Friday, October 31, 2008

Glimpse into Casey Anthony

The other night while I was contemplating Casey, with my inner hearing [clairaudience] I heard "She will break." That was it, it was very simple, clear, yet I got no other input about this.

A few posts back on this case I said she may break possibly, but I wasn't sure how likely a scenario this would be; thus far she appears unmoved and detached.

Using logic and intuition I wondered why now, what's new that will possibly cause Casey to break? I stated earlier that if she does it will have more to do with herself than Caylee, and I believe this is the case still.

Casey is a user, one who relies and needs others to provide for her and meet her needs. When they don't freely give to her she just takes what she needs from them, as she has done with family and friends. People like this feel empty, thus they are very needy and controlling. This has been proven to be the case with Anthony. Even though this personality type appears to be in control when they are exploiting others, they tend to fall apart when they have no one to lean on or suck energy from, literally.

This type of person is usually an 'energy vampire' and sooner or later they need a fix, and when they can't get it via, sex, drugs, money, shopping, or manipulating others they start to come apart at the seams. The outer addictive tendencies are mainly to manage or mask the ongoing anxiety they experience from their own high levels of fear,terror, and basic emptiness.

I think being in jail longer than she has been thus far, not getting her way, and mounting evidence...with more to come I feel; she is probably heading towards some type of 'break down.'

I think the collective circumstantial evidence will be enough to convict her, but I also feel that something bigger may present itself as well. During this breaking point it 'feels' like she will be more willing to talk, but I'm not clear which event occurs first-----I think everything piling up against her will limit her defense options and her lawyer will have to layout the choices for her. The culmination of feeling trapped in a corner may be the emotional release trigger. I still feel she will only cooperate to the degree that it benefits her; verses having a guilt breakdown which leads to a purging confession.

As I've said before Caylee is in peace with the angels, but it feels that Casey's healing will begin when she breaks,feels and recognizes within herself what she has done. At this point; this recognition is more important to her spiritual well being more than anything else.The notion of cooperating with police for the sake of being a helpful person, well this time frame has passed, the police don't absolutely need her, but she needs to have an honest moment with her self. This will be the beginning of some dialog with her own soul,if she is even capable of this.

Previously her energy felt more 'will full' now it feels confused, and diminished. I have a suggestion to all the good caring people out there searching the web and sites like mine to find info. on this case: Take a deep breath, and know that on the spiritual level things are more resolved than they appear, not completely but I can say that little Caylee is fine, and it is Casey [The perpetrator, and now a victim of her own soul illness.] who needs healing, and divine assistance. This no doubt will be a tough pill to swallow for most.

Turn this over to God, ask for his help and guidance for Casey and yourselves; and then let it go into his hands. This will bring more peace and healing than anything I or anyone else can say concerning this case. I understand that we are all concerned, worried, and feeling helpless, but please know Caylee is OK now. This is the case and we need not wait for closure, conviction or anything else that helps our minds feel this matter has been resolved. It is more complex than that, and on the level that really counts the process is underway. I hope this brings even the tiniest spec of comfort to those who read these words.


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