Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finding Caylee Anthony

A few more thoughts today on Caylee......

The intensity of energy around this case feels stronger than usual today, like it's getting very hot. When I tune in I feel lots of movement, and a feeling of 'getting closer', and that soon the authorities will have enough to make their case---they are closing in and will be wrapping this up soon, I feel that by Halloween they will have charged Casey, and by or around the beginning of the new year this case will to trial.

For the first time today, I "saw" and "felt" the possibility of Casey [mom] breaking down over a period of time as the pressure mounts. I only see her helping or offering info. if it will benefit herself. [I hadn't really felt her participating at all before.]

I "feel" more fear in her aura, and some guilt with this fear, however she is mostly terrified for herself at this point. [As things get worse and she breaks her disassociation she will begin to crumble, again this will be mostly in relation to her own future, she does seem to have D.I.D. as I stated in a previous newsletter.[Sorry no archive here on earlier insights.]

Tonight I turned on the late episode of Nancy Grace and it shows that a child's dress has been found in the woods in an area where there had been cell tower pings. The odd thing about that area in Orlando is that it is near the airport. When I called a law enforcement tip line with my initial vision I mentioned an area near the airport, but I wasn't clear if that was 'intuition' or simply my mind recognizing that specific area from past trips to Florida. [I'm finding more so lately that the combination of intuition and personal reference together have been proving to have merit, as our intuition will use all paths of knowledge to communicate to us, particularly when it's in service to others.]

So it is looking like there will be enough strong evidence to "make a case" but many are asking if little Caylee will be found? I don't know, but I feel that possibly a small piece of her remains may be found to help with some closure, [I always felt a piece of clothing would be found, [in my vision Caylee was dressed though.]

I don't 'feel' that we will experience a sense of closure as this case nears it's end, rather it will be the beginning of more feelings and spiritual processing than one may realize.

The grandparents had a bad vibe from the beginning but didn't know for sure; however they have known now for sometime and have been supporting their daughter Casey's defense, knowing there wasn't much they could do for Caylee at this point anyhow.

The truth seems to be getting revealed in all areas of life now as we collectively move into higher vibrations that support truth and light, and reveal deceit and darkness. This is a difficult time to 'hide.'

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