Monday, December 15, 2008

Caylee Anthony, Dec 15, 08 Intuitive Post.

For some reason I haven't had the need or desire to comment, speculate or predict about little Caylee Anthony since the recent discovery of a child's body near the Anthony home. I think soon everyone will know the truth.

It feels somehow 'cheesy' or 'interfering' on my part concerning this sacred matter, and I am reluctantly posting tonight. I do not wish to add any sensationalism to this horrible tragedy, and I choose not to comment on it after the last Caylee post concerning the spiritual message I got, and reassurance that she was safe [spiritually speaking.] I have several posts about Caylee here on my blog. On that latter post it was made clear to me from the guidance I received what probably occurred, but most of all I was told that she was in the arms of the angels, and that this case was being spiritually resolved with the persons involved, and this resolution wasn't contingent on finding a body.

I do feel the timing of discovering a body, however does correlate with the process that has occurred on 'the other level' and so from that prospective only I feel the souls involved are becoming honest and more aware on a soul level and this is a good thing, and a needed thing.

Today it was echoed with more certainty that another person was involved, and I feel this will come out. In an earlier post this felt like a probability, but today felt more certain. Tony, the boyfriend? A male friend?

I realize many people are searching and googling to see what psychics have to say about this case , people are truly curious and want answers, hoping this will bring comfort. This is a sad compilation of unresolved emotions in this family tree, send good thoughts. This more than anything is really needed here at this time. Perhaps this is also an opportunity for all of us to re-examine close ties and soul contracts and rectify any misunderstandings or unresolved conflicts, and to ask for help and support if needed.


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