouths of 3 well known, visible, life-long conservatives.

CLAIRIFICATION: The last post entitled "Social Responsibility is Spiritual." Please note***Although I begin the post with my own insights and commentary, towards the end of the post I include a paragraph from a Buddhist article, as well as the link to that article. Just above the article's paragraph I made a note saying: "The Following IS NOT My Words," this may be confusing because as you are reading along to my words the post then transitions to the article where the author refers to them self as 'I'------[this is not me speaking.] I tried to put that note in bold, but my bold isn't working, so if you read fast, or gloss over words you may miss it.

I got an email from someone who evidently thought that the words from the article's paragraph were mine, and they were defensive about something they 'thought' I had said. I used the article to expound on some insights and reflections I've had and as a reference for readers. The theme of the article was about the 'structures of selfishness' and how we collectively must get past our own personal...whatever; ex. family, group, race, so that we may improve society as a whole, the article referred to spiritual socialism as a way to cure societies ills. [This isn't the same a economic Socialism ;it's more spiritual, but could also include the latter.]

I expect the political insights may lesson now the election is over. I am open to other topics or questions of any nature. Soon I will start a specif area on the blog for this, in the meantime feel free to comment here or email me with anything at all.

God Bless America!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Social Responsibility is Spiritual!

My posts are getting longer than I intended, and this blog is getting more political than I imagined. So, to be clear I certainly am not a professional with any particular training in this area; however this election season my intuitive readings have veered in this direction, so I have willingly obliged. Plus the fact that I started this blog in the last month of the election, people's curiosity and my insights have leaned in this direction. This is NOT a political opinion blog, it is an 'Intuitive Insight' blog, I simply convey the messages I receive to you the reader, and I may add some commentary when needed for context.

The media is talking about how important this election is, and it is. This particular election is a pivotal turning point for the country. I have never been overly political, but this year my insights and curiosity has led me to be more hands on. [You can read my other posts on Election 08, to see how this evolved.]

The short version is back last December with no prior knowledge or interest I had a vision of Barack Obama beating Hillary Clinton, and then later winning the general election. I followed up on my vision in every way I could. At that time there were still several players in the game on both sides, and I got guidance on all of them [previously published in my email newsletter.] One by one many of them dropped out of the race exactly the way 'I saw it.' This spurred my interest even more, the intuitions I was having were more accurate than anything the experts were saying on TV and the Internet. Anyone can research this themselves by going to political websites and psychic prediction websites. The majority of them had the race between Clinton and Giuliani, some between Edwards and Romney, all of whom were 'out of the picture' very early on with the exception of Clinton.

My visions, predictions, and insights on Obama continued to be confirmed both in my mind and in the media. I became a supporter of his for many, many, reasons. [Many professionals won't reveal their private views, particularly if they earn money from their site.] I do private readings, but I like to keep this blog, open, honest, informal, and a touch personal so [I may combine thoughts and comments along with the insights I get; but there is a distinction between the two.] So,in summary the main components of my personal views have to do with my spiritual beliefs and ideas about what we need as a society. [EX.] for the most part my political views come from my spiritual views, which come from the guidance, insights, and visions I receive. My intuition exists beyond my rational thoughts, but because I've been doing this for over 20 yrs. my intuitions have become more integrated with my thoughts. I hope that makes sense.

At the risk of being opinionated here I have found myself being surprised at how people choose a candidate for there own personal circumstances. I probably sound really naive here, and I suspect that some think I am doing that very same thing; but I am not.

I am having difficulty grasping the concept of people's definition of Patriotism for example. People who place a level of importance on flag pins and mindless flag waving, while being very reluctant to consider change that would be good for America collectively. [I realize this is subjective, and as individuals we all view things differently.] But to me some themes are a given if you are a caring, mindful, person.

How presumptuous I must be, while most the folks I know, and now a good portion of our country are in agreement that Obama is the more likely candidate to move us in a new direction. Yet many completely disagree for various reasons, but I can't help notice that one big reason sticks out above all others---MONEY!

This is now the theme of the GOP Party, and their presidential candidate. I find myself having to keep my judgements in check on this issue, I now have a clearer understanding of Conservative Values, but I am in uneasy with most of them. It keeps coming back to the same concept that people want to own what they have earned, accomplished, and therefore deserve; and others should do the same. Am I crazy as a spiritual thinker that this sounds selfish? Some people I have spoke with have made very valid points supporting there conservative views, but I can't help but wonder aren't we here for something bigger than our own personal gain? Capitalist are into personal gain, I am not saying this is bad...I am saying there is more than materialism and this idea is found in ALL spiritual teachings!

Now, I recently read a quote somewhere that only a 'Liberal is too broadminded to even make an argument on there own behalf.' [I so relate to this,] and I do tend to see every one's reasons and points of view, however; isn't the concept of 'self forgetting' a major tenant for most spiritual and religious thought? Many say Jesus was a Liberal, yet the far Right Wing acts like they have the market on Christ's teachings.

