Monday, December 22, 2008

Caroline Kennedy qualified for Senate?

I will start with admitting I am a fan, as I remember her as a little girl just a bit older than me. My first doll was named after her. With that said my commentary is I feel she will get the Senate Seat, her name does help her, she has some things to learn natually, but this role has her name [no pun intended] on it!

Although she stayed in the background most of her life, Kennedy has been around politics her entire life. She's an Attorney, a best selling author, a very bright not showy type woman who has a lot to offer, and yes a 'few ropes' to learn. But this is not a disqualifier for her.

One of the things I noticed with Barack Obama's "inexperience" is that it wasn't completely true and accurate. I feel capable people of vision, hope, and pure intentions are coming forth from hidden backgrounds to mark their place and offer their service during this important time.

Some types of experience aren't always apparrent immediately. An example from my own life has to do with when I became a Yoga Inst. in 1999. For many years I read several books on the principles and teachings of YOGA [not the postures or form of exercise we commonly think of] In the early 90's I was given a book by a mentor and friend called "The Yoga Sutras of Patajanili" also called "The light of the Soul" the book had specific instruction on how to overcome ego through specif rules and teachings. I learned so much and the timing was perfect, as I had exhausted all the spiritual best sellers by that time, and haven't read many since either!

I continued to study and apply the Sutras to my life and my understanding grew and progressed and I was able to overcome some shortcomings and hinderances to my goals and true path. OK fast forward about a decade, I attend 2 Yoga classes, next thing I know I'm enrolled in a 6 month teacher training program, and I began teaching my own classes and subbing for other well known instuctors when they needed a sub.

Like magic and with fairly new experience [so it seemed] I became a pretty good, fairly popular teacher in my area. I was hired by phone through referals with no meeting or interviews even. My students began to follow me to the various locations where I taught. I had an enthusiastic following and soon I was on the high end of the pay spectrum for a Yoga Inst.

I was 'new' but appeared to have confidence and years of experience....because in actuality I DID! I had been living and practicing the true Yoga life and philosophy for a decade, I was only new at learning the asnas [yoga postures] Others who took the same training also learned these same postures but they were more like fitness inst. they lacked the deeper Yoga teachings, which were briefly touched on in the training program.

So when we see these fresh faced supposedly "inexperienced politicians" coming out of the woodwork---think again. These are qualified souls coming forth with both their life and soul experiences, and they will learn any necessary stuff quickly.I feel these humble 'behind the scenes' folks are here with a mission.

I would not include a Sarah Palin in this group, as she is inexperienced on many levels and not yet matured or evolved enough to fufill a soul task. I don't say this to 'bash' her. Her obvious lack of experience wasn't a big deal initially, but in time she proved to lack in too many areas of knowledge, understanding, mission, purpose and intention......and this is why I make my statements concerning her.

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