Monday, October 27, 2008

Political Soul Reading/Election Special/Ascension Message

We are in a phase of rapid ascension and evolution; individually, collectively, and planetarily. {and yes, politically.] Nothing can stop this, nor should it. Actually, people can choose to stay stagnant or stuck but the current energies make this a really painful and difficult thing to do.[For an individual, or a group like a political party.] Ascending can be hard enough, but going against the flow of consciousness is a disaster.

For those who have completed their soul's task, or those who are unable to do so in this life; they will be provided with options to exit the planet, and go to a place more comfortable and compatible with their vibration. Those that are here and struggling yet truly desire to fulfill their soul task will be provided with the help, guidance, and methods that they will need to do so; however they will have to rely on surrendering and letting go of their personality agendas. "To thine own self be true", "know thyself" seem to be important themes for one's growth. This is not to imply that we become selfish and forget about others, BUT by knowing yourself you will be better off, and those around you will benefit from this. Often this will be as simple as being a power example to those around you. Many of us have choose a full plate this time around, so we need to balance self/others or we can suffer from burn out.

In the area of Politics; George Washington warned against political parties which tend to divide people rather than unite. Earlier in one of my insight news letters I spoke about the Republican Party; I predict this party will go through a major over-haul this decade. Outmoded thinking, status quo, fear based ideas, won't work in this new era that we are all in. I intuitively feel that once they {R} have weeded out ideas that don't work, they can then focus on some of the conservative ideas and values that will be more inclusive, and better serve the whole.[The country is moving toward wholeness, not separation.] This I feel will come via a new group of younger conservatives [a Tim Pawlenty type, sort of comes to mind], but even a younger more progressive type is what I'm getting.

Currently when Republicans try to fix their problem [they know they have a dilemma], they keep coming up with the wrong approach......they are stuck in the mindset of 'less government' that worked in a different era. And some other narrow minded ideas [I am being literal...not judgemental] that may have worked in the past.

My insight: this has been a problem for them since the eighties [not my opinion, guidance is telling me this.] George Bush simply amplified some bad ideas already in effect, he played the role of 'Magnifier.' He took this country to the far right [this was his soul's task.] President Bush in his own way was like a demolisher [to tear down the old.] If he had been 'more moderate' he wouldn't have been able to to his part. His extremes were needed. In evolution there is always a death before I rebirth.

Now Obama's role is: 'The Stabilizer' he will level the ground and remove the wreckage from the demolisher [Bush]. This is Obama's soul task, to clear the way if you will, I feel this will take up a good part of his first 2 years. The last two years he will get to accomplish some new things. He has quite a balancing act to do, thus his balanced demeanor is well suited to his task.

Then, in 2012 I feel H.Clinton will take over [possibly for 8 yrs.] I see 1 term for Obama, [I think that is the amount of time his role will take.] Contrary to what some may feel or think; I do not see Sarah Palin even being in this conversation. This doesn't mean she won't try to run, I just don't feel the role of 'President' is in her soul's record's as I read them now. {soul records also called Akashic Records.] I do see Clinton continuing an upward spiral for the country thanks to President Bush, and then Obama clearing away the old and laying the foundation for the new.

Then, in 12 yrs I see this new type of Republican.....I see a young, bright, attractive, inspiring younger male a new type of conservative, forward thinking, progressive, weaving old values with new fresh ideas. [He seems to have the appeal/persona of John Kennedy Jr.] Very likable and trustworthy. When I said a Tim Pawlenty type, I don't think it's Tim per say, but he himself may be moving towards this new direction. Overall in the bigger 10 yr. picture I don't see the progress being reversed by returning to bad ideas don't work, right now many conservatives are in shock and can't fully comprehend what has hit them. [generally speaking, of course there are many who 'know', these knowing types will help bridge the gap, as they will be more willing to let go of the old and assist in this rebirth process.]]

Republicans can sit around blaming Democrats and they are and will, BUT---that won't work! This is where the "new conservative movement" comes in. The new will teach an old dog new tricks, old dog's that don't catch on won't hold positions of leadership, or as law makers. Notice in this election 08, how many Republicans are being flushed out. The reason the country can't have another Bush type [there are many reasons, but I'm sticking to a soul reading here.] is because his job is done, he completed his role as destroyer, and we can only re-build from here, so we need builders now, and leaders that have the vision to move America forward. 'Change' is a global challenge now, it's not an original Barack Obama idea, but he is plugged in to higher consiousness. Anyone who goes within can hear this same message.

John McCain as I stated in other readings was never meant to be President [I do not see this in his soul records.] Another telling thing, if we want to analyze for a moment is that if McCain was a builder this would be more evident in his campaign, he would not grasp at random concepts, he would have a clear message, a blueprint as a builder would. I think his soul role is in the Senate, and the more he takes that role to a higher level and possible new direction he will be very instrumental to others and his own spiritual task. I'd even go as far as to say he could achieve true greatness and be the Maverick he is and can be when he trusts his gut. I see this as a possibility if he understands what's occurred, and acts on his understanding, and I feel hopeful that he will.

I am not being biased when I state the fact that at this time in history, and this period in evolution more Democrats seem to have a grasp on what needs to be done. They seem to be braver when it comes to change. I'd have to tune in more and do a soul reading on this party as I did on the Republican side. I can say that I have a general feeling that their time {D} has come....and in my mind I'm hearing the words to the song 'The Age of Aquarius' particularly---this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, age of Aquarius.....Aquarius. I think that Liberal thought may lend itself more towards this era, whereas conservative thought may have at another time. Sorry for being vague here...I'm tired and will have to tune into this in more detail another time. [When I type or speak a message it's like I'm taking dictation, usually this flows easily, but when I feel a drain I need to stop.


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