Monday, December 22, 2008

Caylee Marie Anthony, R.I.P. "Intuitve Review of Case."

Well, in my last couple of posts I didn't straight out state the probable and inevitable, but I did in a round about way. For some time I felt my role was to relay that this little girl was at peace, but no longer with us and I hope I did that with respect and dignity and not "psychic sensationalism" which I don't care for, and felt was inappropriate.

From the time "I was told" that she was at peace I felt the need to prepare others for the day when the facts would be revealed, I knew that they would. I previously thought this would have happened sooner, and I found it interesting that the meter reading guy had discovered the bag back in August. {This was the time frame when I thought this all would've come out, and back then the delay puzzled me.]

Also my initial vision of Caylee 'in water' still has me curious. I've referenced this info here in earlier posts, but I originally stated it in an email newsletter I wrote prior to starting this blog in October. I wonder now if that water I 'saw' was from the hurricanes in Aug and Sept that covered the area [back then] where they found the little girls remains last week.

Reason being in my vision the water wasn't deep and I thought it odd that I 'saw' the body near the edge and surrounded by plant growth, and not well hidden. I'd assume a body placed in a body of water would be anchored down and placed further out. Of course in an ocean waves could wash it to shore. Forensics say they doubt the body had been moved and probably had been at the crime scene location since death. The area matches what I saw, [minus the water at this time,] which may have been a pool formed from the storms. In the vision it looked like a stagnant, shallow, swampy sort of water with weeds and overgrowth.

A short while later via 'remote viewing' the body was gone. I always had a feeling that a window of opportunity had been missed, maybe that was the meter readers calls being ignored? I don't know, but some of what has unfolded matches time lines and thoughts I shared earlier. I like to solve things and I always cross reference my intuitions with facts and findings that later come about. I want to make sense of things for my own mind, and to examine the relationship between intuition and reality.

Sometimes I'm wrong, sometimes I'm right, but I feel it's always important to consider all the clues and fine print. Sometimes I still go with the intuitive impressions even if all the facts don't support them. Not due to denial or fear of being wrong, but more from a sense that more may be revealed or certain things may not be evident yet; or possibly remain hidden.

I do feel for Casey, the way she appears it may be hard to imagine empathy for her. She certainly wasn't co-operative, but I do feel a while back she somehow shifted and on a soul level or level of consciousness she progressed in a non apparent way [if you can't read soul records] I do feel this moved things along and she cooperated with her intentions verses her efforts [or lack of] in spite of her self, deeds, and mental challenges [aka personality disorder]

I wish peace for everyone involved.


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