Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Healing with Mother Mary

I was intuitively led to bring the healing energy of Mother Mary to this blog. [picture below this post] I have invoked her love and energy throughout my life since childhood. I have always been fascinated by pictures, medals, and anything having to do with Mary.

I loved wearing Rosary Beads as necklaces when I was a little girl. I have many personal stories on how she has guided me throughout my life. I went to Catholic school only for 1 yr. fifth grade, I didn't like it. I recall having to sell some religious items for a school fundraiser, including black velvet plaques of Mary. Well I have to say I didn't want to part with them so I kept them all! I wasn't very successful selling the other Catholic items either since I lived in an all Jewish neighborhood.

About 13 yrs. ago I was experiencing a lot of fear around finding a place to live. I had recently been through a divorce, had sold my new house and moved into a rental house; when shortly after the landlord put the rental house on the market and the first person to view it bought it

So, about 14 weeks after a huge stressful move, a car accident, and the loss of my cat [among other things,] Mary led me to an apartment, I was actually driving and had to pull over to call someone for directions to an appointment I was on my way to. It just so happened that the street I choose to pull over on had an apartment building on it. Ironically this place I had previously checked off in the newspaper but forgot about because I wasn't able to find it.

Still unsure, but stressed from running around to no avail I put a deposit down on this small unit I just viewed. As I drove away I thought to myself "Am I going backwards in life? A voice in my head replied "No, you are downsizing and moving forward." That voice was Mother Mary guiding me to let go of UN-needed things in my life: people, places, material things.

I don't live there anymore, but during the 5 yrs. that I did I went deep inside myself and grew and blossomed, that small sunny apartment and the quaint town where I took my daily walks till this day was one of my favorite places to live.

Another interesting thing about this story is the place I had the appointment at for a spiritual energy healing session was somewhere I had been to numerous times before, but always coming from a different direction. That particular day I viewed another apartment that I didn't like and when I left it I had a choice of two ways I could get to my healing appointment. I was guided to take the route I was less familiar with which allowed me to get to the new place when I had to pull over for directions.

Divine Guidance always seems to work through hunches, co-incidences, and surprises, when we are willing to trust and let go!

I choose the Mexican version of Mary below [Guadalupe] because I like the story about how she appeared to a poor man named Juan, I read the story of her appearance and it was so beautiful! She is highly revered by the people of Mexico and around the world. Enjoy!


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