Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hi everyone, This is my first official blog posting on the most recent updates and insights that I have received. Since the blog is new the archives will start now Oct. 2008, previous insights were via an email newsletter. Soon I will create a post specifically listing some of those older newsletter predictions/insights for newer readers to have a point of reference, since I often add new information to previous guidance.

Oct 08-most of these insights were from a month ago and I never sent them out because I was planning on creating a blog. I won't bother posting the ones that have come to pass or that are now common knowledge. Some of these that I am posting are expanding on previous visions/insights that were in my August news letter.

1]Obama--same as Dec 07 prediction still seeing him as President.

2]Candidates--I sense a scandel or some big upset by or around Oct 15 in one of the nominees campaign.[I don't want to put the name/energy to that person] Also some have concerns about possible assasination of one of the candidates-I feel this will NOT happen. People are sensing the energy/feeling from unconsious thought forms that do exist on this subject, but I see a higher force opposing these thoughts.

3] Gustav--I predicated that it wouldn't be as bad as some feared, it did manage to detour as my guidance suggested. However; due to the prayers and higher awareness of New Orleans, spiritual divine intervention also prevented the levies from being breached. I saw 'Sai Baba' and 'Jesus' along the gulf coast each at a different end holding back the waters, I "saw' jesus with his arms outreached commanding the elements and Sai seemed to be putting a hold on this through the use of will and mental power. Much healing and lessons were learned by the people of N.O. from Katrina.

4]Ike--There was a sense that Texas would not be as fortunate and this too seems to have a spiritual or karmic inference, but I'm not clear and will not speculate.

5]Economy--The info I received before the market crash was that things would not level out for aprox. 15 months, this is still what I get. Bailout--I feel so much confusion on this and nothing seems like the right answer because this problem has many layers. I have a vision of that old game 'pick up sticks' where you dump all the thin sticks in a pile and the object is to slowly and carefully pull out 1 stick at a time without causing the pile to collape [the pile represents the market, the game represents the difficult stratergies involved ]and why there is no easy solution.
I question the 750 billion figure, and feel the house Republicans may have more of a grip on a possible solution. The only positive news I get on the economy is that folks will have to scale down and simplify and find joys in simple things like taking a walk, having a pizza and simplicity in general; which will be benifical to individuals and society.

6] Caylee Anthony--I have a clearer intuitive theory on her death. As mentioned previously I 'saw' her in a pond, she was floating and looked normal no signs of abuse/tramau. BTW I never felt as though she drowned, rather she was placed in pond after death. I was wrong in that I felt she would be found sooner, unfortunately within 2 weeks after of my vision of her there were no more signs of her [remote viewing] as I believe she was eaten by aligators.
She is free now and when I recently tuned in I heard the words to 'Arms of the Angels' by Sarah McGlaughlin, she is safe, protected, and in a higher place, she is not angry with her Mom Casey, rather she wants prayers and forgiveness for her.
My theory---the tot was left in a hot car while the mom shopped, the car was in a parking garage which was dark and Caylee was asleep [naturally or possibly by chloroform as been suspected] The extreme heat caused her to pass away and mom is hiding this error on her part. I don't feel this was a quick accident like the pool drowning theory, that maybe mom looked away for a moment. [This would've been a more plausable accident that would be easier to admit to.] Nor do I feel she was beaten in a cruel manner. It was an accident, but a big mistake on Mom's part. Thus the lies and cover up. Cindy A. has guilt because I think she refused to babysit that day when Casey wanted to go shopping alone, so Casey holds this guilt over her mother's head.
I see another vision in the parking garage that possibly Casey met with another person[young male] and they either went to mall or left the garage together in 1 car and returned to find tot dead. I'm not sure how this all fits together or what will happen next. Many are moved and angered including the protesters but I feel this won't help or intimidate Casey. She may never speak, but I'm told to send prayers and love, to heal this tragedy and just maybe get Casey to reveal something, although this is unlikely. Again the child is in peace.

7] Britney Spears----I feel she is on verge of making a come back, I stopped myself from including this intuition in Aug. news letter because before I posted it her young son was in the news for holding a pack of mom's cigarettes, so logic caused me to sit with this one, nevertheless I feel this prediction is overall accurate regardless of the little picture we may see. I tend to 'see' the bigger picture and 'end' result in most of my predictions verses being influenced by what's happenning in the moment, or present time frame. This is why some may question a prediction when logic may appear to point in another direction at the time the intuition is stated [which transcends knowledge.]

