Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anthony Trial Date, Profile of Marie's insights

Casey Anthony trial has been set for Jan. 5, 2009, in my last Anthony update I predicted her trial would be just after the new year.

In the horrible tragedies of Jennifer Hudson's family, I was told that her nephew was dead, I didn't want to post this insight. [sometimes I hope I'm wrong, particularly when it comes to children and human life.]

Likewise I didn't post that I knew that little Cole was still alive a couple of weeks ago for similar reasons. So much can change from the time I have a vision/or insight, that I am extremely careful about bearing bad news, or delivering good news that could change. I don't want to be a prophet of doom or false hope.

Back to the suspect in the Hudson's murders---A couple of times in the past 10 days the name 'Balfour' had come to me. This had no particular meaning other than Balfour is a big company not far from where I live, they make the high school and college graduation rings. I'm not sure if they're even still in operation; my high school ring was made by them over 30 yrs ago.

The suspect in the Hudson case , the sisters ex-husband's last name is Balfour, when I heard this I understood why that name came to me. Since no other information came to me on this it appears to be fairly useless, unless it could be useful at a later date, I doubt it but I have no idea. I've learned not to read into every minor connection as a major psychic insight, BUT; I've also learned not to edit or dismiss seemingly silly or insignificant details as not pertinent. In other words evaluation and discernment is constantly applied on my part.

An example to 'profile my insights' is this: Generally I won't bother to post here every thought that passes through my mind, even though after the fact some may prove to be clues of some sort. I only posts those insights that have more obvious relevance and that I often continue to get additional guidance on, that which confirms and builds on previous insights on a particular topic. Quite often I get insights that become public knowledge before I even get to post them. I wouldn't make a good journalist, because I probably wouldn't publish the news on time.

I am usually not good with 'getting' names, I'm not usually accurate about the sex of an unborn baby. For some reason I am better with things that are more obscure, hidden, unconscious, and other things that may take a while to develop. Another example of this is medical diagnosis---I tend to 'see' things in early stages when medical tests may not be able to detect. I tend to see things that haven't yet occurred, slightly better than reading things that have occurred. Even with my regular vision I tend to read things that are further away better than up close objects.

Sometimes my clairvoyance is so clear, other times it involves interpreting the visions. I will always be clear on the method used, and if something is my personal belief or feeling verses higher wisdom, I will most certainly include that in my posts, as I do in private readings with clients.


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