Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Recent Hits on Earlier Predictions

I am posting some accurate hits from predictions I posted last winter/spring 08, in my email newsletter.

I stated that many Republicans would vote for Obama this time, and we would see many well known Republicans come out in support for him---here are some of the more well known:

Peggy Noonan: Conservative columnist, former speechwriter for Ronald Regan.

Michael Smerconish: Registered Republican for 28 yrs., conservative radio talk show host.

General Colin Powell: Former Bush Admin. now Endorses Obama---in my last Post I predicated He'd be accused of "RACE"--- the following day Rush Limbaugh cried Race on his radio show, [conservatives are trying to play down the significance of the Powell endorsement, in which Powell stated that McCain and Palin are running a negative campaign, and that she is unqualified and McCain is erratic.] Paraphrasing here, Powell actually went into a 6 min. speech stating why he is voting for Obama.

Christopher Buckley: Famous author, columnist for National Review {famous father owns paper.] He is a conservative, he trust Obama's intelligence. Buckley has lost his job due to his endorsement of Obama.

The wife on Senator Chuck Hagell [R] is an Obama supporter, I suspect Hagell himself is as well.

Bill O'Rielly:????????Not sure....but very curious. During his interview with Obama, Bill looked very smitten, my U.S. Government professor has stated that conservative O'Rielly Loves Obama.[surprisingly or not?] BTW the teacher is a conservative, and ex- Marine. O'Rielly is a registered independent, I don't know if he will make any public announcement......this is just a feeling I get, I'd say 70% chance.

Barry Goldwater [R] Arizona--his entire family and all siblings, voting Obama.....they have been friends with McCain and he has looked up to them.

Scott McClellan [R] former Bush press sec. voting Obama, [a while ago he wrote a book about Bush/Cheney lies on the war and 911...[BTW, I intend to write about 911, after this election is's not good.]

Governer Weld {R}---Former Gov. of Ma. Admires Obama's organized management skills and intelligence.

Christopher Hitchens {R}- Trusts Obama's judgement. Says: Palin not ready to lead, and McCain not well, not stable; he said-- Dementia, Senility, early Alzheimer's signs evident in McCain even since last year it's more apparent, he had a family member with this and recognizes symptoms.

I will also post any misses I get from my earlier predictions. Unfortunately I never saved copies of those earlier news letters, because it was just a fun thing I was doing. I will check to see if anyone who received the emails saved any copies, if so I will copy and paste them in the archive portion of this blog [they will date back to around Jan/Feb 08 when I began the insight news letter.] Otherwise the prediction/insight archive will began when I started this Blog in early Oct 08.

NOTE***I just found out I will be able to get those earlier news letters, most or all. When I do I will create a place for them so you can cross reference my earlier predictions, with new ones. This just in 10/28.


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