Thursday, October 23, 2008

Latest Caylee Anthony Intuition

This insight is based on what 'came to me' last night Oct./22/08, to read my earlier intuitions and theory on possibily what happened to Caylee please read other posts starting back in early Oct 08 [The insights from various posts do fit together like pieces of a puzzle.]....thanks Marie.

This recent insight came while watching Nancy Grace last night: the guests on the show were discussing the evidence of web searches on how to make chloroform [in an earlier post I stated that Casey had left Caylee alone in the car and possibly used this sedative drug to keep the child sleeping.

Last night it became clearer to me that she was doing this and probably did so a few times before successfully [I feel about 3 times.] The more times one gets away with 'risky behavior' it gets a bit easier to do again.

The chemicals used to make chloroform are not stable, they vary and change, and perhaps these are factors in Caylee's death along with the heat in the car as I stated earlier.

Another idea mentioned on the show matched with some feelings I eluded to in my first vision of what happened to Caylee. [this info was in an email news letter I sent out in July when this case became known, this blog hadn't been created yet.]Last night it was suggested that Caylee possibly stayed in the trunk of the car for 11 days after her death before Casey removed the decomposing body. This rang true to me.

I said in my initial vision/insight that I saw Caylee in a swampy type pond near airport but felt she was put there either towards the end of June or early July. [Caylee went missing after 6/16, so 11 days later would be 6/27] My reasoning for this time frame had to do with the lily pads in the pond not having the flower portion, just the green pad, [I saw this with remote viewing]

I happen to be a fan of these flowers and I've noticed that in early and mid June the flowers are present but by July they are not. I live in the N.E. area and this has always been the case as far as I knew. I shared this when I reported the tip to authorities. Plants, insects, and wildlife are often used in forensic investigations and can be useful markers of time. After that report I did come across 1 pond in my area that actually still had some lily flowers even in August, so I pointed out that possible error in a later newsletter. However; I still feel the initial vision was accurate, and utilized my existing point of reference about these flowers to convey the needed information.

Also discussed on the showed was the charge of Murder I---which Grace felt strongly about, meaning delibrate, intentional due to the web search evidence. Somehow I lean more towards Murder II, or Manslaughter, I do not feel Casey "intended" to cause death to her child, but she was wreckless, cruel, abusive and negligent which resulted in this unthinkable accident.

The concept of sedating children is sadly not a new thing that only derranged people'd be surprised. A few years ago when me and my 2 yr. old son were at a cookout he became cranky, tired, and ready for a nap but when I settled him down he couldn't sleep. After numerous trips back and forth to comfort him a woman at the cookout with her children shared with me that she gives her kids Tylenol to make them sleep when she needs a break [even when they're not sick.] She was suggesting that I try it on my son so I could enjoy myself more. I was extremely disturbed by this.

This woman was married and she looked like a PTO mom, not a stressed out young single mother, and yet she drugs her kids so she can have a break! This is probably the more common scenario of parents/caregivers drugging kids. Some parents with drug problems have been known to put drugs in baby bottles to keep the infants sedated. I think this may be more prevelent than most of us would think, and this issue needs to be brought to light.


P.S. In a previous post here I said "Caylee is in the arms of the angels."

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  1. Hi there, I know this is old but I just wanted to tell you something. I agree with your version of events fully. At first, I also thought that it should not be a first degree charge. However, I learned that according to Florida's law, if the death of the child occurred as a consequence of a willful and intentional child abuse (which I think is the case here), it automatically carries the first degree charge. 782.04(1)(a) of Florida Statues.

    Once I learned that, I understood why the state pursued first degree. And knowing that, she should have been convicted of that charge.

    Keep posting!!!