8] O.J. Simpson---Last yr. when he was charged I 'knew' he'd be convicted, and even though it was a seperate case from his earlier murder charge, I saw a connection in the end result. I didn't publish this in earlier newsletters because knowledge , logic, and reason interfered with my intuition which was correct. Ask yourself is it coincidence or Karma, when a person is found guilty on all counts on the EXACT date 13 yrs. after a previous trial?

How knowledge interfered?--I took a criminal evidence class last yr, and of course the focus is on innocence until proven guilty, and there are many rules about what type of evidence is allowed. When I shared my 'intuition/prediction' with my professor, he replied that he couldn't comment on the O.J.case because he hadn't seen the evidence. Legally this is correct, and the answer he gave me was the correct one---but I intuitively knew better, so I am guilty of not trusting what 'I knew.' This was a good example to me on why people who tend to live in their heads, sometimes struggle with intuition. Clairvoyance can be a murky art at times, and the spiritual intuitive must test and discern all visions, and guidance received before claiming this or that, and also differentiate between their own wishful or biased thinking. Even though the intuitive may have their own opinions on matters that may match with their visions, all spiritual intuitives rely on ethics and integrity. [For this reason I distinguish between my commentaries verses my insights, although at times they go hand and hand.]

9] Tom Brady----OK Patriot/footbal fans don't shoot the messanger here-----For over a yr. I've been 'sensing' that Tom has some inner work to do, he has strayed somewhat from his soul's plans, while still being a great quarter back. BUT the universe needs him and his knee injury will provide him the opportunity to straighten out [to be blunt.]
It's not clear how long this will take but he will be back on track and more visible helping kids, charities after he recovers both his knee and soul lessons.

10] John Edwards----The baby is his! He will be invisible for sometime, he has some similar work to Tom B. but actually much more involved. His wife will become more popular and visible, and it's her turn to have the spotlight. John has a lot to deal with----a big mess, frankly.

11] Negative Campaigning!!!---Remember I mentioned the 'Boomerang effect' several times in the past? Well, hold onto you seats---the more negative the higher the cost. I know it's worked in the past, particularly for one of the parties. It won't work this time bacause the higher energies of the times are vibrating above the fear, anger, deceit levels. [In life in general, not just the election.] Some aren't ready to ascend the higher levels [which is fine] Negativity breeds negativity, some will be swayed by this---those that are fearful. BUT I think the majority to my own surprise, will rise above fear and opt for hope.
Watch for the boomerang and karmic precision this election.

12] John McCain---Again this has taken me a lot to put into words, please again don't shoot the messanger. After watching the RNC which I thought went well and McCain did a good job. After his speech while he was waking off stage I felt a sadness for him come over me, as I again saw him not being our next president. Right at that moment I felt he too knew this, and I felt for him this impending doom of disapointment, not only because of the obvious reasons, ex, hopes, dreams, money, time campaigning and so on. The main thing I felt was that he was never intended past or present to become the US president, this is not in his script [as far as I can see, I could be wrong.]
His service in military was part of his Karma---mainly because it truly wasn't even his own true choice [he didn't have many options, for various reasons] This has always bothered him, so he wrote a different reality on it [like we all do, to cope.] he tried to work this experience in a way that could serve him positively.......and yes, he has even exploited it at times, much to his own regret.

Ironically or not, his main issue to resolve and heal surround the theme of 'honor' and 'integrity' and for that I feel from him. He places high value on the very thing that he wants....but in truth falls short of. My wish for the senator would be to know he is loved an honorable for who is is as a soul. WE tend to "teach that what we ned to learn" and this is what's happenning with him.
I believe he is bipolar [no judgement many are incl. Abe Lincoln] and he may understandably have Post Traumatic Stress Synd. along with other cognitive difficulties. But the most difficult thing I feel and see for him is the painful moment when he is faced with the question of his honor or lack of, [no judgement here.]I am not speculating for any reason, because that would not be honorable, and maybe I should not have posted this?
I have become very curious about him on a soul level becasue he is not unevolved----but he has gone against his own grain. As a person who does spiritual healeing to help others I know all too well how we all suffer and pay a price when we go against our spiritual grain, part of human nature..

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