Thursday, October 16, 2008

Traveling into the future

Lately I've been thinking about the phenomena of pre-cognizance which is the ability to see future events or 'probable realities.' I'm still always in aw of this even though I have been doing it for years with positive confirmation from clients that I've done spiritual intuitive readings on.

This past year this ability has directed itself more towards outside events, news, politics and the like. This has had challenges for me, working with an individual has been easier for me. I feel such a weight of responsibility as I announce likely outcomes, visions I see, and guidance I've been told in regards to current events.

An example of this is when I received a vision of Barack Obama winning the primary and the general election. I barely knew who he was, I had no particular position on any party or candidate. As some of my insights began to unfold, I started to read and research to put some concrete substance and validation to the guidance I was getting. Before I knew it I could barely keep up with the accuracy of my information. On a few occasions before I'd have time to type out my prediction newsletter the exact guidance I received would be common knowledge in the media.

Even now I can barely keep up as the veil between 3rd dimensional reality and higher dimensions seemed to have disappeared for me; clear, honest info. is pouring into me faster than ever before.

This is a wonderful gift and I hope I use it in service to others. That's not always an easy task mainly because I'm frequently going into the future then coming back into real time to deliver what I 'see' 'hear' , 'feel' and often 'know' with certainty. In this more 'exalted' state I am very much pulled into the feeling of those experiences. When I rely what it is that I've experienced it may or may not sit well with others, until later when events unfold that their rational minds can define. I've learned to become detached to the reactions of others regarding the insights I share.

I feel compelled these days to continue this open sharing via this blog. As far as Obama I'm sure some may have thought I was being biased, or that I had 'drank the koolaide; not true. I saw the truth and choose to align myself to that after careful testing and discernment. So far, the events have unfolded just as I have said. In fact I've kept a few things to my self rather than risk looking overly zealous. Early on I said he would win the general election handily [funny Bill Clinton recently used those same words.] The part I left out was the exact degree he'd win by, because I truly didn't want to discourage some, and sometimes when phychics are overly specific I question if they are embellishing.

I also talked about the boom-erang effect=instant karma of what goes around comes around. I knew this was accurate and true, but even I couldn't envision the precision that this would occur. I won't repeat all the examples from prior news letters here, but I can say that much of it has to do with negative politics, and how rapid the boomerang would come back and actually hurt the offender.

So much so that John McCain has gone down in the polls in direct proportion to the negative/dishonest tactics he's employed. EX.--Joe the Plumber, just this morning I told my son that after observing Joe [not even his real name, it's Samuel]I concluded he was a fake, a plant, bought and paid for by you know who.

The boomerang came back in a timely fashion and with precision. The media followed up on this guy, he is not a plumber, not going to buy his bosses business. He is in a lower income bracket and Obama's tax policy would be better for him. Turns out he's been on right wing radio, he is a Republican-not an Independent as he pretended. He also has 2 tax leans against him. So his personal stuff has been exposed on national T.V. and McCain has been exposed for lies, tricks, and unfair politics. Also Samuel W. aka "Joe the Plumber" has a rich father Mr. W. who is and has been a McCain supporter, this has now come out in the media.

***NOTE: ADD ON 10/19/08*** [Since posting the above info there have been tons of web searches to my site under key words and phrases..."Joe the Plumber Republican Plant?", I am adding this piece to this existing post today 10/19/08]

Everyone in Washington and in the media is wondering why the clever tricks, set-ups, lies, and outright negativity isn't working or having any significant damage. This is because the old doesn't work any more, any where, period. Obama sees the illusion in all this and he is able to stay centered and non reactive [a strength, not a weakness.] I always felt he'd hold his own...this calmness is his true nature. I think some thought it was an act and eventually his so called 'true colors' would show, and they have and he's looking good.

Instead each attack or setback has been an opportunity for Barack to demonstrate his evolved leadership and unshakable groundedness even in the face of diversity. I can't imagine how one could maintain such a reasoned even keeled temperament through all the travelling and challenges of campaigning. Finally someone to lead the USA with grace.

I'm very proud at the large numbers of people who are also inspired and seeing the hope, and feeling the need for change. I always knew Barack would deliver, but I wasn't sure that so many voters would get on board. This means that collectively as a nation we are tuned in to where America needs to go to fulfill it's spiritual initiation.

This is the task that he has been chosen for, I'm not saying he's the best thing since the invention of the wheel, I am saying the 'Barack has a specific purpose on a soul level... at this time. I generally am drawn to supporting the soul task/spiritual path of others, I can't think of a greater cause to assist anyone on.

Well the main point I wanted to highlight in this post is that traveling into the future and it's pros and con's, and also to put some context to unfolding events including politics at this time.

***{new info add in on 10/19/08}*******************************
To illustrate the above statements and also to confirm my spring prediction---this morning General Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama, I also stated last spring that many other Republicans have, and will continue to do so. We will see something similar to all the Super Delegates that came out towards the end of the primaries for Obama [although on a smaller scale]

Powell stated that McCain negativity did play a role in his decision quite a bit, but mostly he sees Obama as calm, intelligent, and a "transforming' figure in politics and in the world.

Now wait---my next prediction is some will say Powell "Choose his own." Some will make it about race rather than admit that Obama is the more competent choice at this time. Today I watched the 3 major cable news shows and 1 of them is already putting a spin on the Powell endorsement, and down playing any possible significance it may have. [Now that's not exactly fair and balanced is it?]

*NOTE* See newer post labled 'Recent hits on earlier predictions" for a longer list of Republicans/Conservatives for Obama, since I wrote this earlier post. The link to posts are on the right side menu.

Sorry for any type o's, last time I used spellcheck here I lost entire entry before post got published!

Take care, Marie

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