Perhaps there is not one single absolute truth, but from the spiritual perspective the idea of giving, compassion, and kindness are central. While we shouldn't mix religion and politics there needs to be some moral compass for individuals and society as a whole. Another example that comes to mind is many voted for George Bush due to his belief in Jesus Christ, now many have gone to the other extreme and feel he is not spiritual at all. I think Al Gore probably has it right, in his book 'Assault on Reason' Gore comments that Bush's faith is genuine, and that contrary to the opinion of many he also says that Bush is smart enough. Gore goes on to say that Bush's problem has more to do with his far right ideology, and inability to change his views even in the face of reason---thus the title of Gore's book. [BTW--this book has some very good points, but they are repetitive, and Al Gore tends to bore me after a while, so I never finished reading the entire book.]

OK so back to where I want to go on this post...taking everything into consideration including my views, opposing views, intuitions I get, I have a strong desire to have this all make sense beyond my gut feelings, or personal views. With all the accusations from the GOP about Obama being a 'Socialist' and how terrible this would be for our country, I decieded to look into this. I have affluent friends, middle class and poor friends on the Left who are more than happy to pay more for the betterment of the whole. They come from various backgrounds and means, but all have similar spiritual views regardless of varying socio-economic status. I find this curious to say the least.

So today I spent time researching the concepts of Socialism, Marxism, and even Communism, and they aren't accurately Obama's views at all, nor do I fully agree with them. BUT---I intuitively keep getting that the USA needs some social changes to improve our society, and yet why do so many still reject this notion that some sort of change is needed now??? I have no clue how a government or country should be run, but I do know we need to collectively move forward as a society of people with social/spiritual concepts and the theme of mutual sharing and cooperation are needed, and self interest and selfishness are blocks to progress. I am not merely referring to 'Spreading the Wealth" evidently the worst words a Capitalist society can hear. There is something deeper needed here.

Finally in my research to find something that supports what I am getting through inner guidance I came across a Buddhist article about 'Dharma Socialism' [Dharma is Sanskrit meaning 'One's Duty.'] I am no expert in Buddhism, but throughout my life I seem to find answers every time I am led back to the teachings of Jesus or Buddha. I am not saying this article is the only way to go, but the teachings come closer to what I feel more than anything I've read in a while. This article isn't specifically about economic Socialism, infact it' not. I keep hearing that we need to simplify, be more moderate, generous even if we have less, we need to share, trade, and exchange in ways that support one another, everyone has something to contribute---yes that may mean money, but it's deeper and more holistic than that; it involves sharing talents, gifts, time, abilities. This concept was used in Communal living [which I'm not suggesting here.] Those that I have spoke to who experienced this way of life speak highly about the merits of it.

Most of us prefer to be way more self sufficient than that, but I think the current economic crisis will make it necessary for us to at least consider things we may not have tried before.

The link for the entire Buddhist article is {Sorry,I don't know why the links don't light up on this blog?}

Below is one portion from the article that confirms some spititual themes that I've thought about:

****NOTE***THE WORDS BELOW ARE NOT MINE, THEY ARE FROM THE ARTICLE*** [author refers to self as 'I']

'STRUCTURES OF SELFISHNESS': {sample excerpt from article article}

I believe that the profound and detailed Buddhist teachings on self (atta), defilement (kilesa), attachment (upadana), and the other causes of dukkha are a tool that humanity must use to get out of its mess. A simple perspective from which to examine the causes and origins of social dukkha is selfishness. When we analyze our personal dukkha using the principle of dependent co-origination (paticca-samuppada), we see that all of it is linked with our own self-centeredness or selfishness. Similarly, when we examine social problems we find that they are rooted in social selfishness, what I call "structures of selfishness." Here, selfishness means a concern above all with one's self, one's family, or one's group (company, class, religion, race, nationality, sports club) such that one disregards the needs and well-being of others, or even goes so far as to consciously harm others when selfishness is out of control. In the Buddhist analysis, such selfishness comes from tanha (craving) and upadana (attachment to that craving) that there is some "me" or "self" who craves; this gives rise to the identifications and egoistic states of mind around which our selfishness forms. This "causal nexus" happens not only personally, it also happens collectively as certain forms of craving become endemic in our society. Certain forms of attachment are built into our social structures. We have certain collective identities to skin color, language, religion, history, ideology, and so on. We form collective egos and we are collectively selfish, what is sometimes called "national interest" (or "class interest" or whatever "interest"). These give rise to "structures of selfishness," some of which I would like to explore here.

A rough equivalent of the word "selfishness" is the Pali kilesa (defilement, that which tarnishes or pollutes the mind). Therefore, we can take the primary defilements that we investigate and uproot in Buddhist practice and use them to investigate certain social structures. This gives us a simple yet powerful analytical tool, one grounded in morality and spirituality.


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