Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spirituality and Politics.

Hi everyone,

I've been pondering the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of politics, and the intentions of the candidates as well as my own intentions and spiritual resposibility as a voter, an American, and a child of the universe. I recalled a website that discusses these concepts so I went to it and sure enough there was an article on this very topic just in time for election 08!

I am copying and pasting this article here, with the authors name and permission. By the way this organization is bi-partisian and non- denominational [having transecended both] and instead relies on Ageless Wisdom from the East and West, and also incorporates the spiritual and practical. They do not endorse any candidate, nor do they mention any specific Left or Right views, but rather how the application of universal spiritual principles can aid an individual in making their own choice , for the highest good of all, including the entire global community.

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