Monday, December 8, 2008

Post Election Blog Update

Hi, I'm back after weeks of no insights, seems like I slowed down after the election was over. This is normal for me as prior to the election my insights would come on average every 4-6 weeks. My intuition got very stimulated during all the excitement and continuous news watching during the campaign season.

I have to say there's some truth in the recent video I posted regarding Obama supporters, I felt a low in my own levels of inspiration so the video was both amusing and appropriate to how I was feeling.

I've also had a lot of post election hang over feelings, things I began to think about and process after Obama won. Many of these thoughts revolved around the McCain-Palin team and ill feelings towards their antics, lies, and transparent desperate attempts to win at all cost.

The more I pondered on these thoughts and the more 'Joe NOT the Plumber' and Palin continued in the media after the election I was almost 'beside myself' for lack of better words. The insanity of anyone giving these two any credence or validation is completely and totally beyond me. I didn't even want to give them another second of my energy here at the blog. I figured at some point they'd just vanish back to where they came from....but NOoooooooooo.

I'm usually pretty good about seeing things in people even if I don't agree with then, BUT I cant's do this with Palin. How anyone takes her serious is beyond me. The idea and embarrassment that she came as far as she did is SCARY. I know there are plenty of stars without talent who somehow manage to rise up beyond their true capabilities. But seriously Sarah Palin??? One night to entertain myself I tried to envision tasks or roles that maybe she'd be good at, I couldn't come up with anything!!! I thought OK hockey mom maybe.....but she'd be the difficult one other mothers couldn't stand. Then I though about a TV reality show 'The Palins' kind of like the "Osborne's' but that wouldn't even work she's not as smart as Sharon Osbourne, who at least has kept Ozzie alive all these yrs. and for that matter as crazy as he is/was he's still alive and was entertaining at one stage in my musical, partying life 70-80's.

She was a mediocre beauty pageant both in style and talent. I came across another empath's blog [who's name now escapes me] and this woman did an in depth aura/chakra reading on Palin and pretty much came up with things I've said here, but she went into greater detail and I agreed with her 100%. Basically she too had Palin as a younger soul coming from power/will/greed, not open in heart, insight, or spirit. In spite her right wing crazy God stuff, her beliefs are really about what serves her at any giving moment. [Narcissistic] I guess I'm hoping she'll just go away, no way in hell will she have any more knowledge and substance in 2012, or in this incarnation for that matter!!! OK I hope this is out of my system, if not I'll post accordingly.

All I can say is WHEW.....close one!!! I feel the new beginning of an Obama Adm. and the feeling of renewed integrity, this is even better than I imagined and my post election crash is starting to fade.

I have final exams all this week so I'm definitely working the left side of my brain verses the right intuitive non-linear side. Then I have a 3 week break, yey!!! I can't wait to ponder, daydream, analyse, and ruminate about anything and everything. My insights are more expanded when my brains is not full of facts!!! {Although facts are a good thing.]

I'll try to be back soon as I'd like to give more examples of how my intuitive abilities unfolded as a follow up on the earlier post on the subject.

I also what to say that my abilities have always been more fine tuned when dealing with individuals and their particular concerns and specific questions, this helps to direct and focus my particular intuition. I had fun with political, and current events and had a fair amount of accuracy, but this type of 'forecasting' really isn't my thing, it just sort of happened. So I don't know what's next, we'll see.

Perhaps if anyone is interested in asking questions or offering topics or areas I could intuitively investigate that would be a helpful way to continue. Otherwise I'll have to give 'Marie's commentary and Opinion' which may or may not be useful. I'm sure there are some who may have thought I did that anyhow on the political front, but I didn't. I told one person that even though I lean Left, my intuition isn't 'Liberal Intuition' but I also understand how one could assume that. In Fact as I stated before it's the other way around, my intuitive way of being has shaped many of my thoughts and beliefs in life, and I glad; from what I understand that is part of being a multi sensory person, one who has evolved and activated a higher faculty, one that is above personality, ego, and even concrete knowledge, this person has activated their higher mind a faculty of the soul and inner knowing [also called direct knowing.] See Gary Zukav's book 'The Seat of The Soul" he explains 'multi sensory' compared to the limited 3D 5 senses clearly and beautifully. I read this book in 1990 and I intend to skim over some parts of it this week. Another interesting point he makes is about 'Fragmented Personalities' very good info about those struggling souls who often can't seem 'to get it' and Zukav offers good insight into why.

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